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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 434 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 434 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 434 | Complete Carpet

Join us today on a continuing podcast about smells we all deal with. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. We are here to help get you on the path to clean carpets again. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We are Complete Carpet.

Speaker 1: (13:31)
Nobody’s lived in that house for, you know, a week, a month, six months. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998.  It’s got a stale, dusty plain type of smell to it, which is a smell you get from homes that don’t have anything in them. If you have a, um, people who have a Vietnamese food or, or uh, Asian food, maybe you’d have a Korean spices or uh, you’ve got some of your, um, Oh some, some people use a lot of Curry in their food and more of your Indian style foods or a friend of mine was from a good friend who is from Trinidad, so they used to really strong Trinidadians spices in their foods. And so you could go into their house and just immediately tell that a certain ethnicity person and the type of food they like to cook was in that house because that house had the smell. I think same is with Italians or Mexican or whatever.

Speaker 1: (14:27)
The type of food you like to eat the most is, or the type you like to cook. Those spices are ones that smell and will fill the area with that particular type of smell. And so if you want to have a different odor or Roma, the two things that you can do in that situation when the whole place smells like it is that for breeds, you can try to instantly change it. We’ve had somebody walk into a bathroom and come back out and even after flushing the toilet, there is an odor that is coming out of that bathroom that we don’t want anyone else to have to experience or enjoy. So we make sure that that take your plates, grabs them for reason. We just massively spray down the area. We turn on a vent. We turned on a fan to evacuate the remaining air in that house.

Speaker 1: (15:10)
The fan itself will not remove the odor, but what it does is it removes the air that smells like the odor so that new air can come in to replace it. And this is a great tip that we can do for our homes. If you are gone for a few days and come back at your house, just smell sour because somebody left a bowl of milk in the living room or in the kitchen and it’s been sitting there turning into cottage cheese the entire time that everybody’s been gone. And so now you come back and you’re like, Oh man, the entire house smells unlike us. We don’t want it to smell like this. This is not a good smell. Use the same method that a bench and a bathroom does. It open up the front and the back door, open up the windows, change out the air. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Speaker 1: (15:54)
The vent in a bathroom does not change or remove the smell directly. What it does is it draws out air from the in the bathroom, so that’s good air. Let air that does not smell the same gets drawn into the bathroom, so it’s letting out the air that’s in there to suck in different air. Now the different air is smells bad. We’ve all driven down. An old Carpet Cleaning Tulsa had been driving in our car and nowhere in the car is there a skunk. But all of a sudden out of the blue boom, you’ve got skunk. It smells like skunk inside your car and when it does, it’s because the air that you were wanting to bring into the car from outside no longer is fresh and clean, so you’re actually reversing it and you’re bringing in stale, bad, smelly hair into your, okay, nice Melanie, so he’s quickly switch the air in the car off or temporarily as you grow past that stinky zone.

Speaker 1: (16:47)
We have one place as near a natural gas plant and it always smells like eggs near there, so when you drive by that region, you always just turn your AC off, stop the vents from blowing so you can drive through there without smelling it the same as like holding your nose as you walk through a really stinky area and so hopefully these tips, that advice will help you as you tried to find a way to combat the different odors in your house. Knowing what they’re connected to and how they’re processed always helps with how you’re going to address the problem. Sometimes it may be something that you were like, Oh, this is because this is the way this area smell, so I need to put a different smell into this area. Other times it’s because there’s actively something in here that no matter how much for breeze you put up, as long as there’s a big pile of dog poo in the corner, the house will smell.

Speaker 1: (17:34)
That area will smell like dog. So you need to remove the contaminant to get there. And then the third one is sometimes no matter what you do to try to offset the smell, you put all the sensory candles in the world you want. But as long as this whole corner of the room is soaked in pet P a you can’t get rid of the smell because there’s something that’s currently giving off that odor. But it’s not something you can just remove off the top of something you’re gonna have to treat and work with. So the three different paths, three takeaways for this particular podcast series is one, remove whatever is the offending contaminant as you can. You know you’ve got a full of soured milk, remove the soured milk. Um, secondarily, if just removing the contaminant is not enough to completely change the smell of the area, then go through and treat the area in some way.

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