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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 392 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 392 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:00)
This is episode three 91 or we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and learn about what we can do to help you get on the way to fresh clean carpets. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998.  Again, this is three 92 three episode three 92. And um, I wanted to talk today about how sometimes the small things or the things that can make the biggest impact. It’s that we want to have this urgent things that happen in our life. Uh, we may have some big burning fire and noise things like we’re going from one burning fire to the next every single day. Something that we know needs to be done, but a lot of times we’re bringing fires or um, not always of our own planning. There’s something that has happened that child that has forgotten to take something to school or there’s an event that we haven’t planned out quite yet and we need to prioritize those things.

Speaker 1: (00:52)
Otherwise everyone else’s lack of planning will always become our emergency. And there’s a part in our life that we’re supposed to be that for certain people, certain people, we are the person that bailed them out. If you’ve got a child, you always bail them out because this is what you’re supposed to do. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa They’re not, they are a child, they’re not an adult. But as they grow up, eventually have to change where that line gets drawn between them being able to take care of themselves and you being able to be responsible for them. And so you have to make that delineation between is this now a child who I need to care for and take care of or is this now an adult who needs to take responsibility and feel like wait and the consequences of their actions. And I think one of the things that’s important that while making these decisions is that you realize that at the end we are responsible.

Speaker 1: (01:44)
We are response able. We are able to respond to the things that are presented before us. We are unable to respond to the things that are not presented before us. For example, we tried to do our very best. Every single carpet cleaning is the best experience that you have. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Got checklists and processes and a certain way of doing it so that it always comes out to the best that we can. But every now and then we’ll just have a level of error. And sometimes it’s not an uncompensated and competency error is sometimes it’s just a, an overlooked error. Uh, a customer forgot to mention something, uh, in the, in the house or there was an area that on a new house that we’ve never cleaned before, we didn’t realize it was carpeted. So it may be just an area that we just overlooked because we didn’t realize it.

Speaker 1: (02:29)
We tried to have the checks in place so that those areas don’t get missed. But even then, you know, sometimes things just get happened with end up talking to the customer and as we’re walking across to clean a closet and then we walk across to that side, don’t clean the closet. Now we’ve missed it. And what we want to have is what type of response are you going to have? And a lot of that will be dependent upon what we’ve done to lay the groundwork for our communication, our relationship with that customer. Um, carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1988. The customer relationship I think matters more than anything else because you’ve got somebody that you understand and trust, somebody that you can really connect with, then we are willing, we kind of go to bat for that person. You might have. We’ve all had a time where we dated somebody in our youth or foolishness of our youth and the person was not a good person for us.

Speaker 1: (03:21)
Like everyone around us knew that that person was not a good person for us. But because at that time we had a relationship with that person. We were connected to that person. When something happened, we always went to that person’s defense. Even though, um, you know, we were able to give that person more latitude, more leeway. Your brother, your sister, you give them more leeway. Um, you might have a situation where you have a, um, family and that family, you give more leeway. Somebody that you appreciate or admire, you give them more leeway in their actions because you know that um, you know, the, you have a understanding, there’s probably something else going on here. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa The reverse happens too for a say a politician or somebody who we think might be nefarious. As soon as we get even a slice with this, there’s something that was nefarious.

Speaker 1: (04:08)
We then immediately jumped to the conclusion, oh, everything about this person is bad. And so your first impressions, what you do to try to set the tone and also how quickly you respond. Remembering that we are able to respond, we are responsible means that we need to take into account how is all the rest of our actions leading up to that one event I spend, you know, we shouldn’t be spending all of our life staying away from Pandora. The metaphor, the idea of Pandora’s box, the things that once you open, you can’t unopen no, as long as I have never cheated on my wife, I never will be a man that has never cheated on his wife. But once I have cheated on my wife one time, I now am a man who at some point there is a set of circumstances that would allow me to break that particular val, that particular oath.  Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (05:02)
And once we know that we’ve had that break and our thoughts and our things, we can always get restoration. But it’s so much easier not to have to restore something because you never broke it. To begin with. The restored product never is quite the same. And so I encourage everyone as you’re going through to say, what are the things that I hold as my absolutes? What is my, um, when I’m trying to decide what it will do? We’ve looked at this for our own business as we cleaned carpets with a certain thing that we just will never do. And what are things that we will always do Carpet Cleaning Tulsa in 1998, we want to make sure that we provide the best for our customers. And I believe that the best you can give to anybody is your best. And that is having a value system that’s an aligned with the work that you’re going to do so that you’re doing it because you feel it.

Speaker 1: (05:52)
You’re doing it because you understand it and that you’re doing it in that way. It means I will always do it this way because there’s not a another way. Now, are there other ways? Sure. But those aren’t our ways. Um, you know, if I lived in a, uh, I remember watching Indiana Jones and the temple of doom and in that the famous scene where the there over there, guests at another castle and in that castle they are serving a wonderful feast of banquet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And I sit down to this wonderful banquet of all these delicious local cuisines and I look over and you can tell everybody their, um, their stomachs are turning at. What’s that, the site of what these particular, uh, dishes are. Maybe there’s, um, there was like bugs and there was these, uh, uh, soup. I mean you’re like, oh, well let’s soup. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.