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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Tulsa’s Finest

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | Tulsa’s Finest

Episode 105 going to talk about water quality, water, softener, free filters. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning Tulsa since 1998 and surrounding communities. We love you to check out our website at complete, carpet, and learn more about us and what we can do for you give us a call today to schedule your next service at 918-494-7093, or else you could connect with us on Facebook at, complete carpet Carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998 has allowed us to expand our offerings in the tile cleaning carpet. Cleaning carpet repair restretch an upholstery cleaning give us a call today to schedule next service. I will cover the bunch of different Topics in the previous few episodes and we covered the heat of the water, the importance of having hot water to dissolve what it is in the carpet that you special sugars and oils and sticky substances. Can you make sure that you can get out and that break down what’s in the carpet to softened up a similar to taking a hot, hot water, hot soak in water, for your dishes and soaking a plate? That’S got that in there for a little while that will break it down, then you can just rinse off. What’S there, and so the next part is, is to make sure that you’ve got a strong enough suction to go to get back out whatever you heat it up and broken down and you’ll be able to suck that back out. So you got hot water in your pre spray, the hot water in the rents, but if you’re not able to suck it back up, all you’re doing is just a water damaging or diluting whatever spots are there you can dilute them down and the average out and Don’T see them as much time is actually quite a few chemicals that do this and I’m load times. You will spray a spot. I have probably seen this before or done this yourself or you’re, going to clean a spot and when you go to clean it, how you will notice that you, it looks like it’s gotten, clean right, then and then the next day or two or week or month Later the Eric Andre again until you’re clean it a second time and it looks like it’s clean and then it turns grey again are you may have each of these times you average out the dirt who averaged out the spots they may not be able to physically See it at that moment, you’ve got it cleaned it, but you know that it gets bigger every time, because each time you’ve done is it down, so that there is no longer concentrated its kind of spread out and then it gets through it.

We used to pull this trick carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998. Kids. I want to think that we would do a backbend on 30 years ago that when we had food that we didn’t particularly like I’m, instead of eating the food which will be on think of suction, it actually eating your food. A little kid he acting like to eat the food, but and that’s the time where you know we got pizza and we would turn into full-on suction machine. You can put like 4 or 5 If a half a pizza in front of us, we are hungry, especially back in high school or playing basketball. We get down and we can put a half a pizza or a whole pizza. Sometimes you get three or four boys out there, for you have to be to have to get yourself multiple pieces, one piece of which is not going to do it because they’re amount of section would go through the roof. You look over to my office.. That should be okay and then, like 5 minutes later, there’s a one slice left. I better grab a slice before there’s anything left because they are amount of something just is completely consumed at the thing. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa There’S no more pizza still sitting there. It’S been completely sucked up if. You would look at this in terms of what little kids do when you put say broccoli on their plate or you put some type of a casserole over there they’re, not that interested, and so it’s in a big lump or big pile on for a while. I used to do this with all. I was not a big fan of I like potatoes, I like say potato chips.

I, like mashed potatoes on my French fries and all all the different varieties of potatoes, but for some reason, when you put it in a baked potato and I have a clump setting – I just did it just wasn’t my thing and so that the move, the trick That I would do is, I would go over there and I would take them a potato into the being like that in a nice big, Clump or kind of put together, and then I would cut it open and then mash up the inside I’m in, and I Would kind of spread them across my plate until I got it a thing as possible, so you have this one small potato, but now is spread over the entire size of a plate. So it looks like I have eaten quite a bit because you just see like what looks like. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa Maybe the remains of a potato that was there, but technically the entire potato was still sitting there on my plate. I just taking it from a small. You know one in little red potato and I just smashed it down and chop it up until I had little teeny pieces over at a whole plate sized area, and so now it it did not look like there was as much potato left on the plate as Possible, so I was trying to skirt the issue My Mama come over like well. You know how much do I still need to eat? Well, I mean just need a little bit more, but I just I stood up and smoke switched it out flatten it out to make it visually. Look like it wasn’t as strong and a lot of times that we do it. People do when they’re trying to clean their own carpets are trying to get a spot, is that they used too much product on it and they just dilute the spot down carpet. Cleaning Tulsa since 1998, I’ve seen so many times. I’Ve got a customer’s house and I can almost instantly look across and see it because of the drinks pills that typically Falls. Hang Splash lacrosse. Have you clean a spot? It typically drop straight down and emanates Allen. Sihlcity spots that are bigger and bigger each time that somebody’s going to try to clean it and they’ve they’ve gotten in a circular motion cuz, I scrubbed it so it’s every what they scrubbed it.

They just deluded the spot and they and it kind of moved out and got a little bit bigger, but the spot never got removed. Nobody used any suction to actually physically remove it. Just like the potatoes on my plate, I never actually used to be physical suction to try to get those potatoes back off of art off the plate. I just diced up, broke it down and spread it out we’re going to go on. I know we took say we talked about Water Quality Inn in this particular episode of it got so so caught up on the suction side of things and the importance of making sure that you’re actually removing it completely, as opposed to just a looting it. And that is a part of the water quality and why the heat of the water matters and the suction also matters. Carpet Cleaning Tulsa The two things we talked about previously. Is that you, just you, don’t just want to break it down. If you want to be able to capture it and bring it back out, so you need to make sure that you’re limiting. I call it balancing your machine balancing your one to where you’re, taking out as much as you’re, putting in your actually taking out more than you’re putting in so that you put in a little bit of water. You take out that water and whatever the water mixed up with and the dirt and it all, gets mix back into the machine. We are complete carpet, carpet, cleaning, Tulsa and surrounding communities of 1998. If you like, find out more about our company or for it find more episodes like this to visit our website at complete carpet, you’re looking to schedule or just like more information, they give us a call directly at 918-494-7093 carpet cleaning Tulsa for over 20 years. We are complete carpet.