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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 417 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 417 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 417 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 this is carpet DM, the carpet cleaning podcast from complete carpet Carpet cleaning Tulsa renting communities since 1998. I love to get out there and help you to obtain the best out of your carpet that you could possibly get. I want to talk about going fast versus going slow, efficient versus meticulous. And there’s two ways to approach any problem. One is trying to get through it as quick as you can. So the goal is not the process. The goal is the end. Sometimes we get trapped up in that as ourselves, as long as we get to the end, by any means necessary, we’ll accomplish something. But is the thing that we accomplished, the thing that we wanted, is it follow through to say, Hey, now that I’ve got it done, does this line up with my beliefs and some things, um, we shouldn’t be that picky on otherwise we’d never accomplished anything. Carpet cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (00:52)
Um, how I tie the bag for my trash should not be a point of concern for me. It should just be as quick and as messy and not as I can. I just need to do it once and then tie it the second time. So I put a knot on top of the tie. Um, poof, my bag goes into the trash, it goes into a dump in which goes out in a waste place and it’s done. I don’t even know if that thing is supposed to, not supposed to care, but if I’m doing my kids a birthday present and I want to tie a bow on it, I can’t just whip some through are done quickly. It needs to look nice. It needs to be something that I’ve taken some effort time to figure out how to make across a nice smooth bow that looks really well, that’s going to last a long time.

Speaker 1: (01:33)
So it’s a difference of uh, choosing the right time, the right place to do something quickly because that’s all that is needed or do something well cause that’s what it needs. And I think there is a, a happy medium between the two of saying, okay, to be able to, if I spend too much time picking on one little area, I will become tired and miss all the rest of the areas. If I do not spend enough time nitpicking an area, uh, heard this said once and said, if you, um, maybe shortcut or fix, um, Jimmy rig, fix something, get it kind of put together quickly. Carpet cleaning Tulsa You know, if you’re not willing to fix it properly now when will you be ready to fix it properly? And so many times we do that, we’ll just slap something together, not really fully fix it. We just got it. We’re just getting get by, um, and the grill, cause I don’t have enough time to really build it out or put it all back together properly. But then the question then remains, well when will you have enough time? Because it’s not fixed. It will still need to be repaired properly or fixed properly at some point in the future. Like, if I had duct tape or use a bungee cord to hold my hood shot, that’s not a solution. That’s a temporary fix. And when will I have time to implement the solution?

Speaker 1: (02:45)
And sometimes we just need to take that time and say, okay, that’s it. I’m just going to knock it out. Now. Um, this can be frustrating sometimes because you’ve got other plans, stuff that’s coming up, but you’ve decided right now I’m going to make that decision that right now this takes high priority so that I don’t have to carry this with me. And I think it’s important as we go through our lives to find the things that we don’t want to have to carry with us. And it may be a very simple thing, like, uh, just telling somebody the truth. Like if I don’t want to go and do something, just tell somebody I’d love to do this, but I’m just not interested in doing that right now. And that gives them one, they know that you’re committed to what it is that you’re going to do.

Speaker 1: (03:22)
But on the other side, you don’t sit there dreading the thing that you don’t want to do for a long time. It allows them to have that capacity. Like if you want to spend time with me or do something with me, then you need to have the capacity to plan ahead. You can’t just on the spur of the moment, you know, tell me no, you can’t do something that you’ve already planned ahead for. I’ve already, you know, if I don’t have something else planned, I carved out that time just to do something. And I think that one of the biggest things you can do is to respect people’s time is to make sure that you’re planned and ready and you’ve got it set up to where what you want to try and accomplish and do is prepared and ready by the time you get there. Carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (03:58)
Sometimes we obviously need to be reactive and just kind of read the environment and read the scenes that you make good choices as you go along. Being able to pivot quickly to a situation, to be able to help or to, um, respond as efficiently as possible is always helpful. But we also need to have the capacity to say, uh, life is not chaotic and random life is actually very, very, uh, syncopated is very specific. There’s not a different time that the sun comes up every single day. There’s not a different, um, you know, one day I’m hungry, one day I’m not. Or one day I need water. One day I don’t. Um, one day I need sunshine. One day, I don’t know. We have this very consistent, every single day sign comes up, one side goes down the other side. There’s a an hour that repeats itself.

Speaker 1: (04:45)
Every single day there’s a, uh, an event. We still need to go to the bathroom. We still need to eat. We can barely sleep. We still need to take baths and showers. We’ve got all these repetitive tasks that we do on a very, uh, consistent and regular basis. So it helps when you’re doing these things, to have a point of reference, somebody that you’re trying to attain or get to. And one of the things that we can help you with is obtaining and getting to clean carpet where you’re down there on the floor and you’re enjoying the carpet again. Sometimes that’s removing all of the contaminant, everything in the floor that may be causing you problems or other times it’s by letting somebody else come and connect with us to help to solve our problems because they have found a solution for something that we tried to invest a little bit of time and energy and money into. Carpet cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (05:31)
But the reality is we don’t have that much, um, uh, personal resources to accomplish or to become a master of everything. We need to know enough to be dangerous about some things so that when we talk with somebody, they can’t pull one over on us or trick us into something. But we do want to not devote so much time and energy that we have to do everything ourselves. We need to be able to find those that are experts. I love the old saying says, if you’re the smartest man in the room, then just get out. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 again, that’s (918) 494-7093 I would love to hear from you. We are complete carpet.