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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 400 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 400 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:00)
This is episode a 400. We are complete carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. I’d love to talk to you today on our podcast about the importance of having regular carpet cleanings. I was talking with a customer at the last appointment and they said that they were wondering should they replace their carpet or can they keep it? And uh, I said, well, there’s two really two answers to that particular question. One, I think the first part is, is um, what do you want? You know, like whatever it is that you’re looking through, which is, to me, carpet is a, a, a choice. It’s a lifestyle. It’s something that really makes all the difference in the carpet. Your flooring surface that you choose, all those difference in your house, the flooring choices that you make are going to really affect how much you enjoy your days, how much you enjoy your things. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (00:50)
I mean put down hard tile floors and try to get on the floor and play with your um, crawling toddler or let them walk around on the hard tile floors and not see if you have a heart attack. As they start bobbing and weaving, trying to stand up straight and then eventually falling back on their butt, landing on the floor and their head bounces off the floor. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Like there, you’re like, oh, I am, I absolutely am so glad I have carpet. But if you’re in a area with a Lens, you have lots of food preparation in your house and you’ve got carpet all over that area, you and then spaghetti sauce falls down on the carpet and then you’d just be like, oh my goodness. If I had just had tile here, well I could grab a sponge in a bounty paper towel, something like that and I could just wipe it right up right now as opposed to having to take out some water and take out a little shot back and try to rinse it out of the carpet and suck it up.

Speaker 1: (01:45)
By the same token, if you had a water damage and you’ve got all wood floors through your home, well you know, right then you’re going to be replacing all the wood floors in your home because they’re all going to buckle and work. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Whereas if you had tile or concrete or a carpet, the tile, you just mop it up the carpet. You may pick it up, put some dryers on it, remove the wet padding, but you can get it dry in just a couple of days and have it all put back together. And so it really depends on what your wanting to get from that flooring surface as to what you’re going to be able to accomplish and do with it. And so I tell customers, first and foremost, enjoy this is carpet is your biggest thing in their house? Probably wall color would be second. Um, and then your, uh, your trim and your doors and your accents would come in third as far as how you enjoy your home.

Speaker 1: (02:35)
Like the type of lighting that you have throughout the house can really make a big enjoyment. The color of the walls. I mean, you’re like, well, paint, does it matter that much? Let me come in and paint your entire home. A shark truce or turquoise or Magenta and you’d have quite an eyesore every day she came back. Now there’s anything wrong with those colors, but if that’s the only color of the whole house, it’s definitely gonna be a bit of a throbbing paint, an entire house, fire engine red, and it’s going to be really jarring every day. It’s not a very soothing color. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa The same token, if I took and put really bright drain shag carpets or at your house, you’d come home and just be like, Oh man, my house looks like I’m stuck in the 70s I put sculptured brown carpet. You’d be like, man, I feel like I’m in the 80s if I put just pure white carpet, you’d be like, oh man.

Speaker 1: (03:23)
It’s really going to be, you’ve got to really be super careful. I’m always nervous that I’m going to spill or do something on the carpet that’s, you know, we’ll leave a mark. I can’t get back out. And so making sure that you have something that matches you, some that matches your personality, your type, your fail and carving can have this massive positive effect on your home. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Also, it can give you a, another, uh, strain, you know, give your, let’s for example, I’ll name off a couple of different types or colors or styles of flooring and you can almost tell me the type of room that it’s in. For example, if I had a room with very, very short level loop carpet and it’s like a dark jade green or maybe a chocolate brown, you almost instantly will think, oh, that’s probably an office. If I went in and saw something with a very plush, kind of a mixed multi-tone color or just pure white color, then it’s probably a family room living room area.

Speaker 1: (04:22)
Um, if you have a, a area that’s got a leopard print or a, um, say a building blocks set or alphabet letters or stars. Um, for example, the movie theater, I used to grow up going to, they had all black carpet throughout and it had like this confetti look to it almost like into the party across all the floors. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And so you’re like, hey, I feel like I’m in a movie theater because of the type of warranties or if I put the alphabet across the flooring, you would know, man, I think I’m in some type of a kindergarten area. I mean, some type of preschool because they have a carpeting that kinda matches with what the core and the feel of the place is. If I’ve got a room that’s got all pink carpet, you’re almost instantly going to say, oh, I think I’m in a little girl’s room.

Speaker 1: (05:12)
Then if I got a room that’s got medium blue carpet, then I kind of think I must be in a little boy’s room. And if I have a room that’s got all black carpet or a really, really dark chocolate brown carpet, then you would think, hm, this must be somebody’s theater room. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Because typically you don’t use black straight up black carpet in a house unless it’s the theater room cause you want it to black out all the extra light so that the theater, the projector stands out against the all the other ambient light throughout the area, so all these different things help you to set up what it is that you’re going to use or get out of this experience. Another part that really helps is the type of carpet that you’re using and figuring out what you’re wanting to do and how you’re going to do it.

Speaker 1: (05:56)
If you’ve got kids and pets, I really suggest not having a solid color carpet, anything that’s got kind of a mix except colors to it, that will help you out tremendously because now it’s not just a one point of reference. For example, a car, a black car, straight solid black car, totally car is actually one of the hardest cars to keep clean because it’s all one solid color. Anything that gets on there is different than that one solid color and so it stands out. You could have a very light color carpet, as long as it has multiple flexing kind of colors to it, then it will stay looking cleaner longer. Now, how dirty it is is the same no matter what color of carpet you choose. And you have to remember this as an important part to keep in the back of your mind is that carpet is designed. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are Complete Carpet call us today 918-494-7093