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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 433 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 433 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 433 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (08:42)
Welcome to another Complete Carpet podcast, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Lets just right back into it. This is a times where you have to go a little bit deeper than just cleaning the carpet or just cleaning the area up. You have to get out some, a deodorizer disinfectant, you know, something that will go through. These are more of the oily substances that like say a skunk for example. It’s not that the skunk smells bad, it’s says skunks puts out a spray that smells bad and now whatever that spray gets on that item smells bad along with it. So as opposed to the baby diaper that when you remove the item or you remove the smell off of the baby, the baby doesn’t continue to smell bad afterwards. It’s, this is a little bit more like, um, if you put on perfume or cologne and it kind of gets into your skin, you don’t just wipe it off because now your skin starts to smell like it and if you put it in the right place, that’s why you kind of put them on the softer your wrist or up in the um, kind of along your neck.

Speaker 1: (09:33)
It can actually kind of catch into your blood and make your whole body smell a bit the same way. A similar to the way the cigarettes smokers. Some of them as they’re smoking, they start to smell their body starts to smell like smoker as opposed to them breathing smoke out like a cigar or the cigar puff kind of goes away. Sometimes cigarette smokers will have a, their body will just smell like it. So you’ve got somebody that you can’t just throw the cigarette away because the person kind of smells or a smoking jacket is a great example. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You know it’s not a cigarette. Next to a smoking jacket, the jacket smells like smoke. Now do you have to clean the jacket and a little bit different way to get those oils and that kind of soaked in things. So let’s jump to number three since we’re going through the process here.

Speaker 1: (10:19)
Do a quick recap. Number one are the items that give off smell in an area. So it’d be like a, you know, a present to the dog, left a number two that he left there in the living room for you. Or maybe a baby diaper that’s in the air but not on it. It’s not something that’s coming from it. The second one would be smells that come from an area. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Going back to our example would be a, uh, a pet teen. Cause now the urine is soaked into the carpet. So now it’s not something on the area or in the, you know, just sitting in the room. It’s something that is actually physically become an odor that soaked into the surface. It has to be then cleaned out of and sanitized. Uh, and then the last one is environmental. It’s just a room that smells this way.

Speaker 1: (11:12)
Everything will start to smell a certain way. The longer you’re in it, uh, you could use a Sensi candle, you could use for breeze. There’s different things that we’ll just try to change. The natural standing smell of an area. For example, uh, there are is everything has a smell naturally, not because of a dog pain in area or baby pooing in area. But babies, if you just went and smelled the baby, it typically smells good. Baby’s breath smells good when they’re young, but everybody has a certain sense to them. Aroma, so to speak. And sometimes those are pleasing aromas. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And at times we all wear deodorant. We all take a bath every day. Why do we take bags? We typically don’t take the bath after we stink. We should be doing preventative bads knowing that if we don’t take a bath on a regular basis, we will stick.

Speaker 1: (11:59)
So they’re like pre stink Babs, the bads you have to take before you have to take a bath. It’s like appetizer bathing. It’s where you say, okay, there is a smell that will emanate from my body after I have gone too long without a bath. So to prevent that I will just each day or anytime I work out hard or do something I will take then take a bath to remove. The buildup of smelled I know is going to happen. And so this is the third type is the environmental. It’s just a natural smell of something. And sometimes we come back the natural smells something. If I’ve got um, a kitchen and I’ve got trash in the kitchen, well then I put a lid on the trash because I know that the trash naturally is always going to have some type of smell to it. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (12:45)
And so I tried to control that particular smell. Sometimes it’s a good smell. I may have a garden out front of my house and that garden is giving off good smells. I have roses plans out there, so certain times a year, those roses, they just really smell good. They make the whole area really a joyous thing to walk up to. And so sometimes places just to smell the way it is and you have to say, okay, what do I need to do as a habitual pattern to change the way it is? A good example of this, not to point a finger on any person, so let’s take taken out of your house or your situation and take it into a house and nobody is in it. We’ve all gone to buy a house before or I’ll move, moved into a new place and realize that you could walk into a house and realize nobody, I just give it a good sip, sniff.

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