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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 432 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 432 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 432 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (03:14)
We are Complete Carpet, find us online at or on facebook at Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. They Hunter extraordinary. But it was not just a Hunter, like a regular Hunter. This was a boastful Hunter. This stat would not want to just claim it’s kill. It needed to claim its kill. And to let somebody know that he claimed it’s kill like this required an audience. It was just as if it was bringing us a sacrificial present to let you know that, Hey, I really, really love you guys. And so today on your front porch I brought you dead bird and you’re like, what? Why would you bring dead bird and leave it on our front porch for where we’re, and it just kinda like stand there proudly next to it. And the next day it would be like, you know, dead mouse and you’re thinking, Oh, this is not what, as I walk out my front door, that’s what I want to see on the front porch is, is dead mouse. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (04:01)
This is not the present. Don’t think you understand the way our relationship to work here. It does not entail dead mouse. It’s not on my list. And he’s like, okay fine. I understand dead mouse. Dead bird wasn’t your thing. Fine. I’ll try again. What I’m going to do better next time I promise I will do better and the next day you come out dead bunny. You’re like, Oh, why is it? But the problem is that as with all Katherine, anyone who’s had a cat before, as much as you love your cat, you realize that sometimes the thing that you think they’ve brought up to you is dead. When in fact is his not. It may be in shock, it’s just sitting there, but it has yet to finish the deed. It says if it brought it to you to grade, it’s worked before it finishes. It’s like, look, I haven’t finished completely cause I just wanted to get your approval before I finish this project.

Speaker 1: (04:52)
Oh I remember one time my sister, she’s in bed and we hear the shrieking the cat went into her bed, got up on her comforters, crawled right up next to her and dropped a mouse towel onto her bed with her in it. But this mouse was still alive. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa He had just grabbed, somehow captured it, grabbed by Scott from the neck and just brought it in. It’s a little mouse starts running, which of course created a, I can cough any of sounds in a very excited quickly a woken everybody up as she has a severely traumatized my poor sister that having to have a small mouse run around covered in cat slobber. And now of course the cat goes into full on pounce mode and is trying to reacquire the last prize that had been dropped down on her. So all of these different examples, if we had just left those animals that the cat had gone out and so violently conquered for us and left us his presence of the front porch.

Speaker 1: (05:52)
And we just left them there. Our front porch would smell like dead animal very quickly because the cat had get brain and redeposit in new gifts all the time for us. And so in those circumstances, when you run into a source of a smell, sometimes just removing the source of the smell does it? It could be a teenage boys, uh, socks or shoes. Oh man. Sometimes, sometimes those shoes you’re like, Holy smokes, this is why we wear socks. Do not wear your shoes without any socks on because eventually your shoes become the smell of your feet and there’s no way to recover from that. Like you just have to burn the shoes. Of course, I suggest not bringing the shoes. If you ever did burn the shoes, you now have turned that beautiful smell into a fragrance for all of the air. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So it’s best to like wrap them in plastic and drop into the bottom of the ocean.

Speaker 1: (06:43)
So that’s smell number one is the odor coming from a source smell. Number two is more like a pet peeve. Pet pee is more something that’s soaking into a source that needs to be disinfected or cleaned out of a mold and mildew can fall into this category. Um, things that you can’t just rinse out, you also must treat. So the other category, number one, has a small amount of treating to it, but for the most part, if you remove the source, if you just clean the carpet, just do a regular standard cleaning. A lot of times you can get all of category number one out. If you just go in there physically, sometimes you’ll just remove the objectionable material, grab the boy’s shoes and move them into another room. And that room stops smelling like the shoes. There’s other stuff like pet pee or if you spill some milk into the carpet, that just wiping up the milk doesn’t stop the odor because now there’s bacteria there that could grow off of that. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (07:44)
Uh, just the dog PSL. Even if you suck it up, sometimes it needs an enzyme or something to be put on it to help to treat it. Now sometimes it can be cleaned out, but sometimes it’s a little bit more or it soaks into the backing or gets into the padding or it’s soaks into the part of the room that are already has been there and that makes the room. Now I source of the odor Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. I love for you to give us a call at (918) 494-7093 and this, uh, the source of the odor that you run into during this time are ones that have made the environment that you’re in becomes the odor holder or the odor source, the odor supply, so to speak. Whereas the other ones, it’s something in the environment now it’s starting to become a part of the environment so you have to clean and push it, clean it out.