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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Remove The Contaminants

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Remove The Contaminants

Is episode 95 we’re going to cover if question we get off often ask:can you tell me if my carpets can be cleaned or not? We are complete carpet carpet clean photos since 1998 I give us we love for you to call and schedule today your next service at 918-494-7093 or text I’ll check out our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com, and you can learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on facebook at facebook.Com, complete carpet, carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offering them the power cleaning, carpet, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Give us a call today to schedule your next service the topic work and cover this time as a question I get asked every now and then, where someone will give us a call and ask, can you tell me if my carpets can be cleaned or not? This is a difficult question to answer, because it is subjective what I would consider to be clean and what you wouldconsider be cleaned can be to pour opposite things back when we did work for the tulsa housing authority had the contract for many years, I’m doing the carpet cleaning their what they would consider to be possible to clean a lot of times.

I didn’t consider to be clean and so I always had a hard time. While we were there because I would always spend more time at every job and take the extra mile and a lot of times did it manager to come in and say, look at me. I just need to get a quick clean to pass inspection i. It doesn’t matter if it really get thoroughly clean. I just need to quickly Know:i’ve hurt you I just can’t do quick lane I just can’t do a job halfway house now, I didn’t charge them anymore for it, but they were looking for speed and efficiency, and I was looking for quality and reliability, and so sometimes the words don’t always come inside. So, in that case, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I was expecting a higher expectation that they were expecting of what are service could do and what we can provide for them and other times people have a higher expectation than what we are actually able to do, even with the bestchemicals. The best machines spending the most amount of time that the largest amount of experience and getting things done sometimes carpet just cannot be cleaned past. A certain point, sometimes I just got big huge red stain. The purple dye hair dye black guy you’ve got weird big bucket of paint spill in the middle room. We just we can’t think about. It could be patched it repaired, but it’s not to be accountable thing, pet stains, sometimes pet stains or permanent. They now we can get it clean and sanitary, but they’re still going to be a little bit of a yellow kind of lemon, yellow color. That’s sad. There could have pulled some of the color out of the carpet if you’ve grabbed some 4:09 you’ve decided to try to do a little carpet cleaning with some chemical kitchen, chemicals, which I see on a very regular basis. That is, bleach-based chemical is going to pull the color out of carpet until there’s not a lot.

We can do in situations like that. We can get the carpets clean. Yes can we get them? Look in the way that you won’t like newnot. Every time there’s to be sometimes were carpet is damaged in a way that it doesn’t come back to where it looks like new. We can get every house clean, we can always get it clean, and sanitary and clean by definition mean that we’re going to remove all of the dirt and debris we’re going to remove the contaminants were going to make it sanitary to make it looking on the way that it should, but as far as removing all of the stains are we can, you can have stains in the carpet that are completely clean, but there still a staying if I took I are going back to an example used in a previous episode. If you took purple hair dye for his having a fun spunky day resign, that purple is my favorite color of the day we’re going to go with purple, hair dye and i. We didn’t use the washable temporary stuff, we use the permanent purple stuff. That’s all we pullweight walking across the room, admiring our new purple hair and not realizing that we’ve got a little hole in the back of dripping purple hair dye. Everywhere we go and so that carpet is now we can clean it. It will be completely clean, completely sanitary, but it’s physically. It’s just change the color I think this is one thing that a lot of times people don’t realize or haven’t thought through is that the carpet itself is not that color from the factory. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa They actually take a fiber that nylon fiber, that is typically, a white or eggshell color for natural, clear fiber, and then they diet to become the color of the that you want your house to be. If you want blue carpet, they dye it blue to make it blue at the diet, black for black carpet green for green carpet, so whatever color that they want the carpet to be they dye it that color and if you take and introduce another guy, and you think and change the color of the carpet again, you can see this real. Evidently, if you ever tried spilled some bleach or seeing been in the house, they spilled bleach on the carpet. Out of the bleach, removes dye and removes the colori told actually return the carpet back to its original color, which is typically white, start at white, and then they they diet until they get to whatever color they want.

So, if you introduce a yellow mustard, yellow mustard mustard itself is kind of brownish color, and so they at some point, someone decided that mustard, yellow and ketchup need to be bright red to create a nice good summer. Picnic e type of color scheme combination problem. Is that mustards not yellow, that’s about to add a lot of yellow dye to it, and so, if the mustard gets on the carpet and almost almost instantly starts to change, the color of the carpet to a yellow color does tie into another topic, I think is important for people to know that we touched on a previous episode. I. Never circle back to it is do not use bleach. To try to take a spot out of carpet will go into more detail now about that carpet. Cleaning tulsa since 1998 I we have seen this over and over about how important it is to make sure you do not use bleach in your carpet on a high scale level. Bleach, caustic enzo. If you cover an area bleach, really percent bleach solution, rub it in the carpet I’m in the leave it anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year later, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa that carpet will actually can be completely consumed. I’ve been in places where I rub the carpet. All the fibers just fell out because it the bleach, got down into the backing. It completely consumed the glue it completely consumed the base. The fiber is in a fiber, almost turned to dust almost like it was chalk going throughout the area, and so it’s important because bleach is very cautious, but you don’t use it on your carpet. The other part is that it will never. It almost never does what you’re hoping it would do if you use bleach on a spotless, so you got a purple spot in brown carpet and the red spot on white carpet or blue carpet, whatever the other. The color is the difference between the spot and the carpet around.

It will be exactly the same. Cuz you have to remember. The bleach is going to bring down the intensity of whatever it touches was going to bring down the intensity of the natural color of the carpet and the spot at the same time. So you now have a I say you had a purple spot on brown carpet, you put bleach over it. Let it sit for an hour and then come back and rinse it out. You now have a purple spot on top of white carpet. You still in the same contrast. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa The purple spot is a lot lighter, as it probably barely noticeable purple spot if it had been still been brown carpet. But now the carpet around it’s white, and so now they color contrast is, is very evident and you see it so you got those white circle in the middle brown carpet with a purple circle in the middle of the white circle and I’ve seen this over and over and over I’ve seen it thousands and thousands of times where a customer will go in and try to use some bleach to pull out a spot and instead it bring down the color of both the spot and the carpet, and so they the contrast between the to stay the same as it goes, lighter and lighter, lighter, and so you still have the spot stands out just as evident now you got this light circle around the spot itself. It so now I got three spots. You got the carpet, you got the white spot, you got any got the dark spots in the middle. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities. Since 1998 you like to find out more that are coming or find out more episodes just like this. One then visit our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com. If you’re looking to schedule or just like more information directly, then please give me a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet

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