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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 450 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 450 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 450 | Complete Carpet

We are continuing our podcast here, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Connect with us online

Carpet Diem, Seize your clean today.Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber!

Speaker 1: (06:30)
The sugar will be sticky. The oil will be also sticky, but in a different way, a hot water will kind of help to dissolve the sugars. Whereas with oils, you need to get something that’s got a flight decreasing or grease cutting actions so that you can break it up and get it in suspension back off. But both of them, when they leave a layer of oil on the carpet or Leah lay or sugar on the carpet will attract dirt. As you walk across it, uh, any dust or dirt on your shoe will stick to their, uh, stick into the sugar, stick into the oil and now your shoe will be cleaned and the carpet will be dirty. You’ll go again. Same thing, try to take your vacuum, vacuum it up. There’s still a Brown spot there. It doesn’t get off of the vacuum because it is stuck to the oil and the dirt. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998.

Speaker 1: (07:12)
So you want to absorb it as fast as possible so it doesn’t spread to a bigger spot. Give you spill something like, Oh well I spilled it and you just leave it. It’s not just spilled in the spot that it’s at, but it will start absorbing left and right up and down. So it’ll start to expand its reach as it sits there because the rest of the carpet wants to average itself out until the, um, liquid that’s there has averaged out into all of the areas around. So we want to keep that from spreading. So we want to grab a towel and keep it as concise and condensed as we can in this small area. We want to keep it contained so that it doesn’t, uh, spreads. It doesn’t become a pain. Uh, one of the thing that we want to try to accomplish while doing this is that we want to make sure that we have the proper things at hand.

Speaker 1: (07:54)
So a towel, a, a washcloth. You can use paper towels, you could use a shot back. I personally recommend using a shot back because then you are able to have a faster forceful suction to be able to remove it off the carpet. Um, one of the other things that you are going to run into that sometimes a liquid will have some type of color to it and if you let it set, the longer it sets, the more the color will stick. We have been Carpet Cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Also, the more that it spreads, the more the color will spread too. Which is why you always want to try to suck up or absorb and not rub this spot cause you don’t wanna make the spot bigger. If you get in and start trying to scrub it forward and backwards, you’ll end up smearing the sugar or the oils or the color around in place.

Speaker 1: (08:34)
A good example of this is code red mountain Dew. Or you’ve got a say like a barbecue sauce that’s got you know, some color to it or you’ve got a Koolaid or you’ve got a an ice tea, a pink ice tea, pink lemonade, something along those lines where you’ve got something that has color to it and you’d go to rub it and you rub forward backwards and it just spreads it instead of put something over and blot it. And also that’s why you want to do with carpets all the time. A little side note here is you want to be able to block items and not scrub them because carpet fibers will get agitated as you rub on them and carpet will wear over time. But especially if you are physically taking one fabric against another fabric and pushing it forward and backwards, it’ll become more like frayed pieces of rope.

Speaker 1: (09:19)
Carpet is just small twisted pieces of rope. And so as you push back and forth on them, you’ll untie the pieces of rope and turn them into little puffs, kinda like they bloom for lack of better term. And they will bloom out and then start mixing with the fibers around them. And they look all frayed. We love Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. We’ve seen this with a cat, we’ll do this where it’s got its scratching poster and area it likes to kind of claw at and as a closet it turns, gets more puffy and puffy and puffy until it looks all matted and mixed up and the areas around it look, you know, smooth and that area look all fluffing puppy. You can do the same thing by just trying to scrub too hard of a spot try and you’re wanting to break the spot up. But really what you do is you break the carpet down.

Speaker 1: (09:56)
So if you just pad it to absorb it up and then you let the chemical do the breakdown and then absorb the chemical backup and always remember to come back with a rinse at the end. Otherwise, even if you’ve gotten the sugar and the oils out, if you leave the soap in the carpet that you used to clean the spot with, you now have the soap as the sticky source. So I’ve had this scene as many times where someone would go in and clean the spot, maybe the size of your hand, they get some soap, they spray the carpet from Killeen around the, they rub the spot. Now the spots about the size of their foot, but it looks like it’s cleaned. And then a week later you’ve got a big Brown spot the size of your foot because the soap is still on the carpet. Now the dirt is sticking to the soap and you’ll try to clean again and the sweet spot gets twice as big and you just kind of slowly continues to grow as more soap, keeps getting added to the spot to the point that it’s just a foaming mess because it’s got so much soap sitting there. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (10:47)
It gleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete to carpet. Uh, so far we’ve been talking about the thing that you want to do right away, like right off the bat. Um, and the next series we will talk about the things that you should do later that you should wait for. But right now we’ll continue on talking about the things that you should do, address, try to get to right away. Um, anytime that you have. So we’ve dealt with sugars, we’ve dealt with oils, we’ve dealt with things with color in it. Now there are things that you want to try to rinse out right away because they are liquid and they are organic. So a good example of this is milk. And the reason you want to try to rinse this out right away because anything that’s organic, orange juice, milk, Apple juice, um, anything that you’ve got that’s going to have a natural component to it that when it dries, it will start to Fermit.

Speaker 1: (11:36)
Uh, if you’ve ever spilled some milk somewhere and left it too long, it will sour. And then as it sours, it will then start to turn slowly into cheese. And so this will create this kind of clumpy white powdery looking substance over it. We, a long ago we did a daycare and the daycare vacuum the carpets every day and they took care of it. They cleaned all spots, they did everything they needed to do and they maintained a good daycare facility and then they moved to a new location. They decided to move closer to the um, housing addition instead of being in a, um, uh, industrial park cause the industrial park had switched its clienteles that they’d originally been part of the industrial park area, have providing daycare facilities for the lot of people that work there. So now they have moved over and they are now in a, uh, new fancy facility.

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