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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 368 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 368

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode three 68 we are complete carpet, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. I would love for you to check out our website at complete carpet, or give us a call at (918) 494-7093. Um, one thing that we have as a, a idea or a thought process here at complete carpet is that a, it’s a term that I call being Batman. Um, it’s similar to an idea to showtime or a all of the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders, they have to keep their game face on. Uh, it’s a poker face. Uh, you know, if you’re in a poker tournament, you got to have your poker face. I call it being Batman because I think it’s even more so than all those things. All those things are masking what you’re truly seeing or feeling. Whereas Batman didn’t do that. Batman was a little different. Eh, you had to Bruce Wayne character, or let’s just say you had, um, Christopher, uh, uh, uh, Christian Bale, sorry, Christian Bale. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (00:56)
Um, and he plays the character of Batman and Bruce Wayne. But to play the character, he was a method actor. So he got into it. He didn’t want anything around him to break his line of sight cause he was that character. He, he embodied what that was. He wanted to be that for the time that he was there. And then when he was done shooting, then he was no longer that character. He’d moved out of that character into another role or into another thing or just to be himself. Um, most of life we shouldn’t be ourselves because ourselves, they say that 60% of our thoughts are self doubt or self negative self talk. There’s only 40% of the time that we have a positive outlook on stuff. And that, um, uh, pastor Craig Rochelle used to always say that, um, whichever dog you feed, there’s two dogs in your mind.

Speaker 1: (01:38)
There’s two dogs at war that they’re going for you. Do you have a positive thought or a negative plot on something in those two dogs? Whichever one you feed will be the one that wins. Whichever one’s the strongest. No, you shouldn’t be, you know, stick your head in the sand and pretend that everything’s rosy when it’s not. But you also don’t need to be pessimistic that everything that the sky is falling via chicken little when there’s something you can do to fix it, you should be the guy that looks at it and says, okay, this is a problem. How do we fix it? This is a problem. What can we do? You know? Yes, I identified the problem and now I’m finding the solution, finding a way to get out there. Uh, we’re all guilty of this. Whenever somebody will ask us, hey, where do you want to go to eat?

Speaker 1: (02:13)
And we just jump in. And typically the first three things that people will say is the things that they do not want to eat, which is the opposite of the question that was being asked. Where do you want to be? Eat, eat. And they’ll say, well, we’re not going to have pizza cause he’s had pizza yesterday. Oh, I do not feel like Mexican guy just had tacos for lunch. Um, and, oh, not hamburgers. We did hamburgers like three times last week. Well, okay, that’s good. You’ve eliminated all the things you don’t want. You’ve told us what you don’t want though. You haven’t actually thought about what you do want. So you’re working in a negative process of elimination as opposed to saying, man, I feel like either ice cream, a subway sandwich, or maybe some super salad man, one of those three things sounds great. Instead of giving three positive options, we always typically give three negative things and it’s really hard cause that’s just the way we’re wired.

Speaker 1: (02:59)
Begin with. But uh, being Batman carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, uh, we always talk about this being Batman is where Christian Bale would go in there and he would be this character and the two characters that he’s playing because you have to actually, it’s one man playing two separate characters. Um, the Bruce Wayne characters, this, um, billionaire philanthropist who’s a playboy and he supposed to be this gregarious person is just out there and he’s got to put this front on his face on. But at night he puts on the mask and he designs this outfit specifically. It’s not random. He’s got pointy black years and a Black Cape. And, and he specifically talks his voice. Everyone’s got their own Batman voice that they tried to impersonator use. He’s got his Batman voice that I’m strikes the fear of, not the fear of God but the fear of Batman into people.

Speaker 1: (03:43)
And he wants to have this specific thing. And the reason that he’s doing it is to stop bad guys to protect innocent people. But he does not want to be around innocent people. So he’s got this big persona and yet he doesn’t even want to hang out with or bs. Cause as soon as someone spots him, he got of just disappears off off the place. And so to a degree we want to say, hey, we want to always bring a certain thing. We want to be complete carpet. We want to have a certain expectation that way anyone that interacts with complete carpet or has one of the techs or one of the people or someone on the phone that they get the same level of expectation from everybody that comes there, the same level of experience, the same level thing. Because we want to be, um, complete carbon and be Batman each day.

Speaker 1: (04:25)
Not The way that we felt about the guy that cut us off in traffic before. Not The way that we feel because we haven’t eaten enough food yet. Not the way we feel because we’ve not slept enough. But we’d come in, we put the mask on, we put the Cape on and we are this, this is what we are. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And it’s always the same no matter if you feel it or not, it’s just this way because that is what the customer is expecting. That’s what somebody is wanting, not the performance of the show that you put on. If you went to go see the movies and halfway through the movie, Christian Bale Kinda just slouched over on the side of me. I don’t really feel like doing that. Gravelly voice really hurts my throat. I don’t really want to do this. You, it would take you completely out of character.

Speaker 1: (04:58)
It would take you out of the presence, the idea they are. If you’re watching the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders and one of ’em is frowning or grimacing or thinking about the moves and not smiling and looking like energetic and having fun, you just immediately go, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa oh well this isn’t, this isn’t one I paid for. Or if you go to a concert and the guy got up there and he just mails it in, he doesn’t even try to sing. He’s not using full voice. He’s auto tunes the whole thing. He gets up there and he just plays a tape. He’s like, Hey, you know, you guys are listening to my music anyway. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I’m just gonna play the tape and we can all listen to it together. Like, no, I want you to sing it and I don’t want you to just sing it. I don’t want you to just sit on the chair and just sing it board.

Speaker 1: (05:31)
I want you to perform it. I want you to get up there and give me the show that you want to it. Um, sort of like ludicrous. The wrapper, you know, I’ll off a stage. He doesn’t, you know, with his two little kids, he doesn’t sit there and do the ludicrous, you know, with all of the voice inflections. Whenever you talk to him, he just, you know, he just a regular average guy who’s, when he goes out there, he performs, it’s showtime. Dr Zelner here in the Tulsa area was talks about showtime that way before it goes out and creates a customer. It’s formance time. It’s time to show. And I think we should do that in our lives too, because why would all the people we run into throughout our day not deserve anything less than our best. Anything less than an experience that makes them walk away feeling good.

Speaker 1: (06:11)
And I think this is important part too, is that when you give, if I gave someone money for a piece of pizza, they would give me the piece of pizza in exchange for money. It’s a, what you give is the golden rule that doing to others. You’d have them do unto you. I gave them part of some of the, I have. They gave me part of something they had to have. I go around giving people happiness. I go around giving people upbeat, positive looks upon life. Then they’re going to catch like a cold. They’re going to catch positive outlooks on life. They’re going to feed that 40% of your thoughts that are positive and get rid of. Start starving out those 90% or 60% of thoughts that are negative. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at 9184947093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.