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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 403 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 403 | Complete Carpet

This is Episode 403, we are Complete Carpet. Call us today at 918-494-7093 and get your carpets cleaned. Check us out online at Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We continue from last Episode…

Speaker 1: (18:34)
And that collected dirt is there on the flooring or on the surface. And we are spending our time trying to make sure that we remove so it does not continue to build up and just stay there creating a, um, a massive problem over time. Now we do want to try to limit the amount of hard back immune stuff we do to our purpose because we want to try to give it some, uh, want to make sure we keep some of the different situations clean and free so we can have our carpets last as long as we would like them to. And if we spend too much time aggressively trying to clean our carpets, well then we will wear the carpets out. For example, I’ve had a few customers who will just take a brush and they’ll take some chemicals to try to break down the stuff that’s in their carpets. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998

Speaker 1: (19:24)
And, uh, they will take that and they will just rub and rub and rub and rub and scrub and rub and scrub. And when I’m scrubbing, they’re really about 20 minutes later they have completely frayed out a spot in the carpet. It is, it looks puffy, it looks worn, it looks, um, aggressively damaged. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And so there is a point at which we need to make sure that we’re taking the right precautions. The same way as our say a dishwasher does to be able to clean our dishes without physically wearing them out. Or a w a washing machine can wash our clothes without physically Ajit scraping or rubbing them down to the point that they cause damage to the fiber, which we can have happen if we’re not being careful. Our cleaning process is done the same way. It’s kind of like washing your dishes. We have designed it and put it together in a way that when we go to clean, we let the chemical do the work.

Speaker 1: (20:16)
We’ll let the chemical breakdown what’s the stuff that’s in the carpet so that it can get into suspension. It can become a diluted down. It can be get back into something that could then be rinsed back off. I think of a great example of this is when you drink a Dr Pepper, enjoy the Dr Pepper. It was very good. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And then you leave, oh just a small bit at the bottom of the cup, the parts, a couple of drips. It just sits down there and then you later check on that cup and you realize that the Dr Pepper is dried out in the bottom of the cup and now you’ve got this thin

Speaker 2: (20:48)
brown ring across the bottom of the cup. And if you take that and try to take a brush or something, just try to scrub that right off. Then you won’t have, you’re really not going to have any effect cause it’s, it’s dried out, it’s hardened down in the bottom of it. But if you took some hot water and just poured it right down into the bottom of the cup and left it there, it really could count to maybe 20 or 30. And by the time he got to 20 or 30, all of a sudden you’d notice that, that, um, the water, the heat of that water had dissolved the, um, Dr Pepper and it Kinda just floats up into solution. And now the, uh, Dr Pepper is actually completely gone because now it’s diluted itself into the water that we’re there. And you literally just pour the water out and not have had to do any, um, aggressive scrubbing anything too that, um, carpet to that cup to try to get it to a completely be, um, mixed out properly.

Speaker 2: (21:43)
It’ll just pour right out. And I think that to a lot of times that’s the way that we approach our carpet cleaning process is that we get in there and we break down within the carpet first and we get it into a solution that can then be removed or, um, uh, rinsed out later on. And by doing it that way, we remove all of that physical agitation and scrubbing that was inherent in some of the other carpet cleaning processes. Um, one thing that we’ve seen that really helps in this process is that we use a test long glide. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We use high heat water, really good suction and that way any water we put in there to get sucked right back out. This does two things. One, it expediated the cleaning process so we don’t have to spend as much time. The more often you’ve got to clean, the more often you’ve got to scrub, the more often you’ve got to try to um, grind through that carpet.

Speaker 2: (22:30)
The longer the cleaning process will take and the longer the dry time will be. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Um, but the quicker that you can get through and get that stuff broken down. So it wipes off quickly. I think we’ve all seen it on some type of kitchen cleaning commercial where they’ll spray something on the tile wall and they just kind of sit there and wait for a little bit. And then after a certain amount of waiting, they just take a sponge. And it just wipes off on one pass, whereas the other guy’s got scotch brights and aggressive chemicals and he’s physically just trying to scrub that stuff and try to break it off the surface. The other person just sprayed some stuff on there, broke it down to where it just wiped off and that’s what we do when we’re trying to approach our carpet cleaning process that we’re not out there trying to physically.

Speaker 2: (23:05)
It attacks the carpet. We’re wanting to let the chemical do its work and then rinse that out. And this is a really a big thing that most people do not talk about and don’t want to put in there, but you need to make sure that when you rinse out to the carpet that you’re not rinsing it with soap. If you clean with soap in your water, you will leave soap in the carpet and no matter what type of carpet a soap you’d think that it is, it’s a clear, it’s a formula that will break down and it will eventually be vacuumed out later. It’s still something that’s in the carpet that can also attract new dirt and you want to make sure that you leave nothing in the carpet so that it’s completely free of any type of oils and soaps or anything else. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Actually in the past I’ve known a few carpet cleaners who admitted to me that they turned their soap up high in their water when they clean because it leaves a layer of soap on the carpet and the carpet is looked dingy because it starts collecting dust that they can’t back them off and so they’ll call them back more often to get the carpet clean and we believe that that is the wrong way to approach it.

Speaker 2: (23:58)
We should, I want you to have your carpets look so clean for so long that you want to tell everybody else about it and when you’re ready you’ll call us because we’ll just have so many customers that we don’t need to try to milk one customer for a lot. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We’ll have lots of customers that we serve on a regular basis. We want to try to serve everyone as on a regular or as an infrequent basis as they need based upon the amount of dirt they have. Because if you don’t ever walk on the carpet, it’s never going to get dirty. Um, and if you get out there and you have a family reunion, or if you have babies or kids or dogs or pets, cats, durables and rabbits, whatever it is that you have right across that carpet is going to just need cleaning after awhile because it’s going to slowly accumulate either a layer of dirt or a layer of greasy, oily, sugary stuff that causes it or stick to it and you kept backing it off. And that’s when you will need to give us a call and we can get you taken care of. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 gives us the system advantage and the experience to know what works. Call us today 918-494-7093