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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | The First Time

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | The First Time

This is episode 83 about what I can expect and what the process is like to get my carpets cleaned. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding communities since 1998. We love to have you check out our website at complete, carpet, tulsa.Com and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on facebook at complete carpet ride facebook.Com forward, slash complete carpet carpet Cleaning tulsa since 1998 is a lot of expand. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Your offerings and duke carpet, cleaning, tile, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. So give us a call today to schedule your next service at 918-494-7093 we’re going to continue our topic from episode, 82 about what I can expect, and what is the process like so far, we’ve covered that we would show up on a timely basis that we would be there at the time that we had told you as opposed to a time window, where you have to wait around for us, would much rather have you had the confidence knowing that you can schedule your day around what is going to happen and not have to block off half the day just waiting for the surface to the service. To start, he will know approximately service time that we will be there to get that taken care of, and then we will be there to meet. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You I feel like it’s a lot different than some of the other service professionals at our industry and in similar industries were they will show up in an unmarked van at a point where you just have to kind of wait, and hopefully you get this. Is it a call if you can catch him before they disappear and they just peace out?

So sorry we missed you and injured more. We won’t be able to get you taken care of until later date. You just have to be rescheduled. We don’t want to do that to you cuz. Each job is important to us and your time is also important to us. We want you to have a great experience. I think one of the keystones, the starting points for any any service that you’re going to have done. Why you would want to have it done again at that? You have to have confidence, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa it will be done right, the first time and that the person will show up when they say they’re going to showoccasionally they’ll be times where we just can’t make it. We run behind a little bit I’m in so we will call you ahead of time to let you know:hey we’re going to be 10 minutes behind we’re going to be 30 minutes behind we’re running about an hour behind today. I will let you know that well in advance, so that you can plan your day. Accordingly and not throw off your schedule, the other part that we told you that you can expect that we won’t come up in an unmarked van with a person that is on identifying what we wanted. You to know right off the bat as soon as you see us that you found someone that represent elite carpet. That is there to get taken care of. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa What is that you were wanting to get done? It might be somebody who’s, you who’s on captors shirt, untucked who’s, not ready to be able to take care of what it is that you want to get taken care of today and so I’m, the next part of the process. Once we shown up at the time that we said that we would be there to get the work done, that we said that we would do. Is that we go through and do a walk-through.

This is an important part of the cleaning process. Is 2. Walkthroughi’m allows us to get through and see all of the different aspects of a house that is going to be a concern. Now we know what we’re looking for. We can walk through and was done so many carpet cleaning that we can see it immediately. Okay, that’s that spot is probably from this there’s as you do this overtime and you’ve probably noticed in your own home. If you walk around, you can identify the source in the type of spots that you end up having throughout the home by just looking to say:okay, look i, remember that it’s kind of a orangish colored spot, and it’s probably from maybe coffee or tea, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa that yellow is kind of spots, probably from the dog. You I think he might have peed their the the big brown circle in front of the couch. That’s from where we spilled a drink, you start to identify the different little areas that you’re want to get accomplished and take kevin up. The reason this is important is that you want to go to use the right. Chemical chemicals are really good. There are some all-in-one chemicals, but they typically are great at nothing and kind ofjoker at everything, and so I I personally like to use more specific chemicals when possible. So if you’ve got a specific makeup area, then you want to use up some things, but more specifically made for makeup and not just grease in general or if you got to an area in the kitchen, we’re going to have a lot more butters and reese’s than you want to use something more specifically a degreaser than a makeup. Remover we’re both of them can work towards the other one. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa You just did more effective the more efficient to be able to use the right product for the right area. I will also cover in a future episode the different types of pet products you can use in your own home over the counter to this can lead to lack of fusion I found with customers who have chemicals that they are trying to use and they scrubbed on the spot, and they worked on the spot, but nothing’s happening is not changing in the way that they would like it carpet.

Cleaning tulsa is one of our passions, one of the things that we do on a regular basis as to just really make sure that we understand stay on top of what is the best practice with the best way to take care of each an individual, different type of spot and the bestto do it. I have found is to actually go through and have the customer tell me what has happened in their home got to give him a little autopsy report of what their carpets look like and what has happened it to them, because either I can go through the house and look for what I believe I can see our problem mary throughout the house. But honestly those are only thing that I may notice. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa The customer has lived at home. They have made this possible selves. They know where that little spot is that’s hidden by the bed skirt. They know where that little spot is. That is that they put that rug over top of them or that they covered up or that’s in the corner that you would never think to look at because it’s behind a lamp are they for the done something to hide because a lot of times we have something. That’s bad and i. Don’t suggest that everybody does this, but I did come into that one house ones where I walked in and there was there was newspapers just laid on the floor kind of randomly throughout the house and thei need the crate of this nice kind of patchwork quilt, like effect throughout the whole house, and so I asked him about it.

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So all will you start will take all those up and it turns out that each time there was a spot each time there was a spill in the house, they took a newspaper and they threw it over it. They believed that it was absorbent in some way or they would cover into it in the problem. Was it that newspaper print is also transfer if it gets wet, and so we cleaned it up, and it looks really good, but there’s quite a few of those spots now or dappled looking because the newspaper printed laid laid there over whatever that spot was for so long and it walked on it for so long that it now had transferred some of the guys from the newspaper some of the ink from the newspaper I transferred into the carpet and now I’ve left. This check checkered little dab’ll pattern across it that we were able to lessen it by rinsing out as much as we could, but unfortunately carpet it is a dyeable fabric it. So sometimes we do things that are not reversible through cleaningthere are other repair methods that you can do. You could patch out an area that gets too damaged one of the most common patched out areas that we do is where somebody comes in and they have found a spot in the carpet that they want to try to rectify or fix themselves and throat. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa So they decided they’re going to try to do it through by using a little bit of bleach and problem with bleach is that it will not only take out the color of the spot that also take out the color around the carpet. In the next episode, we will talk to you a little bit more about the effects of bleaching. Why you really should not use bleach to clean your carpet at all possible. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, tulsa and surrounding community since 1998. If you like to find out more about our carpet cleaning company or to find out more episodes like this, then visit our website at complete carpet tulsa.Com. If you’re looking to schedule or just like more information directly, then please give us a call at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning tulsa over 20 years. We are complete carpet

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