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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 366 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 366

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode three 66, a carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and we can get you on the schedule and get you on the way to having clean carpets. Once again. Um, I’ve run into this many times throughout the years, over 20 years of being in business and serving, proudly Carpet Cleaning Tulsa in the surrounding communities. Uh, now Tulsa is highest and best rated carpet cleaning company is that, um, we get a comment from customers that say that they have had their carpet cleaned before, but the people came in and they were out in either a very quick amount of time or they were in and out. And they honestly can’t tell any difference from the carpet before they cleaned it to the time that they, after they cleaned it. And I, this always amazes me cause I, I can this to having your lawn mowed.

Speaker 1: (00:51)
If you walked out and saw your front yard and you couldn’t tell that the yard had been mowed, then it probably hasn’t been mowed. Um, it’s amazing that carpet cleaners can get away with this, that they can come in, have done something to your carpet, but you physio visually just can’t see a difference. Um, virtually all carpets have something on there. I’ve had a few times where we’ve cleaned them up a carpet. We had already cleaned to the carpet, perfectly clean, but there was some, a throw up spot that they’d cleaned out the best themselves and made it look gone. But they wanted us to come in and disinfect and clean it up. Uh, but for the most part, almost everyone, everyone’s regular carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You don’t get the carpet cleaned because they’re clean. You get the carpet cleaned because they, they’re noticeably dirty. Uh, this is, we’ve got, you know, thousands of pictures of satisfied customers and hundreds and hundreds of reviews from people who have, you know, noticed the difference.

Speaker 1: (01:37)
I’ve seen the change in it and it just, um, I believe as a part of our core of our companies that we want to keep going until you’re happy with the work that we’ve done. Um, and also we want to be happy with the work we’re done. We want to be proud of the work that we done so that someone else came in there and saw it. We would, you would be able to proudly say, yes, complete carpet, did this work. I would highly recommend them because it makes a difference to your carpet because I think it does more than just make a difference in your carpet. Obviously on the easy side, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 on the easy side, you are taking an ex, um, extending the life of your carpet. So by keeping dirt and debris dust from just building up in the carpet, creating um, sandpaper like friction on your carpet and causing the fibers to wear out prematurely.

Speaker 1: (02:22)
Um, you also are helping to extend the life so that it doesn’t break down and wrinkle as quickly. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Uh, as opposed to contrary belief. I’ve had quite a few customers mistakenly think that carpet cleaning will break the carpet down or um, hurt the carpet quicker than normal. If you don’t get it cleaned, it will last longer. And it’s actually just the opposite now, probably 30 years ago, there were some carpet cleaning methods out there that were not kind of nice to the carpet. They use too harsh a chemical. They used um, poor suction and put out the carpet to wet. It took a couple of days to dry. Like all of those situations. Yes, those are, I’m not sustainable. You shouldn’t be doing that to your carpet. You shouldn’t be getting that wet. Our process and most all modern processes have a lot of suction and use really high heat so that the carpet is dry quickly.

Speaker 1: (03:10)
It should be dry the same day that, that they’ve gotten cleaned. And because of that, the carpets are actually staying fresher, cleaner, longer. It’s like a pair of blue jeans. If you wait a week between every time you cleaned your blue jeans, you’re going to build up a considerable amount of dirt and, and debris in your jeans. Those are where the mount faster and potentially end up with stains. It just won’t come out because they’d been set in for too long. So if you, you know, wear a pair of jeans and then wash them and then, you know, just wash them as they’re dirty, keeping them fresh and clean. Then the only where you have is the physical wear that you put on the jeans themselves and the carpets break down because people walk on them, not because they’ve been cleaned, but it’s because of the physical abration function of walking on the carpet.

Speaker 1: (03:53)
That helps to break it down. Sort of like a coat hanger. If you keep the coat hanger in your closet, you can have a coat on it hung for, you know, 10, 15, 20 years and it’ll just sit there, hang in the coat. But if you pull that coat hanger out and you bend up and down and up and down and up and down, eventually the wire coat hanger is going to break and it could do it in short order. Even though it could have lasted for 20 years and five minutes, the coat hanger is now broken because it’s going beyond what it’s supposed to do. It’s going beyond. Most carpet manufacturers recommend having the carpets cleaned every, um, six to 12, maybe as long as 18 months, depending on the type of carpet and the fiber it has. Um, we recommend six to 12 months just because the majority of our customers who do that on a regular basis keep the dust out of the carpet.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
That grit and the grime that’s down in the carpet no longer is grading every time you step on it because remember, every time you step on it, you’re rubbing the carpet against itself. And so there’s a lot of sand in there. You’re rubbing the carpet against that gritty sand to helping to break down the fiber and the look of your carpet, uh, prematurely. Uh, w the other half of the benefit, we’ve talked about the benefit to the carpet, but we also, there’s a benefit to you. Um, eve, I had a customer just a couple of weeks ago who was going to, um, yeah, all new carpets in their home. And so they actually were replacing everything, but it was going to take out two months before the carpet was backwater too, before it came in. And they were going to replace it. So they had the carpets cleaned. Now even though they’re going to put brand new carpet in just a month or two because as she said, I didn’t want to have to walk on this carpet for the next two months is dirty as it is.

Speaker 1: (05:23)
That’s why I’m replacing it. So even though we couldn’t get all the stains out, it was heavily stained. Carpet has, you know, red and blue and green and purple and black spots that had changed, physically changed the color of the carpet. We were able to get those spots clean. There was a red spot on the carpet, but it was now a clean red spot on the carpet one that if you walked around in white socks, you’re not going to have colorful or dirty socks. And that’s probably the part of the cleaning of part of the process that we do that is helpful the most. That’s why we had the flat rate cleaning to try to clean all the carpets are out. Is that, um, not just do we need to try to extend the life of the carpet, but we also want to make it so that you enjoy the carpet today so you can enjoy being on your carbons again. So if you wanted to play with the grandkids or the kids on the floor, you could without worrying about, oh, I’m going to get up and have a dirty a knees or dirty socks. Uh, you know, the kids are gonna come in and they’re gonna have, um, you know, a little marks and stuff from the carpet. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We are complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine one eight four, nine four, seven zero nine three. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.