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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 401 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 401 | Complete Carpet

This is Episode 401, we are Complete Carpet. Call us today at 918-494-7093 and get your carpets cleaned. Check us out online at Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We continue from last Episode…

Speaker 1: (06:46)
It’s more of a wastebasket than it is a plate. A lot of your hard surfaces are more like a plate. You’re not going to get a whole lot of stuff. So we’ll say a bowl for your carpet and a plate for all of your hard surfaces. So when you go in and start putting food on that plate, you’re not going to get as much on the plate before you realize it’s going to start to paste. This is, it’s at its capacity. It needs either to be emptied or finished. It needs to be taken care of in some way. Whereas if I take a bull, say a big giant pot, um, imagine popcorn for example. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And if you put popcorn on a plate, you’re going to be limited on how many kernels of popcorn are going to get on there. But I’m, I take a giant popcorn bucket, I can fill up, you know, five, six, seven times as much popcorn into that bucket as I could put on the plate and your carpet versus your hard surfaces.

Speaker 1: (07:42)
I’m the same way because carpet has so many more little nooks and crannies and ways to hold dirt in place, keeping it still and keeping it trapped so that you can come back and physically backing off later. Whereas hard surface, a wood or tile, when the air kicks on, it blows all of the dust that’s there kind of like tipping that plate with a foghorn on it and it all falls to one side or all falls off and it becomes quickly evident that there is stuff driven all the way across it. Whereas the carpet can go a lot longer before it starts to become evidence that hey, this has gotten really too full. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa It’s over the top of what needs to be done. And sometimes we neglect our carpet longer than we would any of our flooring surfaces because it has the capacity to store or hold more stuff than the other ones do.

Speaker 1: (08:31)
And we use that capacity to our advantage so we don’t have to take care of our flooring as often. But the downside is that sometimes we just let it go all the way. I’ve come in on some jobs where the unfortunate thing is this carpet is not going to come back looking like it did before because it has gone too far. It’s kind of like a car. If you let you don’t wash your car, don’t take care of its paint or wax and Polish it on a regular basis. Eventually we’ve all seen a car like this that just sat straight out in the baking sun for five or 10 years. And now the paint starting to peel off cause it’s just, it just had too much neglect and it starting to break down the finish of it. Uh, but we had one job where I went out there to try to clean the carpets on the house.

Speaker 1: (09:16)
And unfortunately, I mean, fortunately it was me that was going out there because I had dealt with this type of cleaning of carpet before and we were able to get it taken care of without having to charge them a huge amount of money and they were able to get themselves set up. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa But I would guess it had been probably five or six years, maybe seven years since that carpet had been cleaned and it actually was so dark that the carpet was, as you walk across it with sticky everywhere and it was this dark brown, almost chocolate color. And as they cleaned it, it took about six or seven times going over it to break down through the different layers of dirt and the dirt had piled up in the carpet so much that it actually was almost slick because it didn’t come up to the top and no longer did you see the fibers of the carpet.

Speaker 1: (10:04)
You actually saw the dirt piled on top of itself and it was almost slick. It was almost kind of shiny or glossy. And as I slowly removed all the layers of the dirt out of the carpet, I got down to the fibers again and now we’ve found that the carpet was actually a medium 10 color. Now it still comparatively to new carpet looked really dingy. I mean it had been, you know, really abused, but compared to the way the carpet looks before, when you walk across the carpet, your socks turned black. Now when you walked across the carpet, your socks stayed white. It wasn’t, obviously some of the damage had already been done, but at least we could restore it back to some semblance and a situation like that. Someone just let it go too long, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come back.

Speaker 1: (10:47)
We did a job about a month ago for a lady who is replacing all of the carpet in her home and you would think, okay, you’re replacing all the carpet in your home. Why get the carpet cleaned if you’re about to tear them out? Well, they have bought the house. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa They wanted to move in and the carpet they wanted to get was on back order. It’s going to take two months before they could get the carpets replaced. Well, she had an event at her house in the next few months and the reason she wanted to replace the carpet just cause she did not like the carpet. They were dirty, they were messed up. They, she wanted to tear it all out, put fresh in, but she found that she was going to have to live on that carpet anyway and so we cleaned the carpet to get them up to standard so that until the new carpets came, the old carpets weren’t this disgusting eyesore in her home that she could at least get by with clean and sanitary carpets.

Speaker 1: (11:37)
Even though she may not still like the carpet, she still wanted to get new carpets, but at least until she had the new carpet she could enjoy it and I think that’s really the mindset we should all have about our flooring and our carpet surfaces is that this is a big integral part of, it’s the filtration center of our entire house. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa If a dog pees on an area on the carpet, it’s going to continue to hold that smell as the dust falls on the carpet is continuous to just trap and stick the we still a pop or a coffee or tea on the carpet, it’s going to have pop coffee here. T sitting there, still a little bit of milk on the carpet. It’s gonna smell like sour milk for quite a while. All of these different ones need to have something to take care of and it’s no different than if I took a wastebasket, my trash bag and I went through and I filled it up, but I never it emptied it that wastebasket is going to smell pretty awful. To be continued…