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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Giving You An Entire Room To Help You

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Giving You An Entire Room To Help You

Welcome to the copy DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. I want to talk to you about making sure you set your site PI have higher expectations perfectly. He tells us since 1998, we are carpets that it’s called today. (918) 494-7093. Raise your expectations, raise your glass, raise your expectations. Uh, there’s an old saying thought was humorous, but connects Wells. And sometimes you set the bar so high that we can walk right underneath it. So make sure that you don’t raise your expectations unrealistic because if you put an expectation on yourself that you can never achieve, you will never achieve it. I know it sounds redundant, but that is a lot of times what we do to ourselves is self sabotage. We set something so grandiose so big, so amazing that the fact that we can’t ever reach it is not like a bit of cheese out there that we can’t quite get to.

It’s a, it’s something that’s just an impossible thing. So you never have a sense of satisfaction, sense of accomplishment. You need to break it down into smaller, easier attainable goals so that as you slowly build momentum, give you an example. I used to play basketball and are had a great coach, both Ken Turkey, jr. And plead as a green coaches, two different coaches for two different years, both fantastic, amazing coaches. And both of them would not let you move on to make any other shots until you had some, they made at least 10 layups before you moved out to a small jump shot Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. And then you had to make 10 jumps on it before you go out there and you try to take on a three pointer and the reason they can be methodology behind this, the psychology behind you is that you need to build up your confidence shooters, have a huge issue of making sure that they’re competent, old, a little engine that could, I think I can.

I think I can. I think I cannot. You cannot. If you don’t think the shot is going to go in, you won’t even try to make it in. You actually, literally out of your core, if you say that shot, can’t go in. As you go to shoot, you will try to make sure that it doesn’t go in because you want to be seen as truthful. You want people to believe you. And so in part we will self sabotage ourselves by in saying, I can’t do something now I must not do it to prove that I can’t do it. There’s plenty of times husbands and wives had done this to each other over the years where you will say, I get that done. And they say, you’ve got to go do it anyway Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. So you do it this poor manner that the other person like, I’m never going to let you do that again.

You were so terrible at that, but it’s really not that specifically terrible it’s that you said I’ve gotta be terrible or bad at it. And so you followed through on what you said, you are a man of your word said, I’m terrible. So you didn’t know. Could you say I can’t do that? And if you did it, you wouldn’t have to prove yourself to be a liar. And so you don’t do it. You logically say I can’t get it done. So I logically will not get it done because I’m not a liar. Even though it doesn’t make sense, it’s called self sabotage because you will say one thing, but then, um, and then need to back it up. Even though it may not be true. You may, uh, it’s where he gets a call. The sunk cost is where you, you go all in. You really do believe that this is going to be at no matter what anyone tells you.

They’re not going to get the fine because you did change your mind. You’d have to take it everything you said before, all the preparations Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. Now, before I throw it out the window, because now the game would have changed new somehow, internally trying to make it. So that that game stays the same perfectly in Tulsa. Since 1998, we are deplete carpet to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And so as you’re working on these different events, there’s different, uh, set feelings and set costs. You’re going to run into things that just won’t come out the same as they did before you want it to be the same, but it just is not. And so we need to then pivot and come up with, or a better plan. Sometimes that means that you are following just the general guidelines of those that around you. Other times, you’re making up your own path and coming up with your own guidelines that help you to be able to do it.

It’s where you have the foresight. And also the hindsight to say, okay, I know this isn’t working. So I need to pivot and do something better or different, or I see things that are working and I’m going to chase after them even more than I have before, because I want to make sure I find the best path, find the best way. And that typically means that you’ve got to find the one that is going to work quickly and efficiently for your situation. A lot of times we will say something and that’s just, it. That’s the only thing we can do. And so we need to make sure that we say only things that are going to help us and drive us forward Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. I think it’s a good one of the big reasons why you’re not supposed to be unequally yoked with somebody else that does not believe what you believe.

Don’t be unequally, yoked with unbelievers. And if you, you believe that you are connecting yourself with people who do not, what are the two of you is going to have to break because you cannot serve two different masters. You can have one person who believes something can not happen. And the other person believe that it can cause at some point, one of the two of you is going to be proven right now. What I mean by that is that if I say something can not happen and you say something can, the two of you are going to go out there and follow through with whatever it is you’ve said, because you want it to be right. So I will get out there actively try to make it happen. You will go out there and actively try to make sure it does not happen because otherwise you’d be, you’d become a liar.

You’d say that that can’t happen. So I’m not going to do any work that would make it happen. Cause it’d be dumped. That’d be like saying, um, I have lost my keys that cannot be found well, then I wouldn’t go out there and look for my kidneys if they can not be found or I found my keys. So I’m not going to continue to look for my key to that. I did. I already did find them. That’d be dumb. And did he audit for me to walk around and say Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, man, if there’s maybe there’s a parallel universe, there’s another set of keys laying around or somewhere. No, I already found the keys. So I stopped looking and you tell your brain, this cannot work. It will quit trying. You tell yourself will always fail at this guess what your brain will say. Okay. Well, I guess he wants to always stay like this.