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Septa 106: at we’re going to continue to talk about water quality in water softeners pre filters are, we are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, Tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. Would love for you to check out our website at complete carpet Also, you can learn more about us and see what we can do for you I’ll give us a call today to schedule. Your next service at 918-494-7093 also connected some Facebook at forward, complete carpet carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 is allowed to expand our offerings and tile cleaning carpet, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. It was a call today to schedule your next service, I’m going to continue on recapping in the last episode about water quality. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We started off by talking about the heat of the water cuz, it’s part of the water quality chain, and that you want to have nice hot water to be able to get things into solution. Heat water is a universal, solvent and, but part of that is also that water, the heat of water, I think it’s the Catalyst that helps things to be solve it faster cold water can mix into stuff at it. It makes us and much slower, and it says it’s not quite as quick of a process. Where do you get the water hotter? It moves quicker. It moves quicker so that each of the action of these are the things that you want to have happen happens quicker. If you add a warm chemical to a carpet, it will actually have more action and work faster than a cold. Chemical will tell all the time I even when I mix it up chemicals to use a try to use at least medium warm water, if not just very hot water, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa so that it can be able to penetrate in quicker and faster than the other. Half of this side of you always need to keep in the back your mind at that.

Suction is important just as important as you’re the type of water, even the type of soap or anything and you’re using if you can’t remove it back out of carpet and all you’re doing is diluting it down give an example of a little kid that doesn’t want It all the foods what they do, they chop it up and mix it up into little pieces and then just spread it all of their plate to make it look like they had cleaned their plate that, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa after use suction to remove it all offI really had to Use any suction, all digits smeared it all around, and so part of the water quality chain is that you have a filter, a pre filter before you ever use the water. Now we try to make sure that every source of water that weekend is always a clean good source of water filter, typically use City water from a hose on one thing, as a small tip a trick. I just a side bonus items, carpet, cleaning tools, 1998, I’ve run into so many times and only at apartment complexes where kids will go out and they will play with a water spigot and they will take go up to it and I have found all kinds of Interesting things have been shoved into a water spicket. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Little kid to see the hole in the thing is fun still take him to kick, rocks and sticks put sticks I put grass they put whatever it is.

They say they see an empty hole in this kind of stuff stuff into there and so, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa as a general rule of thumb and sometimes little Wildlife. The same thing, I’m not sure of all the different potential place that you can get things in there, but I’ve seen it so many different instances that is almost a just a given. Now, that whenever you go to use water before you hook a hose up to it turn the water on, let it let it run for say 5 to 10 seconds, just to make sure it flushes out anything that might be in that tube. Already cuz, you hook your hose up to the hook up a spray hose garden hose in the end of then turn the water on anything. At the end that hose or anything, that’s in that spaghetti is going to get flushed through and is going to come out and going to clog up your spray head. In our case, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa all of that debris within gets dumped straight into a water tank. We have to use a 100 water at 100, gallon water tank on our truck, so that we make sure that on every job that we go to, that we have enough water to make sure we get the job taken care of properly a carpet cleaning Tulsa and Surrounding communities since 1998, I’ve had so many jobs where and not by Nickel back Topic near they normally will Boreanaz ahead of time.

But let’s just say that somebody’s moving or the rental property on somebody’s already moved in the landlord’s one and get it fixed up. But nobody is put the water into anybody’s name, yet nobody’s moved in and it’s a vacant property, so the water has not been turned on. So we need to carry at least I when you care enough water, go to get a good size job done. That way. We can go out to a remote place to go out to a place that has no water going to play that nobody’s there and that we can’t we have no access to Wauka. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Sometimes we have done jobs for places where it’s me. I was not a traditional places, not even water, at the location, there’s. No, it’s a barn like setting that just has carpet up in the upstairs and there’s no water anywhere, because it’s not a I’m at no tap water without a well I’m in. So we need to make sure we bring enough water to that particular facility to be able to make sure we get the job done properly.