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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 430 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 430 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 430 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (05:24)
One, if I am going to be gone for a while or I’m going to change something in my house, I’m going to repaint a room. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 and I’m going to redecorate it. I’m going to move all the furniture that I should give, keep an eye on my pets and maybe not board them, send them off to somewhere else. But internally, board them carpet is a place that they do like to get to. So if you have a room in the house that’s all tile, maybe a barricade or date them in, some people crate train their dogs, which pets are not used to something, then they won’t care that much for it. But all pets do like to be in a more confined space. A big open areas is not as much a relaxing thing for a lot of pets, especially the less predatory of the pets because to them that makes an open area with no place to hide and it makes them more susceptible to pray.

Speaker 1: (06:17)
Uh, like our rabbit. I mean I can let him go run around the entire big living room if you wanted to, but the first thing he’s going to do is jump over and curl or cuddle in behind a pillow because he wants to try to get into some space where he’s not quite so exposed. I think we’re all a little bit like that sometimes where if you look at even humans, you think, what are you talking about? I live in a really big house. Well sure. And the entrance to that really big house is about as big as you, you know, you don’t have a 25 foot tall door that’s you know, 15 feet wide. You’ve got a six and a half, seven foot door that’s three feet wide. But honestly, if you’re too big of a person, you might not be kind of go, maybe even turn sideways between some doors.

Speaker 1: (07:01)
Or if you look at our seats, for example, on an airplane, everybody sits in a seat that pretty much holds them a bit like a baseball glove. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.  You’re not sitting in a swimming pool, you’re sitting in a small baseball glove. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And we, uh, we do the same things for ourselves and the pets enjoy the same type of security, same type of a cuddle for a lack of word. They like to be wrapped up. They want to be in a situation or an area that’s only a little bit bigger than they are. They don’t really enjoy being in a warehouse sized space. They like to be more and a dog house, side space. And to a degree, that’s what we do. And we always provide our dogs or our pets to some type of a dog house or cat house. But then we feel weird about putting them in a kennel because I feel like it might be not nice.

Speaker 1: (07:50)
Whereas most pets, once kettle train really enjoy the kennel because in the wild they do the same thing. Most dogs will have some type of a cave or some type of a borough or a hole in the ground or something that they use or they call home a place that they can feel safe and secure that when they rest they’re safe from predators. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So how does this relate to your private cleaning experience? Well, this helps you to have a little more knowledge of what it is that might kind of pop up while you’re trying to get your house renovated. Some of the things you also put in the back burner, uh, on a related but unrelated note, not only are the pets a bit of a mess during the renovation process, but your contractors also can be quite the mess. I’ve had many times where this particular job, we actually were here two months ago, cleaning up after the contractors who came in to take all the cabinetry out because they have left just a massive amount of dust and debris all over the floors.

Speaker 1: (08:55)
And so they wanted to trip, get all that out. Now two weeks, two months later, a long process for this renovation. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we’ve seen this over and over.  The dogs are now acting out because they’ve been left on ended for such a long time. They’re wanting some sense of their mousy and so they’re acting out. So both those two things as you’re getting your stuff done, making sure that you prep the house in some way to try to help contain, I’ve seen a couple of customers will actually take the area that the contract is going to work in and they’ll put it hard plastic. I mean the contractor themselves should do this, but sometimes we’re trying to save money and so as a contractor saving money and so you might take that extra step to do the thing that your contractor may not be doing. So I’ll give you a couple of quick tips.

Speaker 1: (09:38)
I’ll give you three of them here that really help out as one to secure the location, make sure that wherever they can go in and out is covered. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is what we live for. You can get hard paper or just take cardboard, cardboard sheets, put them down from your access for outside to the access for the construction area needed to be done. That way the floors, whether it’d be soft surface or hard surface, don’t get really hammered or they’re bringing stuff in and out or maybe they’re working, staining, painting, whatever it is, doesn’t get dripped on your good floors. It falls on the paper or cardboard instead. A tip number two is as you’re going along, stay on top of your own cleaning because if as there will be dirt, it will build up. It’s a bit like driving a car down a dusty road. You want to rinse that dirt off the paint on a fairly regular basis, even if you’re still going to be driving down in dusty road so that it doesn’t build up to where it’s just some dust on the car as opposed to a layer of mud on the car.

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