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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 406 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 406 | Complete Carpet

This is Episode 406, we are Complete Carpet. Call us today at 918-494-7093 and get your carpets cleaned. Check us out online at Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We continue from last Episode…

Speaker 1: (10:04)
We’ve stepped down a few times and that hurts. That’s not a pleasant experience when we’re trying to walk across the carpet into the kitchen. This is it. But now we can walk across here and not have to worry about it. So you have done our feet of paper. Now I do have times where people will come in and they have an expectation of something that just is not. Also on the other side is not possible. Uh, for example, one thing I’ve heard the most often is that because paint is a water based paint paint that you would put on the walls because the paint is a water based paint. It can be cleaned out of the carpet and unfortunately, whether it’s water based or oil based paint, that is not mean that it can be washed with water. If it could, you would then by logical conclusion take a sponge and every time you wipe the wall with the sponge the paint would come off and so there I have, they have a misconception or an inappropriate thing. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (11:01)
Heard one person at a seminars described it this way so that as long as paint is wet, you can dilute and wash it with water. Once paint dries, the water evaporates out of it, the manufacturer will give it a 10 year warranty and so it’s a little, a little humorous there as far as the way to look at paint, but the reality is once it dries, it hardens up and it becomes pretty resistant. You have to use a really strong solvent to try to break the paint down by using paint remover or paint thinner to try to break it down. The problem is you use that on carpet and you will break down the glue that’s holding the carpet in place. And I’ve seen many times where someone broke it down, they’d get the paint out or broken up. But the problem is it’s the fibers around there also all came out over time because now you soften up the latex glue in the backend of the carpet and there’s nothing holding the fibers in place anymore. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa

Speaker 1: (11:55)
And so these are our more difficult ones because I need to get in there and let them know what we can do for them. But that unfortunately, if you’ve got a lot of paint in the car, but that area is going to have to be patched or replaced because the paint does not wash out of carpet, even though it is water based paint. Once it dries, it no longer has water in it and it no longer can be diluted at anymore. Um, another one that we run into is, um, things that have dyes in them. Like say I catch it. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa For example, if you took catch up and I put ketchup in my hair, it’s not gonna make my hair permanently red, I’m going to be able to wash that ketchup out of my hair and I’ll have my brown Harrigan. Now, if I took Red Koolaid, on the other hand, I took some fruit punch and I soaked my hair in it for long enough.

Speaker 1: (12:42)
Eventually I’m going to have red hair because the dye in the fruit punch is very strong and it’s going to effect my hair and it’s going to change the color of my hair. And just in the same way that if I took a black hair dye and I put that in my hair, it would be weird. You wouldn’t, it, it would you take the product back and say, it did not work. If I put black hair, dye my hair, let it set for a while, and then the next time I wash my hair, my hair turned white and my hair could turn white from using black hair dye. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa That product is not working the way that it’s supposed to. If the next time I wash my hair, the hair, hair dye comes right out. Then it’s not hair dye. It didn’t dye my hair. It didn’t change the color of my hair.

Speaker 1: (13:24)
Now there are also the same things that can happen to your carpet because carpet is a dyeable bleach double fabric. If you put black hair dye onto your carpet, it’s not ketchup on your carpet. It’s not red because there’s ketchup on your carpet. It physically now is black carpet. It’s altered the color of the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa A carpet fibers are typically nylon. That nylon is a white to color naturally and they actually diet with carpet dye, which is very similar to fabric dye or hair dye or even the a food color in the dyes that they put in food to change its color. All of those are all real similar in the way that they are used in the effect that they will. Have you ever seen a little kid with a red popsicle after awhile he has red lips or blue lips or whatever color the popsicle is will affect the color of his skin and so in that same fashion, if he gets that popsicle on the carpet, you now we’re going to have blue carpet, red carpet, pink carpet, whatever, the color of the popsicle it.

Speaker 1: (14:22)
Now the carpet, just like his lips is going to change color and unlike ketchup where ketchup gets on their lips, you just lick it off and it’s gone. Those dyes that are in those products, when you lick it, it’s still there and until their skin grows out a new layer of skin, then it stays with that coloring and it’s not something that easily comes out and unfortunately with carpet you have the same thing happen. You run into that same dilemma where you’re trying to get something out of the carpet and unfortunately it’s not something in the carpet anymore. The carpet itself is just a different color. It may be clean, it may be sanitary, but now it’s blue. It may be clean and sanitary, but now it’s red. It may be clean and sanitary, but now it’s pink carpet and a you. When I was at Mac in the 90s and early two thousands we actually used to go and do and dying of carpet to cover up all the koolaid stains the kids spilled.