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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Tulsa’s best

I want to think that’s important with this. Is that the water that we get is always clear and clean, so I just as a general rule of thumb, I always turn on the Water Source. First, let it runs itself out and then hook up our hoses I’ll try to keep those as clean as possible. Now, even in the best case scenario, things are going to eventually accumulator buildup, and so in these situations we then have a secondary process that the water that sits in that hundred gallon water tank benefit of it is that if there is any sediment, it almost always drops To the bottom of that tank and then the spicket that we suck the water out of the tank from sits a couple of inches higher so that it’s not sucking just direct debris but, let’s just say it extremely bad circumstance. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Some of that debris has finally caught up to where we’re stuck in the water or drawing the water out of that hundred gallon water tank will before that water enters into our machine. We’Ve got another small filter that actually make sure that we get all of the dirt and debris out of the water in those that is coming into the machine because two things 1. We don’t want to put any dirt into your car, but we can only want to suck out so we got to have perfectly clear, clean water. That’S going to be able to absorb dirt and bring it back into our machine, but to if we run any type of salt and grime and dirt into that into the pumps of our machine.

It will destroy the pumps until we need to have very clear, perfectly clear water so that it does not damaged or hurt the pumps in our machine. So we can continue giving you the best service possible carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. We are complete, car you like to find out more about our company or five more episodes like this to visit our website at complete carpet Carpet Cleaning Tulsa If you’re looking to schedule or just like more information, it was called directly at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet. This is episode 107. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, Tulsa and surrounding communities. Since 1998. We can continue talking about water quality. We’Ve talked about the size of our water. We’Re going to want to talk about filters. We love for you to check out our website at complete, carpet, and learn more about us and what we can do for you for going to call today to schedule the next service at 918-494-7093. You also can connect with us on Facebook at, complete carpet carpet. Cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offering them to tile cleaning, carpet, cleaning, carpet, repair, restretch and upholstery cleaning. Guess it all call today to schedule your next service. I will continue this episode and now it web episode 107 talk about suction, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa any importance of keeping our sorry talk about water quality. Actually, we’ve already talked about such importance of keeping your filters clean. We talked about the heat of the water and how important that is to the cleaning process to make sure your pre sprays are properly getting in their water. The universal solvent works the best when it’s hot. I can really almost anything you could know this from.

Could almost be as hot enough water, ATS Commercial kitchens will do this. They actually use Steam and boiling hot water to clean the dishes, and they can clean them almost instantly because the heat of the water so high they just melts off, boils off, destroys whatever is on their neck. You can sanitize it in the same time. So we’ll take these big bats and just put them in that you steam straight through it. Where that use cold water, clean cycle on washing machine or dishwasher. You can take an extremely long time so that heated water really doesn’t matter, but also another part that that need to be connected directly into the heat of the water is that the water needs to be clear and clean. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa To begin with, that’s all we’re talking about the the cleaning chain that we have the filtering chain that we have to make sure that the water is clear and will give the pro tip of making sure that you always turn the water on a little bit. On a stick it before you hook up your hose or your garden attachment so that you don’t blow whatever’s in the hoes are blow whatever is in the stick. It right into your eye connection that you’re trying to spray with. Maybe it’s a no garden hose attachment gets all clogged Steve, just blown all of that information straight into that spigot. So one thing that does happen with our carpets and trying to keep the water clear is that we will then pull the water into 100 gallon water tank.

This allows us to be able to service many different areas that we don’t can’t directly access or doesn’t have directly have access to water in that facility or that house or that area, and I still be able to get the carpets clean before we were at the Fairgrounds and we were doing the Arabian horse show, they were had put carpet on the decks near the all of the standing areas where we want to go up to judge and never once stood there to watch said carpet at all across that entire area is kind Of like a big platform or a kind of a awards ceremony place – and it was maybe 50 feet long by about 20 30 feet wide and it covers the whole end of the year and so right there at the end of the rain, Carpet Cleaning Tulsa and we drove into The Reno job across the arena drove right up to it had to bring our hoses up to their, which, of course, secreted in higher difficulty, all in itself, carpet cleaning Tulsa.