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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Keeping Your Name In The Clear Now

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Keeping Your Name In The Clear Now

Welcome to the carbon DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s with complete carpet. Give us a call today at nine four seven zero nine three. They want to talk to you about painting North tile, tile cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, grout, cleaning, Ulster, cleaning, rug, cleaning, stair cleaning. Pretty much. We help you to maintain the health and wellbeing of your floors services. So we’ll get you on the path to join your clean carpets. Again, your house is your castle. So enjoy it. So many people want to vacation from their home. Why did you choose to staycation at your home? Because you just like it so much. It’s just such a fighting atmosphere, clean and friendly opening place. Many times it takes us having, I jokingly told my wife. I said, unless we have a couple of people come over to her house a couple of times a year.

We never really get to doing that deep Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. Cause you get used to your own dirt. You get used to the way that your house smells, the way that it, it looks the way it feels because it’s just you, you could fix it. But right now you’ve got something else that’s more important or something that is more pressing for you to do at the moment. But if you were to have somebody else over, all of a sudden, the game has changed. Now, it goes from what you’re willing to understand or willing to tolerate to what somebody else will think about you. And so it’s a good thing a couple times a year to have a party or some event at your house. And that’ll help you to give you that, uh, impetus or that reasoning inside to say, I need to get something knocked out or accomplish that I have yet to get done.

Uh, the old adage that a, a goal is just a dream with a deadline. And so you put a deadline on each of your dreams and eventually it becomes a goal and a goal becomes reality. Uh, but yeah, dream just stays a dream with no reality because you’re just thinking, Hey, what, what will I do next? What can I do as opposed to saying, what am I going to do? And when will I get it done? So it’s not a, uh, not a long term or a proposition. It’s something short term that you gotta knock out and get it taken care of right now. So in that vein, we’re gonna talk about cleaning or I want to give you the tips and the ideas of how to clean your own tile and what the steps are to it and with the process to it. And also knowing that you could, if you decide that it’s, you know, too much work or you still want to tackle it yourself, you can always call us out at (918) 494-7093.

We can get that taken care of for you. Also, the main reason for a deep pile is that a regular tile cleaning will leave a residue on the carpet or leave a reservoir on the tile on the ground, a carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet for give us a call today four four seven zero nine three. So that residue comes from tile, cleaning agent. We were going to get out there. You can grab your tile cleaning. So maybe some spic and span. I always w re recommend our customer not using how they built in black. Yeah, don’t leave a coat or a bill on the tile. And that builds up over time. It gets a cakey and it looks awful better to just use a clear good it’s soap and water to clean it up. The tile to remove the grease is typically your, your kitchen pile is going to be more like decrease or cause you’re gonna have your butters and oils and sugars.

Whereas at bathroom tile, we’ll need to believe that the people, they deal more with hard water than anything else Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. So now that you’ve got that bathroom and it is, or that kitchen is raping clean, you want to start off with your pre-soak. I tell people only pre-soak what you can keep wet. So for example, if you’re going to do a 200 square foot kitchen, I only do maybe 50 square feet of it at a time. That way you can put the moisture cross, you can go through and scrub it. And the scrubbing is so that it makes us down into the ground and get the ground line. As it softens up the surface dirt, you can then brush it around, mix it into the water and the water will then be able to float it away perfectly. And he tells us since 1998, we are complete carpet.

So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. And so as you are mixing that in and getting it into solution, the hotter, the water, the better because water helps to dilute or dissolve sugars and salts, but cold water is not dissolved or diluted as fast as hot water does. Hot water will make a quicker, faster dilution ratio. And also, uh, come off of the tile quicker. The main thing that you’re really wanting to focus on your route lines. So as you were cleaning, you use a 5% Moffitt solution, got a little bit of spic and span and the rest of the water or the middle Pablo and the rest of water. And so as you go through, you start popping figure just straight off the floor about that break out the dirt, absorb it up. And then all the rest remaining moisture that Silva tile surface will dry in place.

And that moisture will dry it with the soaps still hitting the moisture. So that leaves a film on the tile, the ground. It’s not too big a deal because it’s meant to kind of just be broken up and walked off. But your second year, third year, fourth or fifth at 10 17 mopping. And all of a sudden now you’ve got a pretty good layer, a pretty good buildup of soaping, the grout lines. And now the dirt is sticking to the soap and the grout lines. And it won’t mop off the next time you’re there, I would say, but hold on, Nathan, I do a, I do a clean mop. I, I mopped once with all the soapy water and then I take another mop with some clean modern Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. Then I mop it again, and that does help. And that takes the original mop solution and cuts it in half because one gallon of soapy solution of one gallon of rinse water, what we do on the other hand, we’ll use a gala to Sobe water and 10 to 15 gallons of rinse water, because not only do we need to Deliv what’s there, we need to rinse out and leave no residue on the tile at all.

This comes through two parts. One, the Ritz side that you are doing at your own home is diluting. What is there, but it’s not removing what they, and that’s the difference that we have is a large suction and a high amount of water pressure where we spray it down and then we capture it back up and you can do the same thing with a shot back and a garden hose. You just come in and you suck up the water as you’re pouring it down. That way you can throw the Ritz. It captured it perfectly. And he told us this 1998, we are Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So give us a call today. Eight four nine four seven zero three.