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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 347

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 347

Speaker 1: (00:00)
This is episode three 47 carpet cleaning Tulsa in our fiber. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we also provide carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery, cleaning, tile cleaning. Pretty much help to maintain the health and wellbeing of your home, to bring value and restore the enjoyment of the home backs so that you can have a place that you’re comfortable with and you enjoy sitting on lane on interacting in, new your home again. Uh, since 1998 we’ve been helping people to save money by extending the life of their home or also sometimes by extending the enjoyment of your home as, as sometimes we’re looking for the visual appeal of a place. But there’s also another aspect that a lot of times people aren’t thinking about is do I enjoy my quality of life or quality of life could be a big determining factor in how much you enjoy, how much you want to come home.

Speaker 1: (01:03)
If you kind of had this little bit of a pucker inside that you just Carpet cleaning Tulsa, Oh, I don’t know. I just kind of don’t want to have to get back to, I’d rather stay out a little bit father, because I know that there’s a sink full of dishes or I know that the carpets don’t look so good. There’s a big spill there or it just smells bad or ashamed to have people over because it’s not the way that I would like, it hasn’t been picked up the way the grass wasn’t mowed. Whatever the things are that you’ve got at your home that you’re not proud of, that y’all happy with, they can put this sentence in, trepidation in the sense of, um, pull back to where you don’t want to have to get into that space again because you’re wanting to feel like, oh, it just, it kind of drag than you, pulls you back, hold you down.

Speaker 1: (01:45)
And so we want to try to come in there and do our part, which would be the carpets and the floors to get you back to a place where you walk in and you kind of big breath in a big sigh of relief in you. All right, cool. That has been checked off by to do this. I have freed up my mind to think about other things because I’ve removed this thing that I knew it was sitting there. Um, the monkey or the elephant in the room so to speak and that you remove that source of irritations and now you can open up your mind to think about other things. There is a lot of stuff that happens that I love. One of the uh, seminars I was at once said that if you got to think about something big or important that you should leave your house or your office, go rent a hotel room, go in there and then sit down with a pen and paper and figure out what it is that you want to try to solve.

Speaker 1: (02:27)
What things do you want to try to work on? And he said, because there there’s nothing subconsciously for your mind to dwell on. Nothing subconsciously for your mind to kind of keep noodling on. If you’re in your office, you see over there the stack of invoices you haven’t finished processing through or you see over there the call logs, it just hasn’t been updated. Or The uh, uh, the back of the wastebasket that haven’t been emptied Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Or maybe there’s a fax that has to be respond to a phone call with missy message. Uh, it’s also one of the difficulties with having a cell phone and it’s amazing and an awesome and powerful as a cell phone is, it’s also a digital leak or virtual link to our office to where we kind of bring our day in our office with us all the time in our pocket and that we have a quick update to remind us of a, a missed email that we haven’t done that now puts us back in the mindset of that particular meeting was that particular most of the work done perfectly.

Speaker 1: (03:22)
And he tells us in the 1998 we’ve run into this many times where we need to be present and focused on the uh, problem at hand. So that right there, right then, um, we are currently interested in connected with our customer that’s in front of us as opposed to the problem that’s not in front of us. And so I love the old saying that being present is a present. So you want to be connected and where you’re at, you want to give the gift of you in the place that you’re at Carpet cleaning Tulsa. Obviously you can give the gift of you to other places, um, but that shouldn’t be something that distracts you or keeps you from what you’re currently at because there’s sure there’s times for other things and when you’re there you can be there. But right now you’re here. So might as well take advantage of the things that you have because is so much easier to read a situation when you’re face to face.

Speaker 1: (04:08)
So many people, uh, take a really more difficult approach to life because you are trying to read the tea leaves through a text interaction or through things that don’t give you the tangibles, the intangible things that you can’t quite see. The things that when you walk up and you ask somebody and you look into their eyes and you feel the sense of relief or the sense of tension in their voice or feel the body language of how they really shuffle their feet a lot or they stand confidently, you can tell what they’re saying and the meaning behind what they’re saying Carpet cleaning Tulsa. There’s typically no room for guessing what they meant by that. You can see what they meant by that. Whereas in a text or on a online or in any situation like that, you’re you’re up to the mercy of did I interpret that as sarcasm that I interpret that as being malicious to interpret that as being funny.

Speaker 1: (04:57)
Did I interpret what you said is having weight meaning or not having waited meeting and a lot of that has to do with the small subtle ways that we are buying. We’ll try to interpret something that we don’t have enough information on a, I’d love to call it the, uh, the pretty girl effect Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. The pretty girl effect me is when you’ve all boys in high school at some point have had seen the pretty girl, at least the one they thought were the most pretty and to them, and they’ve decided, I’m going to go ask that girl for her number. And they get over there and they, they start getting three, four, five steps and then they just freeze and they freeze and they sit there and then they do an about face and they walk away. They’re like, nope, nope, nope.

Speaker 1: (05:40)
Not gonna do it. Nope. Not, not going to happen. Not Today. And so they lose all of their confidence, their courage inside because they knew what they’re supposed to be doing, but they could follow through to it because the inside the physical space, when you get up there, you feel like, I’m going to be look awkward. I feel like I’ve got to a spot of our feel like I’m going to fail. And that holds you back and sometimes we’re supposed to be held back. There’s certain things that are not supposed to be said. There are certain actions that are not supposed to be done and that will actually hurt other people and our body will tell us, hey, don’t do this. They’ve got a physical stop that will put up these words. Put butterflies in your stomach. Try to get you to not break. Pass certain barriers of uncomfortableness so that you don’t get out there and do something that you later. We’ll regret. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call the day at (918) 494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.