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Welcome to the carpet diem podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s today Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. We’re going to be talking about a wisdom from your father’s carpet, cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpets that goes call today (918) 494-7093. And get on the road to having clean carpets. Again, enjoy your castle. You’ve got to live there. So enjoy it as aren’t there. Um, there’s many things that we take in as many things that we give, uh, wanting to talk about a conversation I had with a customer recently about the difference of what they do. They ask me the question. They said, why do you keep cleaning carpets? What is your impetus? Why do you enjoy cleaning carpets? And I think that there’s things that we do in our life that are fundamental in court, who we are. I really do believe that we are each made and design uniquely individualistic.

You say that there’s so much about us. That is a consistent are so much about us Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. That is the same as everybody else. There’s so much about us, that is a rudimentary or a monotonous, but then there’s also these little things that are just completely unique and individualistic here. But print of your Iris everybody’s eyes is unique, different pattern, your fingertip, the tips of your fingertips. Each person has a unique set of fingerprints that is billions of people. And just, just you, you were at that. Each person also has a different way of mapping. The brain is mapped out completely different. Everyone else’s. They have, uh, their, uh, their Nixon tears and stretches and, um, growth patterns and everything that goes into creating that particular set of experiences for that person. And that set of experiences comes from an amalgamation from both your father and your mother and the environments around you.

There’s many other factors, but your father, we’re just gonna focus on your father and your mother Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. And we’re gonna, uh, for guys or for girls, uh, you typically will pick one if they were one of the parents, but you’ll take some lending of those two people. But the question is your father, your mother, what are they? They are a family. And that they are a, a singular unit that has come together. They’ve taken everything. They’ve taken a base of knowledge from your father, from his parents or your mother from her parents and take a boat those two. And they’ve said, what will we do? That is what they did, but what will we do? I think in your life, a lot of times we’ve just done something because that’s what was bottled for us. Somebody did something. So we did it. There’s very few things in your life that you actually make a decision on.

Most of the time, you’re just reacting on a decision. You’ve seen other people bank, and this is key. And it’s very, uh, uh, purposeful that you make these decisions with a little bit more intent. It’s great. This is what keeps us alive. We just look at it, but your habits are perfectly aligned for the life that you’re currently living. So you’ve got all of these habits in place, but did you create the habit or did someone else give you the habit? And these habits are great, but there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s with keeping you alive each and every day. But also it’s also with keeping you away from the thing that you’re thinking, Hey, I would like to do, instead of do it this way, I’d like to do it that way instead. And defining which are the best habits, which are the best things is the hard part.

I think a lot of people come in and do, because the easy things can be joyous, but they also are easy. So they make you soft. The hard things are not as joyous, but they create the most personal growth. Let me say that again, because I think it’s very important that easy things are simple and they kind of, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa they get there. The thing that give you a break, but anything that gives you a break also relaxes you. It also takes away uphill or down so that if you sit on the couch relaxing, it’s good. It’s you take a break, give your time, your muscles, time to rejuvenate and heal. But if you sit on the couch for a week, you’re gonna come out lethargic and you’re going to come out to soft. You’re going to come out, um, less straw, less sharp, less typical. Uh, for example, my mother in law, she’s in her eighties.

And so she does a Stoker puzzle or a crossword puzzle every day. And if you ask her, why is she doing a Sudoku puzzle or crossword puzzle? Every single day, it’s simple. She does not want to fade. She wants her brain to stay active. She wants her brain to stay sharp. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We need to do stuff everyday to keep ourselves active, to keep ourselves sharp. And so we need to first fundamentally break down what it is that we need to do to get to, to these types of results. And so fundamentally, the first thing that you need to do is to decide what in your life is important. This is, I think very difficult for some people to do, but you go through your life thinking there is fun and there is work. And I want to break that down to saying there is no such thing as fun.

And there is no such thing as work that everything requires effort. So you first start with the basis. Everything requires effort. So if everything requires effort, then which effort do I enjoy more than other efforts in the morning to wake up, I must have something that wakes me up that requires effort to have set that alarm clock, to ask someone, to wake me up, to have been put myself in a position where other people are around that wouldn’t let me just sleep forever and miss everything. Then it takes effort to have anywhere to go and do it. Like if you just legitimately just wake up and not have anything in your life to do, unless you put the effort in to find a job, to enroll at a school, to go to the grocery store, to have it food that you could make, like anything you do inside your home, took some previous effort to place that item there so that you could, at some point in the future use it.

It takes effort to get up in the morning and to put your pants on addict’s effort to go to the bathroom. It takes effort to brush your teeth or to do your hair. It takes effort to take a shower. Some people we wish they would spend more effort in taking a shower Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. Um, it takes effort to, uh, make your food. It takes effort to clean up your food. It takes effort to put the food away, to tidy up after yourself. It takes effort to do everything you do anything you’d think like, Hey, I just love to take the item that you love doing. What’s the item you love doing. Okay. Now take that item and say, is someone paid to do that item? And somebody somewhere is getting paid to do what? Anything that you think that you enjoy. They’re getting paid to do it.

And more than likely they are, since they’re getting paid to do it, it has now become work for them. It’s gone from me fun category to the work category. Cause now they have to do 40 to 60 hours a week. And it’s no longer fun because it’s not something I get to do as a break from my normal life. It’s something I have to do as my normal life as the bulk of my normal life. So this, I want to instill it to give you this hope on this one thing is that to just go out there and figure out what it is that you want to do, but know that everything takes work. So evaluate everything equally.