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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 493 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 493 | Complete Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 493 | Complete Carpet

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 we are complete carpet. Welcome to the carpet diem podcast where we help you to start to enjoy your carpets again, get you on the road to free clean smelling good carpets. Carpets are one of your biggest stick shirt pieces in your home and they can really address or change the feel of the entire place. There’s very few things that you can do in one simple step that could change the entire field of, of a home. Uh, you could go through and maybe change one room or two rooms or even if you wanted to try to change the field of hope by painting the walls, which could make a huge difference. That is a disruptive, multi-day process where you go through and have to do everything. Whereas with carpet cleaning in a one to two hour span of time, you could take a house that is, uh, is definitely in need of help into a house that feels like it’s fantastic. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, since 1998.

Speaker 1: (00:55)
We did a job just yesterday where I went into a customer and she was very apologetic and she was embarrassed. She said that her house was in desperate need of attention. He had an older dog that had recently passed away and unfortunately, fortunately it was a little bit incontinent during that time. And so there was lots of small piece spots just everywhere throughout the house. And so she was very apologetic. She felt bad that her house looked this way. She felt bad that she had to call us out and I consoled her and I let her know that I said, look, in our business, we look forward to people that have a problem in their hope. I said, cause if your carpets looked perfect, well then you don’t need me. You would need to call me out. If your carpets look great, you don’t call a plumber out because you just want to chat. Your carpet experts, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (01:37)
You call a plumber out because there’s a clogged pipe, there’s something, there’s a leaky fitting, there’s something that’s a problem that is going to get solved, is going to get fixed. And in this case, obviously with pets problems, sometimes you can get them all 100% gone. Your carpet experts, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. Sometimes you can get them to levels of success because carpet unfortunately is a dyeable fabric so it can be stained sometimes in a way that doesn’t recover fully. But in this case, um, it, it was a night and day difference. She had a bunch of family coming into town next week and she was afraid of having those family come into town to check out her dwelling to come over to her house because it smelled pretty bad. But also the carpets just visually looked it but it wasn’t quite like a Dalmatian but it had that kind of general feel of just seeing spots everywhere.

Speaker 1: (02:21)
It was, it was cheetah print carpet but that was not supposed to be cheetah print carpet. It was not supposed to have all these spots and dots everywhere. And so we got in there, we did a nice thorough pre pre spray throughout the carpet. This helps to soften up and break up all of that dirt and grime in the carpet. Uh, we get through and find the root of the cause, finding out what it is that we’re trying to deal with. That way we can address it specifically and effectively. But she now could see what her carpets look like now that they’ve been cleaned. What is the end result of where you can get to it now she said, wow, I didn’t know my carpets could be this clean. I didn’t know that I could have this type of environment to come and tell them to. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, since 1998.

Speaker 1: (02:58)
I didn’t know this was possible. And now I know. So I’m going to do this more often. Because now that you have a standard of excellence, you know what is possible. Now you know what you can get back to. So as you see things going through, a lot of times people, and this is sad, this is part of why we have this new customer special cause. We want to help more people that we can to see. They just legitimately think that they can’t fix the situation. So many times we have inaction sometimes because we know what is required. We know how much time it would take. We, we aren’t painting the outside of our home because we know the cost of it and we know the time requirements that we know that it’s going to be prohibited, prohibited in its application because we, it will take up too much of our time.

Speaker 1: (03:37)
We don’t have the time, we don’t have the resources to be able to do that. But some things you believe just cannot be done. It’s not that you don’t think the house could be painted is that you don’t think that this, uh, this could be done. Your carpet experts, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber. So it’s not that you don’t, you don’t want to have the house painted just that you don’t think the house could be painted. And there are some houses that are like that, maybe a certain kind of vinyl that paint doesn’t stick to. So you’d have to recite the house. But even there, once you discover that somebody has a siding paint business where they actually will come in and repaint siting with a specialized armor shield that sticks to the siding, you go, Oh, I didn’t know that was possible. To give you a good example. I was at a customer’s home and the customer, uh, I was cleaning the carpets. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, since 1998.

Speaker 1: (04:17)
That’s what we’re there for. We’re taking care of the carpets, making them look great again. And as I’m cleaning the area, I see that there’s an area that’s frayed. You can see the tax strip through the carpet going into the kitchen. And I just, I never want to assume that somebody, uh, does it want something done. But if they don’t know that we could do it, then they don’t know to even ask. Uh, so this is something we try to do on a regular basis. And if we see a problem that we can’t help for, the customer is mentioned to them, Hey, maybe on the next visit or sometime in the future, uh, this, if you want to get this taken care of, we would love to help be your partner in that. And so I mentioned to him, I said, Hey, at some point in the future, if you want, uh, that we could come in. Your carpet experts, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.

Speaker 1: (04:56)
And also we also do repair so we could fix that, uh, transition there. And he looked me dead in the eye and he looked at me, he says, Oh, that can’t be fixed now. I was at a quandary here. I wasn’t quite sure what to do because I had just told him that I thought I could fix it, but he immediately told me that I couldn’t fix it. And so I learned long ago, you don’t argue with somebody, you don’t tell them that they’re wrong because that one that’s offensive and two, you don’t know all the details. And so I asked for more details. I immediately went into it like, Oh, okay, tell me why do you think that that might not be able to be fixed? And he said, Oh, well, because the last carpet cleaner that was here, they said, that’s not fixable. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, since 1998.

Speaker 1: (05:34)
I will have to replace all of my carpet. And so somebody gave him bad information. I guarantee you that that person that said that to that customer, they don’t repair carpet and they don’t want them going to another carpet cleaner that can repair carpet so that they lose that business. And so they’ll tell them something. I’ve seen this so many times that people have misinformation, not because the person doesn’t know better, not because they’re not a wonderful person because the person that does know better, the technician, the master of the craft or the person that they respect or something has giving them advice that is false, that is wrong and we can’t be masters of everything. We can’t go back and fact check every single person. So our brain naturally will assume that if somebody tells us something, they don’t want to lie to us, they’re not an evil person, so they’re going to tell us the truth. Your carpet experts, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is in our fiber.