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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | No More Coffee Spots

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | No More Coffee Spots

Episode, 85 we’re going to be covering continuing on our topic of what you can expect and what the process is like and we’re going to continue on to tell you about what happened next door in the cleaning process. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa threading, maybe since 1998, if you’d like to give us a call to schedule a service, give us a call at 918-494-7093, we love you check out our website at complete carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on facebook at facebook.Com, complete carpet, carpet, cleaning tulsa since 1998. It allowed us to expand our offerings carpet, cleaning, tile, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning, or going to continue our episode here in episode, 85 about what you can expect and what the process is like is a quick recap. We’ve covered in previous episodes. How long it will take to get to work done? How often you should get your carpets cleaned? What did you learn a? Where do we learn to do carpet?

Repair I will kind of transitions. Are there what can be donefrayed carpet? How often should I vacuum and what is the best vacuum for my house? A lot of these questions we’ve already covered in detail. How about a lot of them relate to what we’re going to be talking about nexus what the processes it like and a lot of these come from what you should be doing before we come out there and why? What you’re doing doesn’t work when you need to have a come out? What we can do to make sure that we get you taken care of the proper way than what we had finished within the previous episode was talking about sugars and the importance of identifying what the spots are like throughout the house. In as long as you cleaned we’ve been carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998, we have found ityou start to identify the area that you know you can tell a lot, looks like a coffee spot that looks like a drink spill because of the shape in the pattern. Typically, drinks pills have a little bit more of a inkblot shape pattern to them. Where is a pets? Peace pot, typically more circular round? They don’t pee in one spot and come into mac out for the glass only falls and the liquid falls, from where the cup is in kind of sprays, for word of it in the coffee, and tea typically have a little bit more of a yellowish brownish tint to them compared to some of the other free. What kind of more of a muted yellow color, where is pet pee, has more of a bright yellow color to it, and so I want to think that we have found that helps with the longevity of the heat of the water helps to really make sure that we spend the right amount of time rinsing out those hours a week.

Don’t you just rent the dirt off of the sugar and don’t rinse the sugar out of the carpet, then that spot will come back fairly soon pretty pretty quickly. Another reason that spot to do come back over time is that the the source is not from the carpet. Sometimes, if that’s okaylarge quiktrip drink a 32oz, soda and I spilled it and maybe at 7 up, he don’t see any of it all, because it’s just clear liquid, but it is very sugar. I spilled it on to the carpet. Now I got 32 oz blowing across the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa It’s not going to just sit in the fiber the carpet just kind of going across until it makes a big 2-foot circle. It’s going to make a 6 to 12 inch circle, and it’s going to start stinking it going to overload that circle too much liquid in a sink right through it down into the backing and down into the papillo. We can clean out the fibers and we can make sure we remove all the other the drink in the sugar off the fiber of the carpet, but we can’t clean out the padding below, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and so if the weather is gotten, all the carpet is soaked into padding clothing. That means that we will end up with a sticky source that every time you walk across their it going to slowly transfer up a little bit of stickinessthe overtime. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa This will dissipate and over successive cleaning, and you had to print it all out, but it does for a little while cause a an area that can perpetually seem like it gets gray again, because every time you walk across it, it’s soaking up a little bit of stickiness comes back in the carpet and then you’ve got to be a dust and dirt and debris in the in the house are starting to stick to it. Kind of like a piece of gum on a sidewalk by the piece of gum itself is green or blue or red, whatever the color of the gomez, but you give it a week or two out on the sidewalk and it’s going to be black or brown because just collect all the dust and dirt every time the wind blows it to move stuff and I’ll. Stick to that. It doesn’t just keep moving along sidewalk same thing happened to your house every time they are kicks on your house, the win, the crate. The wind, creates a air flow throughout the house that moves dust that does motocross until I hit something that holds it in place. I, wouldn’t good thing about carpet compared to other hard. The other surface is your house is that it will hold dust and debris in place until it does is kind of like a big largesandbox. It does trapping catch it because it’s got the nice fibers I can catch things.

So if you were as if you have hard surfaces, for example, tile or wood every time they are kicks on, it blows that dustin to brea crossing of the dust bunnies in the corner, because every time you open the door, anything anybody moves through the environment and it kind of russell’s all of the dirt’s across their. You also typically will know that dirt faster, because you just see that it’s right there on the other would have talked as you can see or feel it, whereas with the carpet, you don’t see it as often so we typically take way less care of our carpet than we do. Our tyler would have, because it was not as evident that it’s starting to fill up with sand and dirt. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So after we’ve gone through and done, the walkthrough, which is what we’ve been talking about, making sure that we identify the spot. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa That may be done because nobody knows your house and nobody knows the process that I need to restore that house, then I better than you do it. So we walk through and we get a general look and see for a I do get this question. Quite often, is you know, are you going to treat the spots in it? We actually go the next level. Beyond that I mean we do go through and pretreat the spots, but I personally believe that just treating the spots is only getting a half-done job you’re not going to get it clean. The carpet you’re not going to get as thorough clean. Your not going deep of a claim, and the reason for this is that each one of those spots is if I took for a very good example. If I took and spilled a big bucket of paint right in the middle of breton, nova walk bath as soon as you walk in the door is a big bucket of paint, I dump it and just leave it there and now I have a party and I asked everybody to come in the party right after I spilled that bucket of paint.

You would immediately be able to see that everyone that walks into that paint is now going to leave a footprint as they walk through out the rest of the house, and so they walk in the painted a pretty sure by the end that party at that have white footprints of that white paint is going to do that blow across my concrete floors, all throughout the area, as the father way you get from that source of that paint, the footprints are going to get less and less and less and the closer you get to at the stronger. The footprints will be the price of your house. If you spill something that sticky, let’s say, 7-up or sprite, it’s clear liquid, you can’t see it so each time, so he steps on that. They move forward you’re, not going to see a big, huge, clear, sticky footprint, but over time the carpet round. There slowly does get gray. It’s not going to transfer huge about cuz, it’s now dried out, but it will transfer enough that the carpet around that area is now starting to get stuff on it or if you had someone get sick or if you had something happen, the carpet at unsavory and then each person that walks across I say a pet peed in an area that everybody that walks across that pet pee is got in a little bit just transferred units. Just 1% has gotten on the bottom of the shoe or half of it. Now it’s going to rub off their shoe. 1 2, 3, 5 steps, later I’m, so that is supposed spots will always grow. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You noticed that the first part coming into your house will be the dark as dirty as soon as you slowly get away from it. It becomes less dirty and less dirty if I took and dumped a big duck bucket of dirt right, as you enter into your home or right as you’re up to your first spot going into your carpets, then you would see that door quickly, transfer into all of the walk areas of your house as you stepped in it picked it up an issue and then stepped on the carpet and move forward. Same thing happens when you got spots on the carpet they transfer out.

So we do different carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 thing that we’ve that I’ve learned that I’ve always implemented is that we do a walt, walt, fries, burger, priest, brittany, the carpets that we’re going to clean because the spots do need to be treated. But it’s also good to treat all of the areas around spots and just to treat all the carpet in general because a little bit of soap a little bit of detergent, something to break down all of the spots and everywhere else that we’ve walked have transferred that dirt. I will continue the series in the next episode. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities. Since 1998 we like to find out more about our company or friend, find more episodes like this and visit our website at complete carpet. Tulsa.Com you’re, looking to schedule or just like more information contact us directly, give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities for over 20 years. We are complete carpet

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