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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 372 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 372

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode three 72 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at 918-494-7093 or give us a check us out on the web at the Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 this episode we’re gonna talk about the importance of water is a big part two of the episode two part series here on what water can do to help you in your cleaning up process. Now we talked about the emptiness or fullness of water. It’s water solubility. Uh, because of it having been like little buckets that are filled up, they either picked up minerals or they’re dropping off minerals. So a water has got to have some type of effect. Either has gotten too much in it and it leaves a residue or it doesn’t have anything in it and it wiped something clean. Soft water means it has less minerals in it. Hard water means it has more minerals in it. So it’s a heavier water with, uh, more things. It’s harder to clean with hard water because it’s already full and it doesn’t want to break down, absorb as much. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (00:59)
Uh, so the second part that will factor into that the usability of water is, um, the catalyst though reaction time is based upon the heat. And we did this in high school. Uh, we all probably did this test. At some point we took salt or sugar, we took a cold beaker of water and we poured a cup of sugar into the water and it all fell down to the bottom of the cup as a big pile because the sugar did not dissolve into the water very quickly. Now we can take and use some friction. We’ll take a stirring spoon and stir that up. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And eventually over time it may take a, you know, 30 seconds, a minute, two minutes, something like that. You can dissolve all of the salt or sugar into the water. We’ve all done this with a, an ice tea for example.

Speaker 1: (01:45)
You put your, uh, appropriate a number of sugar packets to take your ice tea and make it a sweet tea. And you just keep mixing it and mixing it and mixing it and it will dissolve into the tea very quickly. And the harder you mix, the faster it dissolves. Now on the other hand, if you would take it hot tea, it ever poured sugar and it almost doesn’t require any mixing at all. He went back to your high school experiment. You would take the beaker, same baker and bring the water up to a boil. Now you take that cup of sugar and you pour it into the water and you will see that as you pour it slowly enough, it just completely dissolves by the time it hits the bottom. And the reason for this is because the water molecules are excited, they’re moving faster now and so they reaction the way that they interact with um, other, um, hard surfaces and other minerals.

Speaker 1: (02:33)
Other absorbable items will happen in a quicker rate. So will just think if you had a line of bucket tiers, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa they’re either walking at one mile an hour picking stuff up or they’re walking at 10 miles an hour picking stuff up and they’ll move a lot faster, be able to get more bucket picks, pickups when they move faster. So you’ve increased the heat to increase the speed at which things dissolve into water. Um, we’ve also see this with your hot tea. You’re pour sugar in there and it’ll dissolve and you might get one or two swirls with your coffees the same way, one or two swirls with your spoon, but you don’t really have to do much to get it to really mix together. It kind of just does it on its own because it’s already hot enough cleaning your dishes at the same way.

Speaker 1: (03:15)
If you try to rinse all your dishes with cold water, it takes a while to rinse all the soap off, switch it over to hot water and all of a sudden, you know, you can rent your just as quick. Uh, industrial kitchens actually will take 60 seconds of steam live steam or 90 seconds and just blast steam straight on plates, um, to break it down or break off all of the things that are on the plates when they’re trying to get them clean. And they’ll actually just purely use hot steam because it’s so effective at knocking off or breaking down all of the things that are on a plate and it sanitizes at the same time. Now, carpet cleaning won’t sanitize your carpet because the heat of the water requires a long dwell time for it to sanitize. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We don’t want it to leave and set in the carpet that long because we don’t want to get the carpet overly wet or to start to damage the back end of the carpet.

Speaker 1: (04:08)
We can talk about dry the effectiveness and the importance of drying on another podcast, but for right now one is stick to the fact that heat and water will give you a much better clean. It’ll give you a much more thorough, clean a carpet cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998 we are complete carbon. So as you go through and you want to try to clean spots throughout your house, I always recommend customers get the hottest tap water that they can or if they’re gonna use a little Bissell or a little rug doctor. Always start off with the hottest water you can. Some of these have pre heaters. Some of these have an actual heater in them, but if you start off with cold water, the time it takes for it to get up to hot water is a quite takes quite some time. Whereas if you go through and say, hey, we’re going to just start off with hot water, then it can either maintain the heat or it can increase it a little bit.

Speaker 1: (05:02)
Increase the heat really helps for the, they have the capacity to be able to make a reaction happen faster so you can clean your, go rinse your dishes faster. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You can clean the carpets faster, you can wash your hands faster. Anything you do will be increased or spent up to same way that if you cook something at say 200 degrees or 250 degrees, you can slow cook it. All of our slow cookers use a a low, medium, low heat and it will slowly over ours cook something, but if you go to high heat and say 350 degrees or 400 degrees, then you will quick cook, Cook something real fast, Cook it. It will cook really quickly because now you’ve sped up all the molecules and they’ll have their reaction faster, slow temperature, slower reaction, higher temperature, faster temperature, faster reaction. And so this is one of the things that we use in our carpet cleaning machines and make, we keep them up to date enough to speed so that they are able to always produce on demand, a good amount of heat to be able to thoroughly rinse out all the soap and all of the chemical.

Speaker 1: (06:06)
We’ve used to break down the contaminants in the carpet, but also to thoroughly rinse out the academics from the Carpet Cleaning Tulsa He tells us since 1998 we are a complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.