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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 388 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 388 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:00)
This is episode three 88. We are complete carpet Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 give us a call at (918) 494-7093 or on the web at complete carpet, Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. Uh, one thing that many customers have asked us, um, while we were getting their car with clean or taken care of is they want to know, um, is okay to clean rugs on top of, uh, flooring. Um, and this depends on the type of rug, but for the majority of rugs, yes, uh, our carpet cleaning process, we’ll rinse out the fiber and will not get the backing of the rug rug wet. Now the exception to this is if you have a rug that’s woven. So if the rug itself is the backing, uh, some of the roven rugs, kind of like the Indian blanket style ones, uh, they don’t have fibers that come up out of the rug.

Speaker 1: (00:51)
The rug itself is a weave that goes back and forth. Um, some of those you may want to move to somewhere besides a uh, uh, over a hardwood surface cause it will leave a mark on the carpet if it’s left for too long, you want to be able to get that dry quickly. Sometimes we can move it to a driveway or into the garage somewhere that could build a dry the carpet, that rug area rug quickly. But all the other area rug that have a backing, the fibers come out of, we just rents those fibers and the backing stays dry same as your carpet in your home. If you get the backing wet, it will take a day to dry. Whereas if you just get the fibers dap and rinse those through, then it can only take a few hours to half a day to dry a carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, uh, keeping the standard rug theory, the amount of fiber that the rug has, will AJ change the length of time it takes for it to dry?

Speaker 1: (01:44)
So a very short nap to rug if it just has a um, half inch long fibers will be able to drive very quickly. Because the fibers can hit the air quick and the moisture can evaporate right off of it. If you have one inch to two inch long fibers, the big floppy worm looking type of rugs, uh, they will, uh, be able to stay wet longer because there’s so much more fiber. It’s got three to four times as much fiber to dry before it runs into having a problem with getting air up into, um, even moisture up into the air. It will end up, um, evaporating, um, at a slower rate, but the evaporation itself is still happening. Uh, but it’s just more for it to have more area on the carpet for it to hit before it gets up and into the atmosphere. So think of it like a bath towel versus a beach towel. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (02:37)
The bath towel takes longer to dry than a beach towel does Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Since 1998 we are complete carpet. Um, uh, when you are trying to get your rugs done, um, also take into account the quality or the uh, uh, type of fiber that the rug has made with high end rugs require a different cleaning process than a regular steam cleaning. They can be done, but a lot of times require a different dry cleaning process, which could be a hundred to $200 per rug if it’s, you know, depending on how fancy or how exotic it is. And for, for the most part we can take care of your regular standard rugs. So you’re looking at like, you know, anywhere from 10 to $20 as an add on for a rug. Um, but the caveat is that it’s only for regular, um, synthetic rugs, some of your natural fiber rugs, but pretty much most rugs that are under say 1000 bucks can be cleaned.

Speaker 1: (03:30)
The over thousand dollars rugs. A lot of those are, um, have more specialty dyes in them or they’re more, uh, special carrots needed to take care of them. Uh, they can’t be used with any type of moisture process. And so you, those you want to take in and have them actually shopped cleaned or they’ll use a low moisture, no moisture chemical thing. They’ll vet the whole thing, dry, clean it and bring it back to you. Whereas we do all of our work on site and so we can take care of all of your standard rugs, all of your home depot and Lowe’s, your specialty, you know, regular standard rugs that you get throughout your home, the carpet, like rugs. I tell a lot of our customers that sometimes it’s a good idea to take and find the carpet that you liked the most and then go have that turned into a rug by just having it found that you can balance buying the outsides of the rug and then have that uh, her nine the outside piece of carpet you like and turn that into rug, which is a much cheaper way of getting a nice rug that you like and you can pick out any type of carpet that you would want to have than trying to go out there and buy say five or $600 rug.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
You can get a hundred or $200 or piece of carpet and have it bound Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 part of the rug cleaning process is that we also go a little bit slower over them. They use lighter passes to try to make sure that it dries quickly. Um, if you dry, clean it out on the driveway, which a lot of times we’ll take a rug out onto a driveway, clean it there first it lit, it will actually be dry by the time the rest of the carb has been cleaned. A lot of times those rugs sitting out in the sun will already be dry because they are out in the sun as they have gone quickly to dealt with air blowing across it. Uh, one of our, uh, main benefits of be able to do the rugs and the carpets at the same time is the discount you can get.

Speaker 1: (05:20)
Um, it’s quite a bit cheaper to be able to combine those two servers together cause the hoses are already out. So it’s almost just like adding another room to the home as opposed to trying to come out or take that rug to a place and then you incur your own drive time and the amount of money you have to pay for someone. Or sometimes they’ll come and they’ll pick them up and they’ll drop them off. But still you could save a lot of money. But having that combined with your regular household cleaning a carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 and then we can get that taken care of for you. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 we would love to get you on the schedule and get you back to enjoying fresh, clean carpets again, get to where you can enjoy laying on and sitting on enjoying your flooring again. So many times people don’t want to have to deal with the complexities of doing the carpet and cleaning it themselves. So they look to hire somebody else out Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is 1998 we are completed carpet.