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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 404 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 404 | Complete Carpet

This is Episode 404, we are Complete Carpet. Call us today at 918-494-7093 and get your carpets cleaned. Check us out online at Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998.

Speaker 1: (00:01)
This is episode three Oh four. We are complete carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Uh, love for you to check out more about what we can do for you, uh, and find us on the web at complete carpet, Um, I want to talk today about, uh, having the ability to uh, stay on top of what it is that you need to get done. Um, so many times, uh, for carpet because it is such a fluffy, big flooring surface that sometimes we let it go way beyond its expiration date for let a couple of other terms. If you were to translate the carpet into a wastebasket, a lot of times we’ve let the wastebasket go until food and debris is falling out of the wastebasket before we finally address it. And I’ve been guilty of this myself of getting in there and just letting things, you’d be the first thing walks up to the trash Paskett and you say, oh well I mean, Ooh, I mean I know I could probably see if I put the plate in and face it down and then press, I could probably get another like three or four inches of trash into this waste back.

Speaker 1: (01:05)
I really need to, you know, let it kind of go and I know we do that little extra thing or you put one more thing on there to the top and kind of balance it precarious. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa They balance it right on the top of it and you think, oh well the next person, you know, they will take out the trash and we need to with our carpets, make sure that we’re not doing the same thing with our carpets because unfortunately unlike the trash basket, which is plastic and too much trash just means trash falls in the ground and you pick it up later with carpet, too much stuff gets into the carpet and then it will eventually start to really break down or wear down the carpet itself. And so this can be um, become problematic because your carpet will wear out prematurely. And the expense of a carpet, it’s, you don’t want to let it go that long without making sure that you are staying on top of it in some form or fashion because the carpets are probably one of the biggest expenses you have in your house.

Speaker 1: (01:59)
And if you’re staying on top of them regular basis, you can double the life of your carpet. I’ve seen carpets that were only four or five years old that were because they had never been cleaned, were just completely physically worn out. Uh, we could clean it and get it clean again, but the, the where the, the damage, the traction on the carpet had already happened, not because they hadn’t cleaned it, but because the dirt and debris that was in the carpet became like sand paper to the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa If I took just physical sand and dumped it into the carpet, which typically happens as you walk outside, you walk inside, there’s dust dirt, a little bit of grit in your shoes as you come into the carpet and it gets rubbed off of, fallen in there or just really the standard dust that falls down from the ceiling lands in the carpet and you walk it in that sand is stronger, is more aggressive than the fibers of the carpet and so that grit will wear out fiber itself starting to cut it and break it down quicker than normal.

Speaker 1: (03:03)
I have a clean carb. It’s also that we’re up to 1520 and 30 years old. They had been maintained on the property or schedule. So the carpet fiber itself had never been allowed to sit with too much dirt and debris in it, so it never got that sand paper like effect when people would walk across it. Um, all carpet eventually does wear down no matter what you do because physically everybody is walking on it. But the speed at which it breaks down and wears out is dictated based upon how often you make sure you get the dust and dirt out of there. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Now everybody’s going to be different. So make sure that you’re taking stock of your own situation. There’s no one size fits all. Obviously most people recommend a three, six or 12 months cleaning schedule depending on the amount of dirt you have.

Speaker 1: (03:47)
But I’ve had a couple of customers who, um, they just are always on top of their stuff. They always keep it in well vacuumed. They, nobody wears an issues. Nobody has any food, nobody, you know, you keep all of this stuff out of the home itself. You then can extend the life and extend the time between your carpet cleanings. And so every two years she gets it done and it looks really good. I’ve got another customer that every month or two we clean their carpets because they have lots of cats and lots of dogs. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And so every month or two, it needs to be cleaned because there’s a source of dirt and debris going into the house. Uh, for all of our customers that if you never walk on the carpet again, you never need to get them cleaned again. And so to a degree, that’s how you should look at it.

Speaker 1: (04:31)
If you never throw anything into the trash, you don’t have to empty the trash basket. And, uh, that’s how we kind of approached the carpet cleaning process in that we need both is a combined effort of what we can do to try to keep the carpet and get it back into fresh shape again, but also what you can do to keep it there. Uh, we do a heavy pre spray to break down all the dirt and debris in the carpet. Um, and then we do a Clearwater rent to rent out all the dirt and debris, not leaving any chemicals in the carpet as opposed to some situations where they use soap in the water to clean with. And that if you clean with soap in your water, you’re going to leave soap in the carpet no matter how much of a clear rinse formula you want to say that it is. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (05:14)
Um, you can’t clean something with something in it and expect there not to be some type of residual, some type of residue. So we purely use hot steam water. That way we can remove any of the residue out of the carpet. Any pre spray or spotter that we use gets rinsed out of the carpet because we’re not using any soap in the, in the water that we’re renting with. Similar to doing your dishes or uh, doing your laundry. When you go to do your laundry, you make sure that first use a batch of soapy water to break down the dirt and the item. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Then you rinse all that out and then agitate and rinse out with Clearwater. All of the dirt and soap that was been broken down in the previous load in the previous wash cycle. You go to your rent cycle and then you rinse all of that soap and debris out and then you go to these spin cycle to dry or suck out all of that water that you’ve rinsed and diluted everything with Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet.