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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | How Can You Find A Complete Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | How Can You Find A Complete Carpet?

Welcome to the carpet DM podcast. I am your host Nathan screenings with complete carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today. (918) 494-7093. I want to talk to you today about stains. It’s probably one area that a word gets used or misused in a way that can create a confusion and have our society in our life. And the things that we tried to accomplish. We know the thing that we’re supposed to do, but we misunderstand what it is that we can get done or accomplished. So at its root, a stain should be something that does not come down. Obviously we have all of the products online or TV always talked about staying at removing properties. And so spot removing properties are probably a better term, but if we want to talk about staying in it in and of itself, stains typically are something that are permanent today, a permanent marker.

We begin to understand that it’s not, if it is removable, then it’s really not a stain because it’s, you know, he wouldn’t put furniture stayed on and it just washed right off. You know, you could have washable paint and you do create a specific kind of paint that’s washable, but then you wouldn’t use that paint if it is. So there’s a lot of stuff that will physically stain or dye your Carpet Cleaning Tulsa is a dyeable fabric. So I will talk first about the things that can permanently change the color of your carpet. So think of your carpet, like your hair, right, is something that can be read. Colored carpet. Naturally. Nylon is naturally kind of a, uh, clear fiber filament. And it has a little hint of holes throughout it. Soders receipts dive pretty easily. So you can diet into a multidrug of color. That’s why you go to the store and you want to buy your purpose.

You’ve got just this plethora of carpets, colors, and samples, and styles and things that you could use throughout your home to create your home, make it your custom castle to fit your personal desires and needs. Am I doing this? Do you pick a color? That is your own. I’m not exactly sure who named these colors because it’s always like thimble weed, which I just didn’t. And you’re like, what is a thimble weed color, man? Does it sound awesome though? And it’s like, uh, you know, Prairie dust Rose, and you’re like, okay, I got Rose and I got Prairie, but dust. So it’s like a Brown, that’s got kind of a, kind of a grassy Prairie with some light Rose tint is like multicolored and black or it’s like a thundering, you know, a thundering tornado. And you’re like a thundering tornado. I don’t know what color that could be at all Carpet Cleaning Tulsa.

Sometimes they sound more like adjectives and descriptions than they are color choices. Is this, they went back then they said, okay, we need to get something. That’s going to evoke an emotion inside this person. Like, Oh, I’m going to evoke emotion inside this person. I’m going to go with a rhino’s blossom. What, what, what color is that? Oh, but I, well, obviously you’ll be able to see the color. Can you stand there and say, we don’t have to tell you what the color is. We just got a name it into something that makes you feel powerful and strong.

I think if I got in there, I’d probably named things ridiculously like, you know, soft kitties verb Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. You’re like soft kitty for what? That sounds more like the way it should feel about the way it should look. So you put bleach into your carpet, the bleach will then strip the die off of the fiber. So you can then break down or remove the part of the problem is leeches. So caustic that I remove was just the first step. Eventually it will remove the entire fiber. I’ve had times where customers and try to use bleach. He used a heavy bleach solution to break up a spot and it did get white for awhile, probably just what’d you do to the level of color that you’re looking for. Bleach breaks it down and we’ll continue to break it down because it doesn’t go with dirt. So a month, six months, a year later, the entire area just breaks down into white sand.

It’s a very weird, it just keeps breaking where the fibers becomes extremely brittle and then you’ll vacuum over it Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. And then you just vacuum up the fibers because they just, they just completely broke down the attorney, like little shadow role shadow, a bowl, glass fragments is the way they feel upon touch perfectly. He tells us since 1998, we are a green carpet. So know that some things can be done. Now you could strip the dye off the carpet using bleach. The problem is, is that at that point, it does. You cannot delineate between which died is on the carpet. If you’ve got a, uh, Oh, let’s say you put black hair dye on the white carpet, you could try to break the black hair dye down, but you also remove whatever dies they’re making it white. And so then you get into how do I restore it back?

We used to be customed dying, but nowadays it’s much easier and faster and it looks better just to patch it. So you end up with a spot. They can’t just be cleaned out or can’t be broken down. Um, see some of the things that I see on a regular basis would be Polish. Somebody uses finger, nail Polish. She gets on the Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and they use some pig finger nail Polish remover to break it down, the fingernail Polish. Um, but that just breaks down the, um, the acrylic, holding the Polish together, releasing all the color endurance. And then you end up with things, your nail Polish remover mixed in with the dyes and it’s soaked into the carpet. Even more. You have actual hair dye copy will be dying their hair and they get drips and spots on the carpet. A dog will get sick and they will throw up their dog food, which has some color in it, mixed with their stomach acid. And it creates a kind of an orangy spot. A lot of times cat spots will have that same kind of look. We can remove most of the product, but sometimes that product will leave colored yellow mustard, that yellow mustard is almost instant dying. Um, there’s certain types of, uh, colored or drinks like, uh, uh, Oh, a coffee drink that has some real strong color to it. Uh, especially Hawaiian punch or it’s a code red mountain Dew, those types of drinks.