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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 435 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 435 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 435 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Finishing up our podcast series on smells in your home. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. Give us a call today and learn what we can do for you.

Where are some of those smells at. Is it just sitting on the surface of the tile. Has it dried onto the fabric of your sofa? Or even worse has it gone through the fabric and is now in the cushion or padding below. In some rare cases it can go past the padding and soak into the sub-floor or frame below. That is a rare case but can be addressed if needed. We recommend that you pull everything back and use killz or bullseye to seal that sub-floor so that you trap the odor into it. There are ways to pull the odor out of the sub-floor and some times its needed. But it gets very costly and time consuming quickly. Where as just using a sealant paint is cheap and gives you results right away.

Speaker 1: (18:21)
You want to make sure that you’ve treated it and if it may be something that’s soaked into the fabrics and now the not only your move off of the fabric, something like a bowl of soured milk, well then you just dump the milk out and remove it. That way you don’t have to go through and clean the whole kitchen for sourdough soured milk spray. But if a dog has gone through, impede around the corner of a furniture, well then just rinsing out the pea may not be enough. You may need to use some type of product to soak into wherever the urine soaked into to remove the smell so that your carpet is no longer a urine scratch and sniff. And the third part that you want to do after you removed it, after you’ve treated it, is to change it. Sometimes you just get in there and you’d just change.

Speaker 1: (19:02)
What is the smell? What is the primary smell for that area? So you’ve removed the source of the smell, you’ve removed the disinfectant, so there is no longer, it’s soaked into places. And then lastly, then you’d grab it for breeze and just go through and say the remaining odor that’s just floating in the air. I need to remove that also. And so now I want to make my environment smell different. Open up windows, bring in fresh air so I could smell like fresh outside. I might take a Sensi candle, plug it in, but remember that those steps only work after you’ve gone through. Otherwise you’ll have a sensitive candle and you’ll have a pile of dog presence. Sit in the living room. And between those two you’ll have two competing smells. You may even have a, I had one customer who unfortunately put down a vanilla scent, real heavy vanilla scent thinking that would overwhelm the smell of the dog and instead it just made it smell like vanilla dough, bad dog bag smelling dog.

Speaker 1: (20:02)
Some smells are primary, some smells are secondary. So if you’ve got a secondary smell, say vanilla. There’s a lot of lavender’s. There’s a lot of these smells that if you put them in a room, they combine with the smell that’s already there. There’s other ones that are primary smells, citruses cherry. If I put enough cherry in a room, it can be overwhelming enough that you will not be able to smell anything that’s in the room. I can actually put it in such a strong level that you go, Oh, I can’t smell anything but cherry in here. And it could be there’s a pile of dog present right in the living room. You wouldn’t even notice or smell it because it smells so strong of cherries. It’s an overriding odor for your nose. And so think about that as you’re trying to pick what type of scent do you want to put in your room to try to change it up? Because you may just be combining, if I put vanilla in a really, really strong, a ton of vanilla in a room, it’s ended up going to be just smelling like vanilla dog present, which is not what you want, not a good smell. So give us a call today to help you get on your road to having fresh, clean carbons again. Give us a call at (918) 494-7093 or on the web at carpet cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. We are complete carpet.

We do hope that this series has been a help to you. We find that when you understand what needs to be done and why it needs to be done then you can make the best choices from there. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We have seen many times where people want to just be told what to do. But they do not understand why it needs to be done that way. So they then take that same approach on other things and wonder why they no longer are getting the same results.

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa example: If I told you that you must use oven mitts while you handle the food from the oven, that would be good advice. But if you don’t know why you need to wear oven mitts then you could just always wear them while in the kitchen. Once you know they are needed to protect your hands from extreme dry heat, as a heat shield for your skin you would understand better the why. You would not then try to grab boiled eggs that are currently in boiling water with oven mitts on, because you will still get burned.

We started Carpet Cleaning Tulsa because we saw a need for a more complete carpet cleaning experience. Not one where they just did it and you didn’t know how or why. But one that empowered the customer to know how it all works. That way we are working together to maintain your carpets. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our Fiber.