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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | If You Need Help Finding Our Help?

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | If You Need Help Finding Our Help?

Welcome to the garbage DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete Carpet Cleaning Tulsa And today we’ll talk about the different uses for carpet. A lot of times we think of carpet is useful for the flooring, which it is probably your primary source is a carpeted floor or a as an area rug, maybe as a bath mat. There’s so many different forms and versions of a carpet for your flooring surfaces, but we’ve also used them. In other places. I’ve seen customers that use carpets or decorative rugs as a wall decorations, uh, you’ll have like a woven mat or piece that you can put up on a wall. You’ve got, you’ll have a movie theaters. They use carpet along the walls cause it’s great sound. Deadener um, did you just run your hand along the wall and get this kind of a ribbed like, or a Berber Lake carpet?

Cause I put up around a certain high end restaurants. We’ll take a foot carpet underneath the tables or they’ll put Patty underneath the tables. This is to try to help to deaden the sound. As people are talking and having dinner and you drop a spoon or fork, it doesn’t bounce forever Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. The sound of the bounds is forever. The floor’s going to be hard, but the underside of the table absorb and catch that sound. I think of it like playing football, playing football, playing baseball, you got your catcher’s Mitt and someone throws you a ball and the mic is able to catch and slow down the ball, the carpet on the walls and all the other surfaces are able to catch that sound and slow it down. It doesn’t reflect back off the same way a studios, the studios will put carpet on the walls and put a Patty because the, again, the thicker, the fluffier, the denser, the item is the more sound it will catch instead of what other areas put carpet on it and to help make any softer thing like a sub speaker though, carpet the outside of them because it helped to give it more sound again, sound deadening properties that get more soft, make it so that it doesn’t get bumps into something.

It doesn’t need a Mark. If you remember the old conversion bands, they have to Carpet Cleaning Tulsa at the inside of those bands. So that 18 for a soft noise friendly also just seemed more like you’re inside of my home instead of inside of a car, uh, getting over into inside of a home instead of inside of a car, you’ve got mobile homes, which are still a type of home. They call them pre manufactured homes. Now. So, uh, if you’re in a tornado, really doesn’t, the terrain is not going to stop and say, is this a pre-manufactured Homer’s, it’s a mobile home. It’s going to probably treat them both about exactly the same. You’ve got your trailers where you’ll have like a camping trailer or a camping cabin. A lot of times, those lavish carpet on it, a one that lot of people don’t think about, but it was very helpful that it’s, there is any, almost all your boats have carpet.

If you don’t have carpet in your boat, then it gets damp. It gets wet, it gets moldy, it gets slippery. And it becomes really difficult to walk around in the boat unless you have like a really aggressive, um, and you clean it regularly. You still need to clean the Carpet Cleaning Tulsa regularly, but at least the carpet gives me something that gives you more traction in bare feet in a, uh, a painted or a glossy or an epoxy surface. Does, uh, see what other areas you’re going to find carpet in. I’m sure you’ve got some ideas as you’re listening to this. You’re like, Oh yes, I’ve got carpet out here. I’ve been in a few customers. They carpet their garage, which gives them a capacity of a softer, quieter, nicer place in there while they’re working on their vehicles or whether they’re working on, uh, arts and projects and stuff.

It’s very rare that you see a carpet on the ceiling, mostly because difficult to get it, to stick there and secondarily it, um, it’s it also absorbs light. So carpet is more of a light absorber. So if you have a flat or glossy white walls and you put a light in there, the is going to do a lot more. It’s going to bounce a reflect around just like a, the idea on the flashlight. Flashlight takes one small bowl and then puts a lot of reflective surface around it. So it can focus the beam of the bulb to give you more of a direct light path. You can reverse it. If you put black carpet all inside of a room, then the amount of light you put off is going to be absorbed by the black carpet. So it’s going to actually doll or dead in the space.

That’s another reason that movie theaters have a fabric walls everywhere so that the light from the projector does not bounce off and create more of them in this light. It gets absorbed inside. So it doesn’t overwhelm the picture and you can focus on the picture instead of on all of the limited light around, be real frustrated in a movie theater turned on your cell phone and let the light shine around and distract everybody while they’re trying to watch their movie carpet cleaning Tulsa’s since 1998, we are complete carpets. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying your clean carpets. Again, carpets, just like a wastebasket. It’s there to create a surface. That’s easier to clean and contain. It creates better sound. It’s a better for heat and cool dissertation. There’s a lot of really great things that carpet can do for you, but it also needs to be maintained.

If we’re not maintaining your carpet, then you eventually end up with a surface that is worn out or is damaged from Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. And so that’s why you want to try to make sure on a regular basis, you keep that carpet looking good and smelling good carpet cleaning tells us since 1998, we are complete carpets. Uh, check us out on the web at complete carpet, and see what else we can do for you. I’d love to find out, get you on a schedule to where you can make sure that you’re maintaining just like you need to take your trash out every now and then we want to make sure that you are taking out the debris that builds up in your home. And as that debris builds up in your home and in your carpets, it makes a mess.