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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 367 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 367

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode three 67. We are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and let us get you on the way to clean carpets. Again, a carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. Our Wa wants you to have the best experience that you can when dealing with a carpet cleaning professional. Um, part of the processes is to take all of our customers feedback and to kind of culminate that into a system that addresses and hits the main needs of our customers have shown. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Um, some of that may be in the way that we manage our hoses and the type of chemicals that we use to try to break down the dirt and spots in the carpet. A our full pre spray model where we actually go through and don’t just treat the spots but treat all of it, uh, as our motto is that if it doesn’t get sprayed, it doesn’t get cleaned.

Speaker 1: (00:54)
Um, one of the things I think is important for people to remember is that the carpet cleaning process needs to be done on a regular basis. Um, it’s a lot like cleaning your toilet or washing your car, um, over time. Dustin, dirt and debris just to build up in carpet and you can vacuum it out, but you do need us once they’ve, a vacuum can no longer pull the dirt back out of the carpet once a carpet starts to get sticky or clumpy or it just starts to look mad at or worn down. Um, I wanted to talk on this episode about some of the things that don’t come out of carpet. Uh, no, nobody wants to hear this part of the equation, but

Speaker 2: (01:28)
things could be cleaned, but they’re not

Speaker 1: (01:31)
going to come out of the carpet. As far as the, um, uh, the, the way the fibers have been affected by the, um, the items, uh, most notably the, probably the easiest example is if you have some black hair dye and you put the black hair dye in your car, in your hair, you expect it to turn your hair black and that if you went over and you rinsed it in the sink, you don’t want all the black to just wash right out. You want it to stay, you want to hold, you want it to have altered the color of your hair. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So you no longer have, let’s say in this case, um, brown hair, you want to have black hair. Uh, your fibers of your carpet are exactly the same way. So if you go and you take something and put them on them, if you put took and said, okay, I’m going to dye my hair, and you walked in with a bottle of ketchup, people kind of look at you with a little eyebrow raised.

Speaker 1: (02:17)
Uh, what exactly do you think you’re going to do with a bottle of ketchup to change the color of your hair? And you go, Oh, well I’m just gonna pour the ketchup over my hair and I’m going to have red hair. And you’re like, well, yes, that would work. And it looked really clumpy until you washed your hair and then all the catchable come out. And so carpet is really similar in that way that if you put something on it that is not dialed, is not going to alter the color of the carpet. It just puts something colorful on the carpet. A clumpy, now I’m dirty, something on the carpet then that can be cleaned or rinsed out. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 I’ve seen this many times, um, that if you take and put some,

Speaker 2: (02:51)
you say black people die. The same thing we

Speaker 1: (02:53)
were talking about before and have that in the carpet. The carpet now is not a tan or brown is now is just physically as a black carpet. We can get it nice and fresh and clean, but it’s gonna be a nice fresh, clean black carpet. Or probably the most common that everyone has seen at someone’s house at some point is red koolaid or fruit punch or Hawaiian Punch. Um, all of those have a strong red dye in them or food coloring. If you look at the bottle it’s, it’ll say, you know, natural artificial color, typically red dye number four in most of those. So when you pour it into the carpet, it’s going to physically alter the color of the carpet. My daughter one time decided that she was going to take one strand of her hair and they took a koolaid packet and they mixed it up real strong in a cup and they, she put that strand of hair into the koolaid drink and let it set for a, I don’t know how long for quite awhile.

Speaker 1: (03:42)
And eventually she pulled her hair out and now she had a pink stripe in her hair and the Koolaid had changed or altered the color of her hair. She used it as like a koolaid hair dye kit and so it had the capacity to change the color of her hair. So on. Generally if it’s going to change the color of your hair, it will also permanently alter the color of the fiber of the carpet. So there are things that you can clean out. Um, and in general, um, a good chunk of pet spots can be cleaned out. Typically if they look darker than the carpet, it’s sticky. It’s collected dirt and it can be cleaned out. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa But if a spot looked light in the carpet, most of the time those spots are permanent cause pet urine is very salty and if it sits on the carpet for a long time, it does have the capacity to have the effect of kind of maybe like bleach, uh, though it’s not exactly like the same as bleach, but it will take in yellow the carpet probably a little bit more like coffee and tea do, uh, where they kind of, uh, alter the physical color of the carpet.

Speaker 1: (04:38)
So it’s not yellow urine on the carpet. It’s typically urine that yellowed the carpet. Now, most of the time the spots can be cleaned out, but a good chunk of the time people ask us, uh, often can we guarantee that the pet spots will go away? And unfortunately the answer’s no. We would love to be able to have that capacity. Hopefully in the future we, somebody is able to develop a chemical that can remove pet urine, but for the most part, um, the urine stains of the, for the most part, um, if the carpet has altered its color, there’s no reversing it back because the pet urine is either added some yellow to it or pulled some of the color away, making it start to yellow out. Um, and unfortunately I wish there was a easy way to do it. I’ve cleaned from the same pet with the same strong pet chemicals came over there.

Speaker 1: (05:21)
New Puppy peed in a corner, cleaned it in every one of the bright yellow spots, cleaned right out the same puppy. A month later, Pete again in the corner ain’t got, except this time, every one of the spots that did not change at all yet, no matter what chemical we try it on it, no matter how deeply we cleaned it, we did get it nice and clean and sanitary. But unfortunately with a nice clean, sanitary yellow spot. And so it was the same dog with the same general diet and one set of spots cleaned out. One set of spots did not. So, uh, unfortunately there are certain times where carpet is, can be damaged or died. And when those things happen, we can then get your carpets cleaned. Is Just gonna be a clean black or it’s gonna be a clean yellow to color carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 or check us out on the web at complete carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.