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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Facing The Reality of The Situation

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Facing The Reality of The Situation

We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities in the 1998. We love to have you check out our website at complete, carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You also can check out our other podcast or other episodes of where we cover a whole. Wide range of topics, including frequently asked questions. History of complete carpet even got a few prehistory of what I did growing up. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa What led me to start the carpet for the in the beginning. Back before we were carpet cleaning tulsa in 1998 for that time, when I was thinking of other project and other ideas and what led to the impetus to be able to start up this business that we have been running for over 20 years. Nowcarpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings into tile cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule next service at 918-494-7093. We have covered a lot of different topics recently.

If you go back into work podcast, you will be able to go back and find top find. Some episodes that cover golden anniversary are episode. Number 50 I will cover a wall clock that I had gotten for my wife as our 10-year anniversary, because I just love the sound of a deep. The westminster chimes go just here on the hour every hour and you would think it would be really annoying. You think they would just really bug you to have this chime of this this long. But the reality is that my children, when I forget it cuz you just do you have to wind it up every week and honestly, it helps me to be a better husband because I remember every time I go to turn that clock I see the little flap their of 10 years of successfulmarriage to the woman that I love and be able to just have that reminder again of where I’m at where I’ve come to the kids. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa If I forget to wind the clock, the kids will come in and let me know that I’m that dad like yes dad. What is it son, you’ll dad? There’s something wrong or something what it what is wrong as well in the living room and look at it. Alright, if I go into the living room-and he looks at me and look at the clock the times wrong and I was like. Oh, you are right and it goes and I didn’t know if it was. If it’s the hour past it too late, I didn’t hear the times. I was waiting to hear the times and there was no chimes and so i, like he’s almost ready like look, you need to get this fixed.

You need to fix his dad because without those times I don’t know. When is the appropriate time. I know it’s been an hour yet because I hear the time go off in an open an hour. I can go on to my next project. I, don’t have the time so I don’t know where to go on to the next project. It so I get up there. Rewindwaukegan wind up the actual clock, handle themselves and then wind up both the hour of the quarter-turn, so they can start trying again and then he relaxes and he’s like. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Okay. Thank you dad now, I know that I can go play for an hour and when I hear the chimes go off on the clock, I can just all my own know:i got the look for enough to keep track of a of an alarm and thing. I, just don’t hear the time. So it’s been an hour and if you know it’s time for me, I can move on to my next project. So why the question that I get asked if I actually got asked by this last night from my own son is he said dad he goes. I said yes, he says:how did you learn how to do this now I like to take my kids with me:i try to give them as much opportunity as I can for them to grow in their own understanding and their own thought processes of the world in and I think the best way that I can do that is by teaching them. What what I know and sometimes teaching is that you just talked to somebody until they’ve had enough until you kind of see their eyes roll back in their head, and they said:okay I’ve hit my threshold of information. This particular source of knowledge is, is overwhelming. My senses and I I’ve had enough, though I personally think I am a big talker and I love to describe things, and if you give me a loan, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I will give you all of the information that you would need to the point that I’m sure your eyes, roll back in your head and you go okay, I’ve had enough, but the this particular question I think is best answered by giving my getting practical steps and practical application actually doing stuff. There’s a lot about a carpet. Cleaning I can describe to you and give you all the details, but until you’ve done it that you physically go out there and watch somebody, do it physically go out there and try to do it yourself? All of my best practices do not come from a book. Knowledge do not come from going through and doing a lot of really hard studying. I have done, studying, I do have lots of book knowledge, I have at work outside, but the real world application. That’s what matters the most getting out there and actually doing it carpet. Cleaning tulsa since 1998 20 years of experience in running this particular business I have had a wealth of real world knowledge, where I can get out there and I tried.

I would go out there and I actually did to my answer. My son was twofold:first I am i, have I did not I haven’t quit learning to do this later, i, don’t think, there’s any point whenever you quit learning to do what it is that you’re doing I said just couple years ago:i wanted to switch to a new one type of my used, an old older style, a standard aluminum or not aluminum steel style bond, and there was a little smaller with it with a different types of jets and act at a swivel head. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa While I was out and I was available and so I went to the local carpet. Supply store. Sorry, carpet cleaning supply store that she just got. I said:hey look. What do you have? Can I demo all of the ones you had any kind of looks and raise an eyebrow like I’m, i, guess, I guess I’ve never been asked that question, and so what I did is I took a day off, sunday. Got him on saturday was spent the day sunday and went through and I cleaned all the carpets in my home and each room I used a different one, because it’s one thing to say on paper. What does something do? But if you really want to learn how to be good at something, then you need to use it, and so I went out there and took every single one went to every single room in each room. I cleaned it with a different one and I was looking for and I was measuring. Not just don’t just do something. We got to measure whether it’s good weather. It’s going to help you out so I went to reach one I wanted to see. How quickly does the carpets dry cuz each one claims is going to be the fastest drying want, but does it actually do that? How well does this one work with my current equipment? Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Does my machine have enough suction? Does it have enough heat? Does it have enough pressure to be able to properly use this one the way that it’s supposed to be used, and so I went through clean all 5 room to my home with all five different ones and went through intestine see how long do they dry? How good it up I’ll look when I was finished.

What type of a pattern did it have a lot of adjusted the one to change up just leaving the pattern? Carpet Cleaning Tulsa He leaves a rake look across it wait I think it looks a lot more grown to look more professional, my wife that loves the pattern when I clean the carpets and it leave this stroke pattern come across there. It doesn’t look like the jets have blasted a pattern into. It looks like it’s left a little kind of like you’re preparing the car before cornville plant in little little ridges across there. That’s why I told my son I said I learned how to do this. The big part of both of my knowledge i, would be able to pass on to you comes from actually visit, be getting out there and every day doing this and then not just doing it, because the book said so, but doing it because I found it it’s actually the best practice. The easiest way. We do baltimore pre-spray, because I found it. That is actually one of the best practices I’m deal to get the carpet even more clean ice personally spend more money on every job, probably than any other carpet cleaner in town, because I use more salt than everyone else does, but I also, on the same token, do not use any soap in my water, so that I can also remove more so than any other carpet cleaner in town, so I’m able to get the carpet cleaner and leave them cleaner longer, because I am barely renting out anything that would have retained or anything that would traptor it going forward. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We will continue this topic in our next podcast as we go on about how I actually learned this cuz they’re. That’s how I perfected that’s how I continue to learn, but how did I originally learn? This will go back and talk about that. We are complete carpet, cleaning, tulsa community since 1998. If you’d like to find out more about our company or find out more episodes like this and visit our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com or if you’re looking to schedule or just like more information directly, then please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet

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