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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 383 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 383 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Which is episode three 83, we’re going to talk about, uh, cleaning the carpets, where they importance of the pre spray, the a pre sprain. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 Your carpet is a lot like soaking your dishes and dawn. So being able to have, uh, some dwell time on the carpet. This really what you need to do in this particular case, you can actually go pretty quickly because these carpets aren’t that dirty and so all we need to do is just get them damp. Uh, getting them damp does three things for us. One, the first thing that it does is it’ll break water tension. Uh, if I took a bucket of water and I splashed it on you, Issac, the first chunk of that water at the air get through the system, uh, the first chunk of that water falls right off of you because you naturally have a bit of a water repellent side to it. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (00:49)
Whereas if I splashed you again with water, second slashed injured shirts already damp. Second Splash will go straight through and it’ll actually run down. You know, I ever seen a football game and the coach gets hit with the ice bucket of water the first time, it just runs off of him. The second one, you see a shirt turned color and he gets wet. And so that’s what we’re trying to do here is that we’re wanting to get it so that the carpet isn’t just, um, dry. So the first time you tried to clean it, the water bounces off of it. What you’re actually having is that when your first time you clean it, the water will go through the carpet. They call it a deep cleaning, somehow this twisted on top of, so I’ll take and I’ll, uh, I’ll lay it, I’ll unroll it it back out instead of just pull it off because you just pull it off. Sometimes the loops will fall inside each other, whereas if I lay it out, I know that it won’t. Um, the deep cleaning means that when you come to clean straight over dry carpet, so tens, these aren’t really dirty at all. You can really do really just one quick pass across it.

Speaker 1: (01:58)
And that’s where you can Kinda, uh, same way with regular carpet cleaning you as you’re going up and down, back across it, you notice that in certain areas I can go real quick cause I’m just cleaning the dust off another areas I’ve got gotta stop and grind out the stuff that’s there. Uh, so not first part number one is knockoff the water tension. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So taken roughly double the speed that you’re doing cause you’re given multiple passes pretty clean. You can even speed up even more than that. What you just did there was good if it, if it’s a normal dirty carpet.

Speaker 1: (02:38)
Yeah I think I’m just, I’m just spraying Windex on the top of a window kind of thing. You can go faster like that or check this out in the next one, go over that. Don’t, don’t move faster. Walk Faster. Yes. So each, each pass you can just lift it up and get a little bit of a higher causes. You don’t need spray but hey no, no water there in a closet. So secondarily, you have a, after you’ve gotten that water tension off the carpet, now we’re getting into diluting the dirt or wanting to dissolve it. That’s where our soaking conditions and dawn comes in. So we’ve talked about those two things in the past. The third part, and I don’t think we’ve talked about it all yet, is suction. If you try to suck it down, and this is this one, you can see a path around you.

Speaker 1: (03:35)
You do it like you did on the first part. You’re doing good. No change to what you’re doing. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa But the a third part that is, that we haven’t talked yet about is, um, if I tried to take and suck up moisture out of a, um, uh, something that’s dry, the one when it comes across it, the first pass over it is gonna. It’s not gonna latch down as well. Sort of like try and put on a suction cup. But if you licked the Suction Cup and the water helps it seal. Exactly. Now checking the look at the bottom of the two curtains.

Speaker 2: (04:16)

Speaker 1: (04:17)
You came up? No, no. The curtain itself.

Speaker 2: (04:22)

Speaker 1: (04:23)
you brought your [inaudible] up a little too high and it came up. Yep. You can see here it pressed over. Do you want to make sure that when you come up to items that you, you bring either up to stop or you moved them to the side. Same thing with bed skirts and things that are around. So I don’t get moisture up on the walls or up onto the, the other items. Um, but that moisture that we’re putting down here actually will increase your cleaning time because it does two things. One, we’ve already put down moisture, so it’s as if we start off with one cleaning stroke already in place. That’s way when you go over it. So we’re technically cleaning the carpet twice. So one part has the things, but also your suction will go up tremendously. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You start off lashed out, you know how long it takes to the carpet to latch down on that carpet. We’ve watched it go two to three seconds. You try to latch down on dry carpet. It never really latches down.

Speaker 2: (05:15)

Speaker 1: (05:16)
So it doesn’t start to latch down until your first stroke down. So, for example, grandpa pulls full trigger, right? He has to pull full trigger to get suction. Whereas we have suction on that first upstroke because it’s already wet, so it’s already latching down, grabbing onto that carpet.

Speaker 2: (05:36)

Speaker 1: (05:39)
The uh, so it gives you, those are your three main things that it run into because I mean it feels like, Hey, I’m just pre spraying, but really it’s, it’s setting up everything else. That’s why I’ve tried to get grandpa to do it quite often and he’s done it a few times. Like on his really bad jobs were, oh my goodness, this is amazing. So much better. But unless it’s like crazy bad, he doesn’t because he’s like, oh well, I mean it’s, he thinks it’s extra time but it takes the 15 minutes it takes to do the pre spray is 15 minutes less work because it’s already wet. It’s already broken down and I go, did you see wrap up stops

Speaker 2: (06:16)
all right,

Speaker 1: (06:17)
spray spray, stop spray, spray, stop, spray spray stuff. Whereas we’re just like [inaudible] up and we just don’t stop. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We just keep going and we stay in that rhythm and that flow all the way through there. Sorry is asking, is asking for her talking about the thing over the weekend that he had. Um, I told him we did 51 houses last week and he was like, well, I mean I do a hundred apartments. Apartments only take like 15 to 20 minutes each. You like, that’d be like me doing 200 apartments at a week. You know, how do you get somebody done? I was like, well one, we just the time, but two, the process is real easy each time. Repeat it over and over and over.

Speaker 2: (06:54)

Speaker 1: (06:57)
yes. So it doesn’t keep throw any wall Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 or on the web at complete carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. Uh, we’d love to hear from you. So give us a call today.