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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 376 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 376

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode three 76. Today we’re gonna talk about the different ways of cleaning carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call a day at (918) 494-7093. We’d love to get you on your way to having fresh, clean carpets. Again, get you back to where you enjoy sitting on the floor. Uh, there’s many different processes of ways of cleaning the carpet, but today we’re just going to mainly speak about steam cleaning and ways to approach your steam cleaning. We try to train and teach all of our guys that you want to go until you get to the carpets to where they’re looking at their best. I’m on a real high level birds eye view of it. Carpets can be cleaned, they can get the dirt and the debris, the gunk that’s in the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. For example, if I had speak, um, took some ketchup and I poured it in my hair, I know that I don’t have red hair.

Speaker 1: (00:53)
I’ve got hair with ketchup on it. And so that’s something you could clean out of your carpets. But if I went and grabbed a, um, a red koolaid packet, some say Hawaiian Punch or a some type of fruit punch one, um, and I poured that in my hair, I pretty much guarantee I’m going to have a red shade of hair. Um, if I let that soak into my hair. And so some things are on your carpet and some things have changed. The texture, the color of the carpet. Now it may not be that there’s something dirty in your carpet, it’s that your carpets, just physically a different color. Hopefully that’s not the case with most of the stuff that gets on carpet. But every now and then that does happen. And so you have to have a knowing what it was that got on to the carpet to help you to know how to address it.

Speaker 1: (01:38)
If I’m sitting there and I’ve gotten a black hair dye on my carpet, I know that no matter what I do, I may be able to get it clean and I’m able to get it sanitary again. But I’m not going to change the color more than likely because it was black dye and it’s supposed to change the color of something. It’d be weird to put black hair dye in your hair and then go wash your hair and it just immediately is, you know, Brown or blonde. Again, you’re expected to be black. You want that, you want that Nice Raven, black and yellow expected to stay that Rice or even black, um, for that. So knowing that some things can be cleaned out, some things cannot. Um, you always go in stages. Um, our particular process, we do a pre spray first overall with the carpet in that pre spray helps to break down and soften up the dirt.

Speaker 1: (02:22)
Um, the way that we clean carpets is a lot like cleaning your dishes or a dishwasher works is that it first does the soak. You’ve got your presoak to allow the stuff that’s on the carpet and sitting in the carpet to get back into a solution to get softer back up again. Sort of like trying to get spaghetti dried spaghetti off a plate. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You could just get in there and elbow [inaudible] and just really push hard to get that spaghetti off the plate. Or you can just use a little bit of dawn and some hot water and just let it set for 60 seconds and it will just rinse right off the plate. So knowing how to address your, your problems first off helps to break them down and get them back into solution once they are into solution, need to be able to rinse them back out.

Speaker 1: (03:03)
So now you’ve got the soap and you’ve got it soaking. Now you need the rent sides are like taking your dish from the soaking and the dawn dishwater. Now you can switch it over to the rent side and just rinse off the soap. And the um, debris off of the plate. And you do the same thing with your carpets. You just rinse over and suck it all off of the carpet using hot water, hot water, always expediated we talked about an earlier podcast expedients the reaction expedience, the dilution of the stuff so that things happen faster. And so we want to make sure that we’d get that process done also. And the next part is your extraction, sucking it back out and then finally letting it, giving it some time to dry while it’s drying, you don’t want to come over with more dirty stuff or more, um, footprints or problems.

Speaker 1: (03:45)
You want to make sure that you give it plenty of time to air out. Not that you can’t walk on it, but if you do walk on it, the damn carpet is going to clean the bottom of your shoe. So make sure your shoes are clean. Um, and so as you’re cleaning, you’ll want to go over. So you have pre spray presoak and then you rinse it out. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Whatever will come out comes out of the carpet there cause it’s been broken down. But sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes that just takes the top dirt off and there’s two different types of cleaning methods or theories or methodologies behind it. One is a, um, like peeling an onion. I put soap down and I clean over top and a rinse off. All of that got broken down and now I expose a new layer of dirt.

Speaker 1: (04:26)
This is similar to trying to clean your hands after working on a car or you’ve got that mechanics grease in your hands. Use fast or and just scrub over and then you rinse your hands and most of the dirt comes off. But now you’ve exposed another layer of dirt underneath, sort of like peeling and you take the outside layer off and now you can affect the inside layer. Other types of dirt is more of um, more needs, more dwell time. And so, um, uh, say pet urine is a bit like that. You don’t need to take off different layers of the pet year and you need to give it enough dwell time. You need to get hot and wet so that he breaks down and gets the whole thing into solution. Um, so that then it can be thoroughly rinsed out and you just need to go slower to give it more time.

Speaker 1: (05:07)
Think more like, uh, getting paint out of a paintbrush. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Um, it doesn’t need multiple passes of chemical or each time you go over there at PLC onion, you just need to thoroughly rinse it all the way out, fully get it out as opposed to as much as you want. Some, some things, no matter how much you try to rinse it, it won’t come out until you get more chemical to break it down. Other things you just need to rinse out what is in there. Say there’s a lot of baking powder in the carpet. You don’t need to use chemicals. You just need to thoroughly rinse it out and just keep rinsing until you get all of the baking powder out of the carpet. But if you spill some an area that has had muddy or a greasy footprint, I’ve gone across there many times, well, you need to clean the first layer of greasy footprints off, but the next layer isn’t going to rinse out with the water.

Speaker 1: (05:48)
It needs more chemical to break down the next layer of grease. So you then spray it again, clean it, and then you spray it again and clean it, spray it again and clean it, and eventually your third or fourth time you’ll it down. And in all of these processes we typically do at once, see if we see a change, do it again, see if we see a change, and if there is a change, then do it a third time. If there’s no change on the first time, then you’ve gotten as good as you can. Get. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today. (918) 494-7093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.