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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Standing Apart From The Competition

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Standing Apart From The Competition

This is complete carpet. We’re going to start here in episode, 82 about what I can expect. What is the process? Like your carpets, cleaned? We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities of 1998. We love to have you check out our website at complete carpet, tulsa.Com and they’re more about us and what we can do for you. Also, you can connect with us on facebook at facebook.Com, forward, slash complete carpet carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings into tile cleaning carpet clean carpet, repair restretch, an upholstery cleaning give us a call today to schedule your next service at 918-494-7093. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa That would cover a topic that we ask often continue nurseries here on a different things. You can expect as you’re getting your carpets cleaned. This particular question me:what can I expect? What is the process like for getting your carpets? Clean I’ve had a few times where someone has just purchased a new home or they areyoung person who’s getting out for the first time.

This is, this, may potentially be the first time they’ve ever had the carpets, cleaned or had them professionally clean. Maybe I’ve got a whole small spot cleaner themselves and if they touch it up every now and then go back on some more previous podcast, we will see or listen to some of the other explanations. I think would help to lead up to this point, are we covered? How often you should get your carpets, cleaned I will kind of transitions, how to fix repaired, how to fix damaged, carpet and a pet spots, how to get wrinkles out of carpets different things that you would run into of reasons why you would need to get to this point of where you actually get it done professionally. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I would even covered a couple of sections over what is the best vacuum, and how often should you vacuum I think that before you give us a call that I’m, a good, healthy maintenance schedule, is going to be of importance that you’ll be able to get the carpets, maintained and taken care of on a regular basisso that when we come out, we can get the stuff that you’re back in just can’t get in your bill to extend the life of the carpet. One of the things we did talk about previously, which is i, think very important as to why you get your carpets cleaned and that I think that helps for what you can expect, because if you know the, why what needs to be done, then you know what will be done on monday. The y in this case is that the dirt is gotten down in your carpet and is created like a sandpaper like texture to all of the fibers. Every time they rub back and forth together, you’re going to get this wrestling.

This rubbing actions are like sandpaper it, which is something that you don’t want in your carpet, because you wanted to last as long as it can. You don’t want to break it down sooner than is necessary and by leaving large amounts of dust dirt sand, brie excetera. This is just come off of your shoes come in from the outside. Maybe it’s something that is falling from a plate or from a drink that have gotten spilled or just from active kids and pets that ever walking aroundthey’re extra dirt and debris throughout the place. You need to make sure that you’re doing a good job of trying to keep that stuff. I maintain, and so that’s where we come in if to get the stuff out that you aren’t able to get out on your own. If you do see a fresh spot, we talked to my previous couple of episodes about how I’m it’s good to jump on that spot right away. Water is the universal solvent and that can help you too quickly rents out a remove things that are in the carpet that you that you, if you catch it, quick enough, can just rinse out right away and you don’t have to worry about having that spot sit there for weeks or months on end accumulating more dirt becoming a real. You know stronger thicker grit, sandpaper, rubbing into your carpet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So far as what you can expect. When we come for our process of starting off, will you start off with? Obviously you calling and setting up an appointment? This is where we will gather the information that we need it roughly, the size of the home and what services you lookit done. Is it just carpet cleaning or is it there? Some tile, cleaner repair or any furniture? Cleaner looking also get done, and then we go ahead and set up a time, and this is where I think that we try to differentiate ourselves from other people in the service industry is that we don’t set up a time window when we’re going to come to see you like some other ones, where you spend the whole day just sitting around waiting for somebody to come and contact you and let you know that they’re on their way to help you so I’ve had so many times. I’ve had my personal experience myself. If I run into a service person, that said they will be there between 9 and 1 and I needed to stand diligently next to my phone with almost a militaristic expectancy of that particular phone call, cuz I missed that one phone call, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa then that was going to mean that that was it I lost. My appointment and I will have to reschedule for another time and I’ve already taken half the day off, to wait for the 991 window and if I hadn’t quite been there at the right time to catch the phone or what happened on the phone or in the bathroom which honestly make you nervous, and so, if you do go in the bathroom and take your phone with you anyway, just in case you get the call.

If you want to make sure you can get that call back. If you don’t respond to the call back, then you don’t end up with a service being done at all. It just gets rescheduled to some other point. That’s going to be inconvenient. You have to try to get off of work or get off take time off again. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning tulsa since 1998, referring to the process that it’s like to what to expect when we come out to get you taken care of in the first step that we’ve been expected, that we’re going to set a time that we will come to meet you at supposed to you have to sit around waiting for us. We are going to set a time where we come and meet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You I think this makes things very different in my opinion, because it just is nothing more. I can race me more than having to sit around waiting for a specific call to respond to the appointment that I’ve already said that already wanting to know for sure they want to get down there, I’m waiting for it to get done, and yet I can lose my entire appointment, but just not answering the phone at the right specific time as we changed it. We missed saying sure that you have a specific time to meet us. We have an appointment time that we will come to be there and, if, worse reason, cuz things do happen throughout the day. If something happens in a job goes a little slow or running a little behind. We will make sure that we call you in advance or as soon as we know, that we may be running a few minutes behind it.

Let you know what time we will come to meet you so that you can plan your day accordingly, I’m, so once we do get there and we will show up, will jump professional will show up with her shirt, tucked in with an a logo on a shirt with a logo. Van. That way, you know it’s us I’m surprised at how many people, especially in this industry or in similar industries, just insist on driving around and just appear straight open white van, brings a piece of mind to a customer when they see that you have your your company name and your logo on the band, there’s a company name and logo on the technician that this is not just a random person knocking on your door that you can as soon as you come up to the door. You just immediately have a sense of sense of ease, and you know that okay, but there is the person that I’m looking to get the work done. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa That should be here. This is the right person. I’m looking for in and I know that there’s no I’m not having to fend off someone who trying to up-sell me on something or I know that this is the person that has been sent out by the company to be here. So is this I think is important because it’s bring the piece of mine and feel the sense of safety for the customer that they know they can just look out the window look up door and then they can be sure that the person they’ve hired to come to their places is as accurately describe you don’t end up with someone who looks real sketchy. You know someone is going to potentially mislead you, and so we want you to know that I’m who we are and what we represent, and then we can bring that sense of peace. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa For you, we are complete carpet carpet. Cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities. Hits 1998 be like to find out more about our company or fournette, find more episodes like this then visit our website at complete carpet, tulsa.Com you’re, looking to schedule or just like more information directly. Then please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning tulsa for over 20 years, and we will continue to describe what the process is like in our next episode. Where will describe what the cleaning process is like what you expect from our technician, once we get there carpet cleaning tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet

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