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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 421 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 421 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 421 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:01)
We are complete carpet, carpet diem, the carpet cleaning podcast. Check us out today online, a complete carpet, perfectly and Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Love to hear from you. See what it is that you need from us or what we could do to make you enjoy your carpets more. Enjoy living in your house again. I think that everybody should have a castle that they long to rush back to, to enjoy the fruits of their labor after they’ve labor for a long day. To want to be back with friends and family and sit around, lay on the carpet, sit on the things to kick the shoes off, not feel like your shoes are going to, your feet are going to, socks are going to get dirty when you’re in the, uh, in your home that everything is fresh and clean. It’s just a a mind free part of that just feels so good when you’re dealing with a home that’s fresh and clean and all taken care of.

Speaker 1: (00:53)
A part of keeping it fresh and clean. Saving money. We’re talking about getting your carpets, replacing your carpet, choosing the right carpet. So I want to talk about the other half of it, making it so you do not need to get new carpets, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Since 1998 we’ve had carpets that we’ve cleaned that have been 35, 40, even 50 years old. Not all carpet can get that old. Obviously it’s a mountain of where they think of carpets like a tire. Uh, if you put all tires, have a certain number of miles that you think you’ve driven, you’re not going to put over a hundred thousand miles on a set of tires. There’s just not a tire that lasts that way, but you can get up to 50 or 60,000 miles of highway miles if all of the conditions are correct. Some of the conditions mean that you don’t drive hard.

Speaker 1: (01:33)
You’re not spinning out your tires all the time. Uh, they’ve got these cars, they drift and by this will similar to your carpet. If you go out and you’re drifting around corners and spinning, the tires are smoking the tires. They literally can go through an entire set of tires and one obstacle course or race cars. They go through multiple sets of tires over one single race, and yet we can go, should be able to go years or potentially on a set of tires on our vehicles. Whereas the race cars only go hours if not days on a set of tires. And so want to make sure that you are putting your carpet in the right conditions so that you don’t put too much extra wear and tear on them. Pets can put a little extra wear and tear, having a party, moving heavy furniture across the carpet, but wear and tear on it also. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (02:19)
And so having that right balance between enjoying your carpet but also not abusing it. So if you’re in a car and you’re trying to get the extra life of those tires, you want to make sure that the car cars wheels are aligned. And this is like keeping your carpet tight and stretch. So you want to make sure that your carpet does not get big wrinkles in it because the more wrinkles in it, the more uneven the wear will be across the carpet. Uh, you need to make sure that you’re, um, that you’re not, if you drive your car off road in dirty, dusty, grimy situations, driving over rocks all the time, it’ll chew up the tread on your tires a lot more than driving on a concrete road. Concrete road is flat, smooth and stiff. Uh, really only takes driving off a country road and it with a bunch of nails laid all over the road to just destroy your tires.

Speaker 1: (03:03)
You’d get a pop pop, pop, a couple flats. So you want to make sure that you’re in a smooth, flat, solid environment and that will get the maximum out. You wanna make sure your alignment is correct. You’re not putting outside or inside uneven wear on your carpet, on your tires, same way on your carpet. When you keep that alignment by keeping it nice and tight and stretched, I’m going to keep it clean. So don’t drive in the rocks driving the nice, smooth, smart. So back on a regular basis to keep that grit, keep the rocks out of your carpet so the carpet will last a long time. And then you also, as a final tip, want to make sure that you are covering or maintaining the main where traffic or main wear pads. I’m having a good healthy flow of traffic through your house. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Sometimes it seems to few times where an entire room will be in great shape carpet, but there’s this one walk path that goes through the middle of it or through the end of it that is just completely broken down.

Speaker 1: (03:55)
So the whole room doesn’t look bad. But that spot where all of the physical, where it goes, because they put a couch in the middle of the room and they’d ever walked behind it or they narrowed the walk pass down by putting things along the hallway. It’s a nice big hallway, but they put a bunch of stuff in the hallway so you only have one place that everybody can walk. It wants to go through there. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So that top of the stairs to go to the two or three bedrooms upstairs. So every time the five or six people in the house go upstairs, they have to walk through this narrow two-foot space and that carpet throughout the whole upstairs looks fine except for the narrow two-foot space that every person that’s ever walked up there has to step on. So if you do have these bottlenecking areas, the two things that you could do is one, open the bottleneck so that people will use more of the carpet rounds.

Speaker 1: (04:37)
The where does it wear out that one spot or cover that bottleneck with a rug or runners so that that will take the brunt of the, uh, they’ll take the brunt of the wear on the carpet and it’ll transfer it to the rug instead of the carpet. So it’s going to act like a covering over it. Similar to if you had a car and you took it out and you left it outside, but you put a car cover over it, it won’t be exposed to the elements the same way it will still look like new. Or if you garage keep your car last so much longer than a outside sun kept car because the elements just don’t hammer on it as as much as they do on a garage gap car. So kind of do that with your uh, with your carpets kind of garage. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998.

Speaker 1: (05:17)
Keep them by putting a rug over the areas that are bottlenecks or that are going to get the majority of the wear. Another great place is right in front of the couch, on the side of your bed, underneath your dining room or kitchen, a dining table, a as your entry mat. Have some that covers the entry part portions, that extra where coming from right outside where people that the dirtiest can drop down on another piece of carpet. And the reason that you want to put another piece of carpet over your carpet is that it will take the where and when you move it, the other carpet looks average. It looks the same as where all the way across. Now if you walk right into your house with just socks on or you never go outside inside, you don’t have any pets, you don’t have any kids, then you can kind of just treat your carpet however you like.

Speaker 1: (05:56)
You know you’re not having to, these are tips for heavy wear areas or thing that you run into that seems like they’re more of a problem and this will help you to reduce that problem. Not may not eliminate it, but at least reduce the amount of physical issues that you have with the way that your carpet looks. All carb is going to bloom and it’s going to break in and we want it to look the best you can for the longest it can to get the most value out of your investment perfectly and Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet.