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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Modern Day Solutions

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Modern Day Solutions

We are complete carpet, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We love to have you check out our website at complete, carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on facebook at facebook.Com, complete carpet, carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings into tile cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. Give us a call today to schedule your next service at 918-494-7093. In this episode we are going to cover. Is it safe for the carpets to clean it? Often I do get this question on a fairly regular basis, it’s typically from older customers who have experienced carpet, that’s 15 to 20 or more years old, because carpet was designed and manufactured a little differently in the pastthat design process that that change in materials that change in creation has led to a different answer to that question over the years right now, if you were to currently clean modern-day carpets, then you can clean it almost as often as you want with modern machinery and not have any problem.

That brings me to my first point of Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and surrounding communities. We have a lot of experience over the last 20 years, who come up and have our 20-year anniversary this year. Is that the type of machine that you’re using I’m actually changes? What the answer to this question is the question is:is it safe for the carpet to be cleaned, often after using a small, rug, doctor or maybe a little portable machine? And then you need to clean the carpets on a less frequent basis, because those particular machines have a limited amount ofsuction that they have on. We will talk about section in another episode. We have talked about it in the past, so if you want to look up some more information on that side of it and go back and find one of my previous podcast, not particular topic that we’re just look forward, I’m sure we’ll cover it again in the future. Cuz. It’s probably one of the fundamental core parts of carpet cleaning is that you have enough suction to remove not only the moisture that you’re putting in the carpet, but also all of the stuff that you’re breaking up and dissolving that’s already in the carpet and so for a small unit. Most of them have a very small amount of vacuums that they available because of their limited size and so in this and that kicker incidents. You need to be able to make sure that you’re doing extra extraction strokes to go to get as much of the moisture back out, because if the carpet does set wet for too long over 24 hours, it can start to have a detrimental effect to the health of the carpet.

Kind of little then put it in the state where it’s just like having a water damage and the carpet will be too wet and it willsoften the glue which will lessen the strength in the integrity of the carpet, causing it not to last as long as you’re home. Now, if you’re, using a larger machine or you’re using very minimal water and you’re doing a good job at striking, and it does dry the same day that you clean it and then no more. No amount of cleaning is going to bother the carpet at all. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Our large truck mounted carpet cleaning unit that we use and have used carpet, cleaning tulsa and surrounding communities for 1998 for 20 years of service. I have customers that I have been cleaning their carpets on a regular basis, a monthly basis for over a decade and their carpets look almost as new as when we put them inso as far as it being safe to clean, often and actually is i. Think the, and in my opinion it is the opposite. It should actually be done on a regular basis. Now you don’t need to clean your carpets. Every month, if, if you’ve, already, if you’re not living in the home, if there’s no traffic on the home carpets, then there’s no necessity to even have them in the first place, I tell all of our customers that if we’re there and we clean your carpets, thenit will be there, be no new dirt that will be added to that house or those carpets until you’ve walked on it. For example, if we clean them and you come back a decade later, you close the house up and come back a day later. The carpets will look just the same way that we left them. They’ll just have a layer of dust across, and you won’t even need us for that specifically because, as long as you have a good vacuum, you can be able to just remove that off it since nobody’s walked on it. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Now, as far as whether it is a safe to clean up, often on the historically that’s the reason that this has become an issue or even a question in most people’s mine is that it is the problem of the equipment that the old carpet cleaners used to use. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa They have smaller machines with smaller blowers and a lot less suction, or you just have people who are just unskilled or they’re, not as knowledgeable about the way that carpet cleaning works in so they will use really high pressure because they think, if I just use a lot of water will be able to clean faster and you can get it clean faster, but at the expense of just over soaking the carpet, and so you’ll have people whose carpet either shrank or they they rippled really badly or they got damaged in some way from the carpet cleaning. So because that one carpet cleaner did a terrible job or did a bad I was not properly maintaining their machine and doing the appropriate work for that particular job.

You’ve got customers who walk away with a really bad taste in their mouth or carpus that even just smelled bad b, this app for so long wet. So this brought about a lot of lower practice carpet, cleaning that I should wait at least 2 years or 3 years. Don’t get it clean it off and cuz i, often or frequent cleaning could damage the carpet. When you had natural fiber jute back carpeting, this was a a normal or possible thing. But today is the equipment, and today’s carpets are:they are a completely synthetic build now and so the the type of construction inside there is not sensitive to water anymore. Current machines, they can drop the drive times down to ford 6 hours and so it’ll be dry same day, sometimes just within a few hours, I’m, actually getting it cleaned, as opposed to the next day. That’s all of these things combined change the recommendation. So, if you’re, using a small little home unit, I wouldn’t try to clean the carpets every month, one, you probably destroy your back, trying to use a little bissell or hoover or rug doctor, to try to clean your entire house, because it will be similar to trying to weed eat a field instead of use a large lawn mower that you can use a weed eater to mow your yard, but it’s really better for just hitting spots and I can get the perfect analogy for a for a home carpet. Cleaner I recommend all of our customers have a home carpet.

Cleaning carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 has taught us. One thing is that regular maintenance maintenance can help to maintain the health of a carpet even more so than one big giant professional cleaning every couple of years is you getting in there and making sure that each spot does not stay sitting on the carpet for a long time being tracked over by a herd of people, and so, if you use those small machines, make sure that you are doing two things, one that you don’t use a lot of soap in the water, and we will cover this in another episode. We have covered this in the past, also about the different steps for using a home carpet cleaner to a low, maintain the health and longevity of your carpet. But what we are coming right now is about whether multiple cleanings will affect the longevity of the carpet itself, and is it safe to clean it on a regular basis I’m. So our answer is:if you’re, using a professional service like us, carpet complete carpet carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998, we have got lots of long-term happy customers that we clean on a very regular basis and their carpet stay fresh and clean and have never been damaged by our cleaning process, because we are very diligent about making sure our machine is in good working order that it’s always maintenanced in and up to snuff, also that our machine is properly balanced and by that I mean that the amount of water that we put into the carpet is less than the amount of suction we’re using to suck it back out, so that any water goes in is also the same amount of water that comes back out. Having we’re not over waiting the carpet, we’re actually thoroughly rinse in the carpet, allowing that warm hot water just to flush right through quickly. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Since 1998 you like to find out more about our company or find out more episodes just like this will give informational tips and answer frequently asked questions. We love you to visit our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com if you can find a lot more valuable resources. Just like this one. If you’re looking to schedule, you would just like to get more information directly and please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet, cleaning tulsa for over 20 years

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