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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Getting What You Truly Need From Us?

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Getting What You Truly Need From Us?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. And today we are going to talk about, uh, the grain or the, uh, Kalik or the, uh, lay the way that, that your carpet lays the way that it catches light carpet cleaned in Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete carpets. So check chicks out of the web, it complete Carpet Cleaning, or give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. So your carpet all has a grain to it. Similar to your pet. You’re going to go up to your kitty cat or your dog, and you’re going to pet it to bur you pet towards its tail. Typically, you’re going to smooth the hair down, and if you bet towards its head, we typically are going to fluff or go against the grain. And so the hair will stand up similar to a cat. When it gets scared of the cat, the hair on the back will stand up.

This is what sin is a similar thing that happens to your Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. When you are trying to do it, we’ve seen this before, when you’re vacuuming your carpet and you can typically see the direction that you vacuum. So you vacuum down or up. You’re going to see it get fluffy or light. We use this when we were installing carpet to give people, cause you have two different colors of carbon, almost a nice plush Juul toned carpet. Let’s say you get a nice dark blue carpet. If the dark blue carpet is laying with the grain going towards the door, it’s going to look really dark and rich and fluffy. If you lay the carpet with a grain, going away from the door, it’s actually going to look lighter and shiny because you’re looking at the, into the fibers in between the fibers. If you think of each fiber as a finger, a when it’s laying away from you, you’re looking at the length of the fiber.

You’re looking at the light, bouncing off the, um, the sides of the fiber. If you’re looking into the direction of the grain, the grain of the carpet is actually facing towards you. So all the little fingers are facing towards you. So you’re seeing all of the gaps. You’re seeing the ends of the fiber, and you’re seeing the space in between the fibers. So the, uh, the way that this portray, I think of a thing with this way, it’s, it’s similar to if, uh, if a guy has a flat top, he cuts his hair and it’s just all sticking straight up. And from any side angle, his hair looks thick and plush, but if you look directly down from the top, you’ll see straight through to a scalp. So it changes based upon the direction you’re looking. And this could be very pronounced. Most carpets, it shouldn’t be noticeable like a Berber carpet.

For example, it’s got loops. So it doesn’t have the same grain as the fiber. The Carpet Cleaning Tulsa can lay in a direction, but because it all sticks in one particular direction, it does move around. It doesn’t change with the direction of the vacuum. I typically doesn’t have show any type of grain or any kind of aware in that way. Also why Berber lasts for a very long time. It doesn’t show any type of where is because it doesn’t have any grain. The loops themselves create and cast off the same type of light. And as they get flattened or walked on, they just get more squished as opposed to more flat, whereas cut pile carpet. It has itch individual fiber cut, pile and borough. Very similar. The cook pile has had all the top of the loops cut off. Whereas the Berber has left all the loops intact.

Uh, there is obviously a single fiber that is used all of it. So it punches all the fibers down through the backing and then it sheers them off at the same height. Does it as a cut pile. You’ve cut the pile to the same light carpet cleaning tools. Since 1998, we are complete Carpet Cleaning Tulsa to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. So going back to our compile example, with a grain of the carpet, going a certain direction, when you vacuum, you can create these little A-frames or these little teepees. So as you go up and you come over at an ankle and you go up at an angle and come down at ankle, you can keep vacuuming across the room, creating a nice kind of looks like a bunch of A’s a bunch of W’s a bunch of these just depends on your perspective of the pattern that you’re creating cross off of that pattern that you see is actually the carpet laying away from you or laying towards you, depending on which direction you’re pushing the carpet.

And this can make a pretty drastic color difference. You’ll notice that on. We’d always ask when we were installing carpet long ago, uh, I would always figure out which direction I wanted to lay first before I did it. How you can get kind of a neutral direction if you do it side to side. But of course that means that some direction you’re going to be walking into the ground and some direction you’re walking with the grain Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. Now here’s the part that really does change where people will walk down hallways and have a tea in the hallway. So you’ve got a tea in a hallway, and as you’re walking down the hallway, you will come down the hallway one direction, then turn to the left or the right. And when you turn to the left or the right, you now can change the direction of the carpet by walking on it over time.

This won’t happen in six months or a year, but over five to 10 years of walking in one specific direction, you’re always walking to the right are always walking to the left, the direction to the left or to the right that you go. The Carpet Cleaning Tulsa will change directions because you walked on it so many times when this happens, you’ve walked through it so many times when he walked down the hallway from that direction, you’ll look up and you’ll see this curve going into the, into the room. And it will all lay to the right in the direction of the curve, the way the curve is going to go. And that carpet all the way to the right where the main carpet is not late to the right. And then if you go down to the other end and look back at it from the other direction, now, all the carpets made to the left and not to the right. And it gets this very strange optical effect. The carpet itself can be absolutely perfectly clean, but the carpet is laying in a direction. So compared to the rest of the carpet, it looks light or dark the same way when you vacuum up and down, except this way, your weight of your body has just changed the direction of the grain of the carpet to may in that direction, all of the time, instead of only when it’s vacuum carpet cleaner until since 1998, we are complete carpet.