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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 393 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 393 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (06:45)
This is episode 393, we are Complete Carpet. Give us a call today at 918-494-7093. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. What do you consider to be normal, continuing from last episode…  That won’t be too bad. And as he puts his spoon into the soup, eyeballs pop up and there’s just stuff there. That to them is a cuisine to them with delicacy and everyone digs in and they really eat. Whereas to the guests, they look at it as, I don’t think I could eat that. I think I would definitely vomit everyone else there. It doesn’t hold that same feeling. They feel like, oh, this is delicious because it’s a, this is we’re, we’re giving you our best. And the difference between the two is that, um, one is the way that somebody has been raised in a way they believe. And the other is what the other person is raised and beliefs. And I think there are universal black and whites. We all have moral law. We understand that, hey, if you take something I have not given to you, then it’s stealing.

Speaker 1: (07:30)
If you hurt somebody in that hurt someone that’s important to me, um, then that’s abuse. Um, that’s, you know, you can’t just take another man’s wife. You can’t just take another man’s possessions. You can kill somebody. You can’t just go up, find someone you don’t like and kill them. You know, there’s, uh, there’s rules of engagement. There’s behavioral and ethical rules, um, outside of just moral and spiritual laws. Uh, one thing that I think is great is that the, on those things, so let’s just put the 10 Commandments. We’ll say a rough draft of the 10 commandments. Thou shall not do the general thing. Um, there is, I believe in everybody’s personal life, a code of ethics, principles and values that are unique to that specific person. Um, I will always hold the door for somebody. Uh, I will always, um, if given too much money, I will return the money. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (08:22)
If I am in a situation where I could make more money, um, I’m, I will for do something more, um, equitable. I will choose the equitable path over money. Every time other people will choose the, um, the monetary reward every time I can. That’s something unique and specific. One person may be a really good with customer service. They connect well with people. They want to bring value through the things other people bring incredible quality. They’re going to be extremely expensive, but they only do things of the highest quality. It costs way more. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Other people are going to give you the best value. They want to make sure that everything that you do, you’re going to get the cheapest price. They only way to get the cheapest prices to find the most efficient cost effective way to get things done. But then they allow people who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise to build, engage in activities that otherwise it would be outside of their budgetary concerns because these are more expensive items that typically only the rich could do.

Speaker 1: (09:20)
Now I’ve made a cost effective, affordable way that people with limited means are able to enjoy the same fruits of the labor and be able to enjoy the same, uh, uh, experience as other people would in those circumstances. And we’ve tried to mirror a lot of those things in our own personal business. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Um, I’d challenge everybody as they’re going through their life and finding different avenues and ways that they are trying to, um, expand their horizons and find what it is that they’re going to be. What’s the next phase of their life? What do they want to try to accomplish next that they look to see what is it that I have already done? What are the things that I do? I love a Stephen Covey on this book, seven principles of highly effective person. Um, one of the things he talks about is finding your core values or core principles.

Speaker 1: (10:11)
Go out there and sometimes he says, the easiest way to do it is to look to those that you admire. There’s something about them. We don’t all admire the same people. If you were to tell me to give you a list of who the most important people are, I would give you a different list than my wife was or that’s my son or my daughter would. Even though we all have the same family, we all have different dreams and aspirations. We have different goals and mindsets and those mindsets coming together. A great family unit because we all have something different to bring to the table. Um, I love the old saying says that if you both are great at the same thing, one of you is redundant. And I think that it’s integral into every organization and every business that makes sure you bring in a unique talents, things that compliment, uh, the, not to compliment, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa like say I want to say that you’re really great, but compli meant Com p l e tell a to add, to bring value to um, what it is that they’re trying to do within that organization or within that structure so that you have more of a synergistic approach.

Speaker 1: (11:17)
The, you can see, hey, here’s what I bring. I’m gonna bring a benefit of this. Here’s what you bring. You bring that benefit and together we’ll bring an even greater synergy between the two of us because we’re focusing on so many different parts. And so find what those things are in your life. We’ve defined those things in our business. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Uh, cleaning carpets, we wanna make sure that we always over deliver. We will start by cleaning behind the door just so that if I’m always going to be able to willing to take the time to clean behind the door, I’m definitely gonna take the time to make sure I hung down all the rest of the carpet I’m supposed to get taken care of. Um, we try to make sure that we go above and beyond for the customer. So we want to make sure we are connected and engaged, that we are upfront, that we try to honor our commitments.

Speaker 1: (12:00)
We want to be on time. We say that we’re going to do something, that we’re going to do it. Even if we lose money on it. If we say, Hey, this is what we’re gonna accomplish, we get there and we’re all wrong, or we’re going to honor that commitment because this is what we said we would do. And we tried to make sure that we just are trustworthy and we are responsible means we are able to respond appropriately to each and every day, every task that’s we’ve, we’ve taken the time to look into what it is that needs to be done and to be able to do it appropriately because we’ve, um, weighed the capacity in each thing that we’ve done cleaning carpets since 1998 we are complete carpet. I’d love for you to come check us out on the web at complete carpet’s or online at a Facebook, which is at complete carpet. Uh, see what we can do to get your carpets on up to the next level. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is our specialty carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. And we want to get you on the road to Ingelvac join and loving your carpets again, enjoy sitting down and enjoying the floor once more with a fresh, clean from complete carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa