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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 96

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Episode 96

This is episode 96. We are going to cover this time. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa When is it time to replace my carpet? This is complete carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa surrounding communities of 1998. Give us a call today to schedule. Your next service at 918-494-7093 would love for you to check out our website at complete, carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also can I put this on facebook at facebook.Com forward. Slash complete carpet, carpet, cleaning tulsa since 1998. It allowed us to expand our offerings into kyle, tile, cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule next service I would come a lot of different topics recently and we’re going to jump into a topic that kind of ties all the rest together and here in episode 96. When is it time to replace my carpet? We do get this question asked and this app this particular ask, is incredibly subjective. I have clean carpets that areonly a year or two old and that buy some people. Standards would need to be replaced about that. That point, for example, it with the tulsa housing authority i, talk to a previous episode about how there was one where her family was in there there there for 3 months. They were so rough and hard of the place that they eventually i, don’t victim after only 3 months in the apartment, and that when we went in there that we could not clean the carpets up to the the standards could not get up to the sanitary standards of the tulsa housing authority inspection until the end up replacing the carpets, because there was just too much of a color difference between what the carpet was and where and where was that and I think in that case it needs to be replaced. But. They they made that decision.

I didn’t make the decision they had to come in there and look at it and save. Is this up to what we’re looking for? Do? We need to replace it and I’ve done other carpets old lady who had been in the house since it was built in the 60s, her husband just passed away, so she was having to sell the house, and so we go from 65 sport all the way to 2 2017so you’re, putting on a 57 years. She had been in that carpet, and that was the original carpet to the house. It was an amazing look, I mean here. It is this old orange shag in the in the living room area, kind of like green shag over in the bedrooms and the carpets. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa They just been the two of them throughout that whole time and they taken really good care of it and always back you did now. She wasn’t getting it cleaned. She could sell it. Cuz she’s going to move into more of an assisted living place and you’ll move to somewhere that she had somebody around to help take care of her because she no longer had her husband around to do that and so the so the carpet said made it 57 years and I mean I’m sitting here, cleaning the carpets and they still looking in pretty good shape. And so it is difficult to say when it’s time to replace a car, because it’s extremely subjective but I can give you some recommendations of what things I think are can be a decision-making factor for when you want to replace the carpet when I’m dealing with customers that are either buying a houseor, they’re selling a house and they’re trying to make those decisions. He’s tough decisions of trying to ascertain what it is. You are going to like the carpet as long as you’re going to like it, and what that means is that you are going to be there taking care of the carpet you’re going to tolerate or I’ll be happy with your carpet until you’re unhappy with it and so really that’s. The easiest answer is that once you’re unhappy with the carpet, that’s time to replace it, I mean I can do all the magic I can do to get it clean to make it look sanitary to make it look flat to make it look repaired. But if you’re unhappy with the look of your carpet, then that’s potentially the time of year play some people change your carpets.

One thing come out of style for his big thing:barbara was a big thing for a while other really short nap pile was. It was a popular patterned carpet pattern. Berbers knives, I had lot of older house special, the 90’s that had these intricate leaf patterns, an intricate diamond pattern that went throughout the whole house and people just love that, and now it’s more ofjust, that kind of a speckled topaz speckled beige, colored, real, neutral colors. Look like the carpets, not even there! That way, all the furniture can pop it look around for quite a while in the 2000 jewel tone. Colors were big. If you go back to the 80s, you walk into a house and you’d see be like okay, let’s see, I can order. What’s in this particular room, I can tell you what was in that room before I will always play that little game right now, they’ll be a fun day to play. If you walked into a bedroom, are you walked into a room in the house? You don’t know if it’s a bedroom and office the kitchen about it. It’s just a brother, no furniture in the room at the, square room, and you look down to the carpet and you see a dark hunter green carpet and what would be the first thing that pops in your mind, I’m, going to go with a office. It’s probably the office carpet because with the hunter green, that meant dad an executive desks in there with a big leather chair and a big roll top desk, or maybe it had a big flat desk, because they’re morevikings.

Lay out all the papers on there another example. But if you walk into a room-and you saw a bright pink carpet in the room-well immediately our minds jump to a little girls run. This obviously was a little girls room have this was not probably the master bedroom. This is probably not the office or the living room or the kitchen. This is definitely the the little girl’s room and if you walk into a room-and you see a and I’ve seen this before you see little animals are play. Checker, like a big giant checkerboard of those numbers that go across the room sort of like movie theater carpet. Well then, you know this is probably a plate. Playroom, probably somebody in the head. They come in their little kids and I made a whole carpet all specifically to their playroom. I. Have you come in and you see that the whole carpet is very short piled. It’s a commercial level loop and it’s got a a pattern to it. Well, then, more than likely, that’s probably an older carpet is in a kitchen or in a dining room area cuz. Nobody typically like that in theremaine, open areas until you start to see a pattern, as you start to look at different types of carpet and where they were placed and why they replace there and they start to tell the age of the carpet the age of the place. So the next person that may be nothing wrong with the carpets, but the next person looked at it. Since you know what I want to go to whatever is currently more modern. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa What is currently going to fit my current decorating style, so he take that part of it out and you skip past weather is coming. Modern was going to pick your style carpet, cleaning tulsa since 1998 I’ve seen so many different situations, so many different reasons that people have change of carpet. The top few that we have is one of the carpets need to be replaced because it smells you had a pet in there that have just down at the carpet too far.

Typically, if I come out to clean the carpet, I’m looking at it and there’s more than about 30 to 40% coverage in one room or there’s more than like 20-30 pet spots, come in the room, I will recommend that they replace the carpet. Now we will always clean it and bring it up to whatever standard you would like, and if your acceptable at the car for the way it is or if you got a dog, is going to continue to p.M.You want fresh new carpet in there just have to pee on it again, but if the smell is going to be overwhelming you’re one in the house for self, then I would suggest replacing it if it gets to smelling too bad I’m at the carpet is water damaged too many times where I started to rot and you’re starting to get wrinkles, and it can’t be stretched. That’s a good time to get it replaced at the copper carpet has had too many spots on it. Let’s say red kool-aid, someone went crazy with some some awesome cool purple, hair dye, and so they just visually unattractive and you’re wanting to try to make it look better. We can clean it, make it sanitary, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa but we can always get rid of all of those spots have been on there, so that I can make a decision factor. Why you want to keep the carpet or not, and sometimes you just want to transition to a new new flooring type, and so these are all things to put in your hopper by one thing that does make a big difference is when is going to replace the carpet on what?

How long you going to be there? If you’re going to be there for a couple of years, that I would leave the carpet. You get the best life out of you and replace it before you move, so you can sell it for and have a better look for it going to be there for 10 to 15 yearshigher quality carpet and go with something that you know that you’re going to like. So you can have an enjoyment of your home and so there’s so much more involved in it but I’m. Typically, these are the things that we run across. Well:cleaning, carpets! We are complete carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa tulsa and surrounding communities in 1998. If you like to find out more about our company four or five more episodes like this to visit our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com. If you’re looking to schedule or just like more information calls directly, you can give us a call at 918-494-7093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years, we are complete. Carpetwe are episode, 97

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