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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 92

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 92

This is episode 92, we are complete carpet. Where can we talkin about? Why are prices are different than everybody else is in our industry, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998 I would love for you to give us a call today to schedule your next service at 918-494-7093, or you can check us out online at our website, complete carpet. Tulsa.Com I learn more about us and see what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on facebook, at complete at facebook.Com forward, slash complete carpet, carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 is allowed to expand our offerings in the carpet clean tile, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today here, episode 92, while we’re going to covering why are are prices different than everybody else’s I get. This question asked quite often i, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa normally it over the phone before we started it a job, because my people have gone to our website at www., complete, carpet, tulsa.Com and they have looked sosee I’m. What it is that we offer-and we will give our price-is right there on the front of my screen. Almost nobody else. Will give you a flat rate price where they say for homes that are this size? Let’s say that you got a a 1200 square, foot house or a 1500 square foot house. Then you would know before we came out to clean the carpets. Exactly would be cost to clean all the carpets with in that home or they say about a larger home.

It’s a 2000 or 2500 square foot, home or 3000 square foot home i. You would already know in advance how much would it cost to clean the home? Or you know that if you had a staircase in the carpet is a set rate to clean the staircase? There’s, not a purse depth chargers, not some big extra upsell. You know that all the pre spray I’m all of the cleaningeverything that needs to be done to that carpet to get it clean, is going to be included in that cost. So you’re not going to have somebody come out and say:okay, like we did clean the carpet, and you did have that special one-time entry fee, but that fee didn’t cover the chemicals that they didn’t cover. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa a deep cleaning that be did not cover the pre spray. The fee did not cover us having to carry hoses of up a flight of stairs that he did not cover us having to park farther away from the the house that he did not cover images on long list of add-ons that other companies will do to try to hide in the back side. They want to add fries to everything they do. You want fries with that, and sometimes they don’t ask if you want project that they say. Oh well, you got that meal. You did ask for that the burger, but we just gave you the combo instead, because I mean you know we had to do these other things to get the carpet clean, and so we had to charge you extra, because in your case you had to get it, and so some people end up with a combo when they owni ordered a burger, and so we decided that we were going to just always offer a flat rate or a combo so that you never had to worry about us up selling you you and we already included the drink in the fries and the burger all-in-one price. So you have to worry about getting the end of the job and saying oh well, we added a bunch of extra services because we had do extra work.

Well, there’s no extra work that we can do to get your carpets cleaned, it’s already included in the price and that’s where are flat rate prices come in and the why your prices are different, honestly, the the basic why that is i, don’t like upselling I personally, do not like people at upsell me and i. Don’t want to upset all the people, I want to say, look I want to say this is I would agree with you that this is what you’re willing to pay and when I get finished, the price is still the same as what we agreed upon to get it taken care of. On that way, you have a confidence in knowing that you can let us in there we can just get things knocked out. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We can get rock and roll on and take care of that all of the dirt all the clean up and make sure we maintain the health of your carpet. Withouti worry about you needing to watch. It make sure we’re not doing extra work that we, you didn’t, you didn’t authorize, make sure we don’t get in there and do extra stuff I’m in charge. You extra stuff was like well I mean we did it, so you have to pay for it, and so many customers of mine and said they had that experience where a carpet cleaner will come out, do a job and then give him a bill. That’s 50% more than what they had told him that it would be inside. Well, yes, but we had to do that to get it clean, so you have to pay for it cuz we did it, and so they feel like they’re trapped. They almost have to pay this person to leave their home as opposed to being excited that their home is fresh and clean and when wanting to pay them again in the future to come back to their home and I want to be the latter. I want to be the person that you’re excited to call back to your home to come back and do the service again. Bill help you to be a partner with you and maintaining the health and well-being of your carpet carpet.

Cleaning tulsa since 1998 I have experienced almost $10,000, maybe more than 10,000 different situations of customers and getting it interact with people have heard so many stories, hundreds and hundreds of stories of a discfunny cat stories from other situations. I know from my own personal experience, I just dislike somebody coming in and doing a hard, sell or or the one I run into the most is a service person that comes out with two people. One person does the work on. The other person tells you about all the other service that they do. I tried to get you to schedule for some type of long-term contract plan or to add an extra x, y and z thing that you don’t even have the budget for or I’m the one I fear the most is that people will say that if you have no reason even clean your carpet, if you don’t do this extra service like yes, we could do that intro cleaning for you, but if you don’t get these other for service is done, there’s not even a reason to clean your carpet, like you were just wasting your money, and so they almost guilt. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa The person into thinking I need to get all this other stuff done otherwise, I’m not taking advantage of the carpet cleaning, I’m doing and so i. We create our flat rate pricing. This is why are prices are different than everybody else, so that you can know in advance now on the other side of this? How does it help us in a company? How does it help Mei’m? Carpet Cleaning Tulsa The part that it helps me with it helps our company of the reason that we have these prices in the races can be kept a low is that we know in advance exactly what we’re going to get paid and what we need to do that we’re not going into that job needing to try to up-sell you to try to make a profit. I will not coming out on a on a job that doesn’t make any sense for us to do unless we really hard sell use that we can make money on that job. Otherwise we lose money for you come out for something ridiculously low price, so we can show up there not needing to up-sell you. You can walk away, saying that I really like that experience, because they did what I asked, and that was it and if we know I know personally, if you, if you know that we can do more service. For you and you’re happy with the service, we do that you will call us out, because you know those other things can be done and when you’re ready to get it taken care of, then we are there and we will be the one that you can call for the time that you’re ready for it I don’t need to push you into trying to make money from you right now and try to milk.

You drive from one appointment, I know that you’ll call us backsix months or every year or every time you have a problem because we did we built. We are earned your trust from the beginning. We are and your trust that you know that we can get done what you need to get done, and so, when you’re ready, you will give us a call and we’ll get that stuff taken care for you. The other part that this helps with us and carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 has been that we have the capacity to schedule a lot more efficiently. We can show up and meet you at a time that we have if we had to go to every job and try to up-sell the that means. Every job is an unknown. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I have I bet if I said I’m going to be there at 9 and I’ve got a 1-hour I think you can take me 1 hour to do the cleaning it but I’m anticipating, try to up-sell you for a couple of the services and pushing you hard and if I’m able to do that, then maybe eventually add 3 4 5 hours of extra work to the job. So that means that your next appointment I have scheduled 11:00 I’m going to have to cancel I’m going to push it forward, and so that means the next up on that it was going to cancel push for an extra point at 3 just going to get pushed off for the day. Cuz there’s no way we’re going to make it there. So we are able to keep our time scheduleexactly. What we’re going to do we’re not trying to upset you. If you do want more work done, we can always come back and do more work and get you taken care of, but we try to make sure that we are efficient and all of our time we are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities of 1998. You like to find out more about our company or find out more episodes like this. That is our website at complete carpet. Tulsa.Com you’re looking to schedule-or we just like more information directly to please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet, cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet

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