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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 402 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 402 | Complete Carpet

This is Episode 402, we are Complete Carpet. Call us today at 918-494-7093 and get your carpets cleaned. Check us out online at Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We continue from last Episode…

Speaker 1: (12:27)
A lot of people talk about things that are more allergy friendly or more, um, less harder on your allergies. Carpet gets a bad rap because everyone says, hey, if you have carpet in your house, you’re prone to have worse allergies. But reality is is that if you went to the carpet store and you grabbed all a piece there which will floor doors and he grabbed a piece of hardwood floor, grabbed a piece of tile, grabbed a piece of concrete, he grabbed a piece of laminate, he grabbed a piece of um, of carpet and you put them all up to your face and no matter who you were, you can take all those different flooring services, put them right up to your face and you’re not going to have an allergic reaction to any of them because the surface itself are all, most all of them are synthetic or if they’re wood, they’re covered with some type of lacquer and so there’s not something of that surface that’s going to bother your allergies. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (13:16)
What happens is people neglect their carpet and it starts trapping dirt and debris and dust and fibers and all this previous stuff and it will build up in the carpet. Just the same way. If I came into my house and I did not dump out the trash, I did not empty the wastebasket and I put a bunch of dirty diapers in there for the rest of the time that that trash is in my house, my house will smell like dirty diapers, but to just say, well, we need to just get rid of waste baskets because waste baskets are affecting the smell of my house is the wrong conclusion because the wastebasket does not put off any odor. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa The wastebasket itself is not the source or the cause of the problems that we’re having. It is only a storage device and it needs to be cleaned.

Speaker 1: (14:02)
It needs to be rinsed out. It needs to be taken care of. Now at some point, a wastebasket can get too bad, like if I dump an entire down on a paint or glue into that wastebasket and then all of the trash sticks to the glue or sticks into the paint, I can hit a point that, you know what? I’ve broken this wastebasket. So if anything gets into it, it just spills out or I’ve just done something to damage the integrity of the waste that then I need to get a new waistband. We can’t go too far with our carpets too. And so we need to make sure that on a regular basis we’re taking care of those carpets and making sure that we know, hey, here’s where we’re at. This is what we need to do to try to maintain the, uh, situation or for our carpets.

Speaker 1: (14:42)
We’ll try to maintain how it’s going to look, how it’s going to smell. Also, how it’s going to feel. A lot of times we don’t really put into perspective that by us not doing justice to our carpet on a regular basis with um, steam cleaning where you’re thoroughly renting out the stuff that gets into your carpet or with vacuuming where you’re thoroughly sucking out the stuff that gets into your apartment or just grabbing a towel and I’m off a, uh, a little bit of moisture, a little bit of water or something that you can use to make sure that whatever gets into your carpet comes back out. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa A lot of times we’ll put it in there and we just leave it. I love it. It was a movie that I was watching and in the movie, the father, uh, anytime something would happen, he didn’t take care of it.

Speaker 1: (15:25)
He threw a piece of newspaper over it and I think a lot of times it’s really dealer. His entire house is covered with pieces of paper covering up all the different spots. He never stopped to clean the spot. He never stopped to remove the, um, the contaminants that was there. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa He just threw a newspaper over because out of sight, out of mind, it means it’s better. Right. And I think we do that with our carpet. A lot of times we will put something down and not think about how it’s affecting the rest of the area because if you leave a spot, let’s say that I took some white paint and I put it in at the front door and I dumped out the bucket of white paint onto the carpet, onto the floor, let’s say with concrete floors throughout the whole house. And so I took that bucket of white paint and I dumped it out.

Speaker 1: (16:07)
And then I had got 30 little kindergartners and I told him, I told them that somewhere in this house is hidden super candy. I mean like the best candy you’ve ever had, the candy that would make all the rest of the candy, you jealous that this super candy was so amazing. And so they little kids, all you have to do is run throughout this house and find it as each one ran into the house, they would run across that fresh white paint. And you would see throughout your house a little white footprints going everywhere throughout the house and this wood is real similar to when we do stuff in our house that without taking and wiping it up, we may be like, oh well because we did this, it’ll be just fine. I may have taken the, you know, I took and I absorbed a little bit of that pop up that was here before, but now it’s okay because I would just wiped it up.

Speaker 1: (16:58)
We’ve all had times where we took and wiped up some say orange juice on the counter only to come back the next day and be like, oh my goodness, this is really sticky and so we have to wipe it up again because the first time we wiped it up we did not remove it all. We just removed the main part, leaving all the sugar behind it. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa That stickiness that stays in the carpet, that really causes the problem because now you’ve got this stickiness perpetually trapping new dirt. If the catching stuff that was in the carpet before and now it is on the carpet. Now we’ve got things that are not, uh, not actually a part of the carpet is, but it’s exterior to the carpet that’s now [inaudible] into the carpet. Let’s say that. Um, oh, do you remember retched reached up and touch the top of a ceiling fan glaze.

Speaker 1: (17:47)
You’ll immediately know, okay, that dirt did not come from the same panel. So that dirt fell onto the senior, but it’s up in the air. I mean it’s not like that ceiling fan. Like somebody walked along and Oh, they rubbed, they wipe their Rabigh hands across that feeling like that or it’s not like you have somebody that walked in and spilled a drink. All of that dealing him. No, the ceiling fan is up above our heads, up in the sky, up in the air. And then somehow it has just accumulated just throughout the day, throughout the month, throughout the week, throughout the year. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And that ceiling fan has, um, collected and grabbed onto that dirt in that dust. It needs to be wiped down on a, you know, a regular basis. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Your carpet is really of the same height. It’s not generating its own dirt. It’s collecting the dirt just the same way the ceiling hands does.

We are Complete Carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Give us a call today at 918-494-7093 and experience the Complete Carpet difference. To be continued…