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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 449 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 449 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Welcome to another edition of the complete carpet podcast, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998, giving you all the information you want to know about your carpet cleaning processes, our different services that we offer, and how we can help you to get on your road to enjoying your carpet again as the carpet diem pod PodcastOne today I wanted to talk to you about, do a little now or do a little later. Sometimes it’s the answers both. Sometimes the answers do it now. Sometimes the answer is handle it later. So we’ll go through a couple of different examples of things that you can do right away, things that you should be waiting to do and things that need to be done. Uh, both now and later. Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet checks out a line at uh, or give us a call at (918) 494-7093. So as we’re going about what it is that we’re going to be accomplishing in this episode, the first part was do it now.

Speaker 1: (00:56)
These are the things that you don’t want to put any anything else before. These are your urgent things, things that should be done quickly and right away so that you can stave off any potential problems. Uh, anything that you get on the carpet that’s liquid. Uh, any liquidity type thing needs to be to grab a towel or rag a shot back, a carpet cleaners, something to give you the capacity to uh, extract or suck up or absorb the liquid right away cause liquid. Uh, it takes a long time to turn into something hard or set so it will continue to absorb. If I take a white cloth and I stick it into a glass of white wine or a glass of red wine, stick that white cloth and a red wine, uh, if it’s a big enough cloth, it can actually absorb all the wine out of the glass. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (01:46)
You can take all of that moisture out. Sometimes we’ve done that by, Oh, you’ve got some water in an area back behind somethings. You take a towel, you stick it back there and let the towel absorb all the moisture up. And then you take the towel and ring the towel out as a way to suck up the moisture. All of your fabrics and your stuff throughout the house, especially your carpets, there are a giant sponge covered by a blanket because that’s your carpet in your padding. They’ve got a giant sponge covered by a blanket. The thing we love is Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. If you pour water into either one of those, it’s going to keep absorbing until it’s averaged out. The area around it. The universe loves averages. The universe likes everything to be average and consistent. If you pour water into something that’s going to drop to the lowest level so that it has a nice even average across all of it.

Speaker 1: (02:32)
If you take a turn, a light on all of the areas going to have light on it, if you turn the light off at all, the areas going to have darkness around it, you know it wants to be consistent. There’s not going to be like half light and half dark in an area like, well, the light only covered class, the room and some reason it just stopped shining after that. No, it wants to become average wherever it goes to. If you’ve got somebody that comes into a room that is angry, you don’t typically have a room that’s half divided where half the people in the room are angry and half the people in the room are happy. Most of the time you’ll have a room where somebody comes in and if it’s all a jovial experience, everyone is required or forced by the laws of nature to just start to be happy.

Speaker 1: (03:17)
If you’re around a bunch of people smiling, what will happen to you? You’ll start to smile. Why? Because the environment needs to average itself out. The environment needs to be consistent and if somebody comes in there and they are real hothead and they’re just loud and aggressive and the only person, then all of the happy kind people will remove that source of irritant from the room or the reversal. True. They, everyone else will catch fire of things. If you light something on fire, it will all burn until it all stops burning and then it, then the fire goes out completely. It typically won’t just burn one half of the log and the other half the log stays on burn. It will consume the whole thing or it won’t burn any of it either as long as not burnable or it is vulnerable. We are exceptional at Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.  And so knowing that is a lot how you deal with some of the stuff that happens on your carpets.

Speaker 1: (04:04)
Now there are a few things that you won’t deal with right away and we’ll address those later in the next podcast. But right now I want to just urge the importance because the first thing you need to do is to be able to stop the expansion, stop the progression of a, um, a liquid that has got into your carpet areas and before it goes any farther. So part of that is just grab a towel, grab some napkins. Uh, anytime we have an O in our house, it’s uh, if it’s liquid, then you just sprint into action. Just quickly go grab anything you can to absorb it up as quick as you possibly can so that it doesn’t spread and getting a bigger spilled glass on a counter. If you’re quick enough, you can absorb all the liquid up before the liquid drains off the top of the counter top.

Speaker 1: (04:49)
Eventually it will. If you just let it sit there cause it’s gonna average out, it’s gonna go to everywhere. So knowing that we want to go in and address spills in our carpet right away and there’s typically two or three different reasons to do this. First reason is sugar. Sugars are what is going to be make an area feel sticky. And once an area does feel sticky, you need to be able to get that back off. But even if you absorb all the liquid out, if the sugars have stuck to the fibers, you’ll remove all the liquid and then the whole area will get kind of Brown and gray and dingy. And the reason is is not because there’s Brown and gray and dingy stuck in the carpet. It’s because there’s dust in your house. If you take your finger run along the top of a window seal along the top of your door frame, although the top of a picture frame that’s proceeding for awhile at the top of your bed, there’s going to be dust that’s collected there, that dust when it also falls on the floor everywhere. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998.

Speaker 1: (05:39)
And as you walk on it and you vacuum it back up, you can vacuum it right back off the floor. But when there’s sticky sugars on the carpets, those sticky sugars are now holding the dirt in place so you can no longer just grab a vacuum and just whip off, suck off the stuff, just whip around, knock it all off. You’ll vacuum over, you’re like, it’s still Brown. Well it’s because it’s sticking to the sugars. And so those are the times where you need to get a re one of the reasons that you need to try to rinse the liquid out of the carpet as quick as possible cause now you are removing something that when it dries will become very sticky. Another thing that you can have in liquids is something that’s potentially Wiley. This is treated a little differently. You do need to absorb it as fast as possible, but you’re going to need a little bit of Dawn or a little bit of some type of grease cutting action because, uh, the oil will leave a film on the carpet similar to the sugar.

We will continue this podcast in our next episode, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are Complete Carpet. Give us a call today at 918-494-7093