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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 350

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 350

Speaker 1: (00:00)
This is episode three 49 we are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa and our fiber. Give us a call at (918) 494-7093 and it, we’d love to be able to get you taken care of. See what it is that we could do to help you get on the road to getting your heart carpets, tile, upholstery, rugs, furniture taken care of. I want to talk about this time is the um, uh, getting a story from a few episodes ago about, um, when I broke my arm, um, obviously I’d gone through and tried to play Superhero, made a poor decision, jumped off of something I shouldn’t have jumped off of, landed on time that I shouldn’t or land on while leaving my little sister to have to try to fend for herself on a riding lawn mower that was going crazy. Um, you’d think that that by itself would have taught me. carpet cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (00:56)
And the upside is that I did break my left arm that was a, what they call a greenstick fracture, but it still needed a cast that it wouldn’t fully break all the way through. Um, and so this meant that I didn’t have to do as much school I, which I thought was going to be a blessing. And of course every kid and every person thinks yes, I don’t have to do school. So that means that I can just play a lot because it was my writing hand. So it wasn’t like I could write something perfectly in Tulsa since 1998. Uh, this big secondary part to this is something I didn’t think of was that if you do miss school, they don’t just cancel it. You just build up a large collection of things that you need to get done later. So you just start collecting homework and things and stuff that you need to get either done through dictation or once your hand is good, then you need to start writing to try to catch up on it.

Speaker 1: (01:48)
And so the, uh, as I was going through the part of planning, trying to get ready for the next things, I went out and decided, you know, what? I want to try to get back into the groove of things. carpet cleaning Tulsa I want to try to get back into doing the regular things that I’m used to doing because having a cast at first, it’s fun, it’s a, it’s a limitation, but it’s also unique difference, you know, like, okay, now he’s the guy with the cast. Cool. Now I can see the difference. It’s a unique, the kids want to sign it, but then after weeks one or two, the newness wears off. And I think that a lot of times, um, and business, we have the same phenomenon happened to us where we had the cast, it looks really cool, but now it’s kind of just a wait and arm can’t move and it’s itchy.

Speaker 1: (02:29)
Um, the newness of it has worn off. They, some people will just keep getting new things every now and then just to try to keep on that new thing high as opposed to having that stoic nature of just saying, I’m going to sit down and just make sure I consistently do the same things over and over. carpet cleaning Tulsa The same thing that I need for success. And then I don’t have to worry about finding the new thing to get me motivated. Do it again. I just am consistent in what I do perfectly in Tulsa since 1998. Uh, I’ve seen this many times where somebody will get, go out there, buy a new keyboard, so they’re excited typing or buy a new mouse. So they’re excited about clicking or buy a new controller or a new video. Games are excited about their video game console or by a, um, I’ve seen so many houses in, um, customers that have just gotten a new insert, whatever random exercise equipment it is.

Speaker 1: (03:20)
And a year later we go to cleaning the carpets again and it hasn’t moved. It’s still closed up and it’s got an inch layer of dust over the running bicycle, stationary, whatever the things stair tool, stairmaster, um, whatever item it was, it’s now still sitting there a year later without collected a ton of dusters because it was new. It was interesting. It was used and then it wasn’t new and interesting. So they stop using it because it wasn’t a habit. It wasn’t a pattern. It wasn’t something they did on a regular basis carpet cleaning Tulsa Since 1998 we are complete carpet. Um, one of the things that happened while I had my cast on his, I decided to try to go back to doing normal. Uh, and I used to have a living on acreage and had a pond. So we went down and went fishing on a regular basis. The problem is, is that if you’ve got a cast, then it’s not as easy to fish. So I decided, you know what, I can just overcome any obstacle. I’ll pin it with my left hand between my thumb and finger, and then I use the right hand we real with.

Speaker 1: (04:26)
So I thought it had the problem solved until I got up there. I started fishing and I thought, this is easy. I can do, I can efficient again. Went out there, step Cassie, I thought you just had a tree that had fallen down over the, uh, from the last storm. And I thought, this tree keeps getting my way. carpet cleaning Tulsa I’m having a cast over it and be real careful not to get the line caught into it. So you know what I’m going to do. I’m just gonna walk out on the tree into the pond because that’ll get me better fishing distance. Then I can fish the other side of the pond where the fish are calm and quiet and I’ll be able to catch more fish that way. So I climb out there on the uh, branch and walk across the log and think, okay, yes, this is a good idea because it’s going to get me closer to the fish.

Speaker 1: (05:06)
And I get out there and I do, I net some large fish. I’d say I didn’t real all the in, but I’m going to guess around a three to five pound bass, something like that. carpet cleaning Tulsa I mean it’s putting up a massive fight and I’ve only got one head, one ends in a cast the other hand there. And I’m standing to curiously on a log trying to keep from falling off while I reel it in and eventually realized it’s just not gonna happen. Either I’m going to get pulled into the water or the fish is going to get away. And so I start trying to, you know, bring the, maybe bring the fish to shore or do something. I get all the way up and it gets close and the thing jumps right in front of me. This is just big, massive best and it when it jumps it goes back into the water and just makes a beeline straight away from me and I’m starting to pull to try to stop it and then pop the line snaps and go tumbling backwards into the water.

Speaker 1: (05:59)
Now I didn’t happen to think how far out into the water I had gotten, but I’ve now got a calf and I’m just stuck and I dropped down into the water and I reach out. My grabbed the branch, the arm of my free arm, pull myself back up to the thing, I think down again to touch to see if my feet can touch but they can’t touch. The bottom of the pod is just a little deeper than I am tall. And so I then have to turn around and look and say, okay, there’s, I tried my best to climb back on to it, but with only one arm, there’s just no way to get leverage to get back onto the log. And so now I realize I’m going to have to swim back to shore, but with only one arm and I’m fully clothed carpet cleaning Tulsa. There’s just no swimming and they, it’s an area that I kind of had that pond, seaweed type stuff.

Speaker 1: (06:43)
And so I realized there’s only one way I’m going to do this is I got a sink to the bottom of the pond and I’ve got to walk across the bottom of the pond to get me up onto shore because I can’t swim, I can’t move, I can’t do anything. I’m gonna run out of energy and I’m going to drown out here. There’s nobody out here cause I’m, you know, a quarter mile away from the house and nobody could hear or come to me. And so I had to go through, walk on the bottom of the pond, jumped my way back up to the top to get my breasts dropped back down to the bottom of the pond and just keep trudging my way forward. One slow muddy field step after another. And I tell you this story because sometimes we do that. We go out on a limb, we go out on the far edge trying to get to somewhere and say, hey, that’s where I’m really going to big success. carpet cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (07:26)
That’s where I’m going to really do. And we go out into places that were not quite prepared for and when we’re fighting to get, bring in that really big hall, if that one little line breaks and we lose our balance, we potentially could lose the whole business. And I’ve seen this happen many times where I’ve had well meaning people really extend themselves very thin and go out on a too far of a limb to where one little small thing breaks. The bank calls their line of credit or um, two other vehicles or one of the vehicles breaks down and now they can’t service any of their customers that they have no backup and there’s no redundancy and they haven’t built in any extra systems into place. And so now I want to tell my poor story to help, to encourage you to make sure that when you’re doing something, to make sure you’ve got a backup plan, make sure there’s something else that you can do some thing else that some, a buddy system, someone that’s there to help you get through that next part. Make sure you’ve thought through, if this doesn’t work, what do I do then so that you have a way to survive so you have a bad day and not a bad life. Complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 give us a call today at nine one eight four, nine four, seven zero nine three carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete to carpet.