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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Top of the line services

Episode 103: we’re going to talk to Tom about continue on about I’m suction and the importance of keeping your filters clean, wanted to continue on a particular topic here. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, Tulsa and surrounding communities of 1998. I give us a call today to schedule your next service at 918-494-7093. We love you to check out our website at complete carpet. Tulsa, come and learn more about us and what we can do for you. You can also connect with us on Facebook at, complete carpet, carpet, cleaning Tulsa since 1998 as a lot of expander offerings and tile cleaning carpet, cleaning carpet repair restretch, an upholstery cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa I give us a call today to schedule your next service and we talked to the last episode about suction in the importance of suction, and we mainly talked about the importance of keeping those filters clean. One of the things that this does is to increase airflow part. There two parts to suction and want to cover another part of the section that that’s not just about it, keeping the filters clean is about you sand the power of the suction. If I took any machine – and I put too much hose on it and then it would not have the capacity to keep sucking, you can take almost any hoes you getting any type of a setup or machine. I mean, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa if you put a short enough small on a hose on it and you can create a tremendous amount of suction, for example, how you can probably create almost as much or maybe more suction than my machine create. If you take a very small, let’s use a, for example, a coffee straw, one of those little small teenie straws, and you just cut it down to like two or three inches long, and then you put that in your mouth. You would probably go to trade almost as much suction by buy it with your chest, your mouth of poll, against my finger, that I am that I wouldn’t be able to do with my giant back into the machine. But the difference is it that my machine is using two or two and a half inch hose, which is probably about a big enough circled that you can put your hand inside the hose.

So if you tried to suck on some that large, you just can’t create enough. Airflow to make it happen, but he suck an 80 bitty, tiny straw you could create is just almost the same amount of lift to that. My big machine can do, and so one thing you need to match in one thing and you think of an all the different things you do and we this is real important going back to top. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa We talked about for about being able to jump on spots and take care of yourself at seen. The air I’ve seen many times on both on a personal level on a professional level is that people will get a unit, but then I will put way too much hose or way too big of a hose on it. Compared to what that unit has the power to do that, for example, if you have a you, have a small Shop-Vac typically uses an inch or an inch and a half I’m inch and a quarter hose. It’S got a smaller hose on it, but I’ve seen people buy extensions for it and then I’ll put like seven extension, so they like 30 or 40 feet away from the Shop-Vac and by the time you get that far away from the shop vac Shop-Vac. Just no longer has the power to move air, because the restrictions within the hoses just slowed it down to be sort of like you trying to grab the end of a garden hose and trying to suck on that, as opposed to end of a straw. So let’s say you took the end of a garden: hose, went a hundred feet away, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa stuck the end of the garden hose into your drink and then try to start sucking. You’Ve now got 100 feet of hose that you’re going to have to inhale. You have to suck through before you ever get any moisture. Now, as kids, we used to do this, what kind of fun but is always super difficult to clean Tulsa since 1998. We had plenty of times before and after.

I think maybe I think every boy. Every kid at some point: it’s done this, but you’ll be in the pool and you have a pool noodle as you take one of those pool noodles that you kind of sit on it that little hole in its like a big like a super big huge phone Straw and weed: stick it down at the water, fill it up complete with water, and then somebody gets on one end and put their face against it, and then it’ll pick up with all their might blow air into it, so that the other side shoots all the Water out increases IQ, big jet of water that goes to Splash somebody else’s face and it takes a tremendous amount of power. Now, if you were to take to do the same exact thing but you’re going to use just a small drink stall or a cesspit one, you don’t have to take every bit of air ever been a power in your lungs trying to push all of the water. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa That’S in that big giant noodle how you take a small straw, put a little spit water fill up with water, and then then you click that and just with a digital short burst of air. You can shoot that thing all the way across the road. Now I was with a biggest amount of air in the most power that we had. We can only get like 2 feet or maybe three feet of distance using the big, huge pool noodle. That was four foot long and had it like a 1 inch hole in it, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa where as with a with a small drink straw – and you put a little piece of paper in the end of it, you could shoot a spit wad, 20 30 ft across the room, and So you need to match the amount of power that you have for suction, with the size of the hose in the length of the host of a long. The hose is just like trying to drink that glass of water with a hundred foot garden hose the mallPowers. Would be required to keep that air keep that fluid moving through the hose, and so one of the important things to do is, if you have small Shop-Vac, is make sure you use the shortest hoes.

You got possible for the area going. You can use a little 5, but hoes you like to have upwards of 2 to 3 times as much suction as you will a long hose carpet, cleaning Tulsa since 1998. One of the things that I also found is that the configuration of the host of the hose, I need to put it straight along a path, and you connected up to a machine, and then you go straight forward to the other side. I’M you will have just about 100 % suction. Did you take that hose and you start boiling and turn in circles. You take that one hundred foot hoses make it into one coil little baby, 10-foot coil, sitting right next to the machine to keep toilet around. So you got all the hoes, it’s all still there at the same, like the pose, but now hook it up and shingle lose almost half of your suction. I just having a coil around because when squirrel around,Carpet Cleaning Tulsa  like that, it now has Benz that suction have to go through. That’S the one of the important things also to do when you’re dealing with is that you keep your hoes straight as possible, so you get the maximum amount of suction. We are complete carpet carpet, cleaning Tulsa since 1998. If you like, find out more about our company or find more episodes like this, then you can visit our website at complete carpet If you’re looking to schedule every just like more information directly, then please give us a call 918-494-7093 Carpet Cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years, we are complete carpet.