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Welcome to the garbage DM podcast. I am your host, Nathan Sabrina’s today. We’re going to talk about the importance of moving into your homes, tips, and tricks that we have for you. The things that you may already have thought about, or maybe there are things you had overlooked getting your home, ready to move into Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. Since 1998, we are complete departments. I’m going to call nine one eight four seven zero nine three or find us on the web that complete carbon and So as we can talk about here, a lot of times people are getting their carpets clean because they are really into their home. It’s very standard fair because the people before you may have taken care of their home, but we don’t know when they cleaned their home. This is something important. A lot of people think about that. They may not, or got overlooked during the whole process is that most people clean their carpets to put their house on the market.

So if you think about the average time that cake would sit at your house closes, you get an offer. You sell your home really fast. Let’s say the week you put it on the market in sales right now at a minimum, that’s a 30 day turnover process. So you’ve got the house, you’ve got it all cleaned up. You got it, ready to show, and then you go to sell and you get it sold, but you had the carpets clean. So it’s not going to be 30 days since they were cleaned until you get to move in Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. Does that mean that that family lived in that house for 30 days during that time? Now this isn’t not going to be a normal 30 days. It’s going to be a 30 days where they are trying to move all of their stuff into a new home, to empty their home, to get it ready for you to be able to move in.

So not only have they been moving around with has been moving around, but also they’ve had all kinds of strangers into their home. They’ve had all of the people that have come in to check the home, the helmet inspectors, you’ve got inspections upon inspection. You probably had inspectors. They’re inspecting the inspectors. That’d be like, how are you expecting me to see whether I’ve inspected this property properly? And they said, yes, I properly poverty. Check your property to make sure that you’re properly processing this property. And definitely too many PS there to properly pronounce that Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. But as they’re going through this property, property processing, you are going to end up with a lot of different entities and people that do not care too much, that the carpets were just clean as they are there to do their job, the caulks you’ve got your internet people, you’ve got your cable people.

You’ve got your electrical people. You’ve got your inspectors, you’ve got your pest control people. Everybody’s going to hand it out at home. You’ve got a realtor. That’s showing people, you got other realtors that are coming in to show, to look at things. You’ve got people letting people in and out. And so all of this traffic, this foot traffic, it’s going to take your once potentially welcomed carpets. And now you’ve had, you know, potentially that’s at a minimum 15 to 20 different people walking across it. If not up to 50 people in a one month span, just because there’s people that need to get in and take a look at that house to see whether it’s going use up the, uh, obviously the appraisal, you can have the appraisal guy get into every little nook and cranny of everywhere in the house to see everything that, uh, so as through this process Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, getting your carpets cleaned is vital to getting them clean as you move in, not as they move out, but as you move in, because again, the people may have had the carpet cleaned.

Now let’s say that’s the absolute best case scenario. Like say day one, they put it on the market and then it sells some most people take, I think the average is two months or three months. So they cleaned it. They put it on the market to sell. They finished fixing it up. And then a couple of months later, they, they get it ready to sell or they finally get it sold. And then another 30 days or 45 days later, it finally does sell. So we’re now up to three to six months after the last pleading that you’re moving in on co quote, unquote new and clean carpet, when really it was cleaned a long, long ago and it needs to be done right for you. And the reason we want to do this that way, when you bring all your furniture and you put it into your home, that you’re not covering up all of the areas that are dirty or smelly with your own furniture, trapping the dirt and previous odors and smells underneath your furniture.

When have a good, fresh cleaning, put your furniture down. Now, you know, you don’t have to move that furniture. You don’t have to clean under that furniture ever again, because nothing will go under that furniture because they’re protecting that area. Carpet, anybody who’s moved knows this. You will move your, go to move to a new home. You live here, couch, you move your bed. You see these clean halos of carpet, or do you have a desk mat? Wherever that desk mat is sitting around the desk bath all worn out, but under the desk, Mac is still brand new carpet. So here are our tips beyond just getting your carpet clean. Here are our four main areas, four main tips that we give people outside of the Carpet Cleaning Tulsa that you should do when you’re moving into your home. So you’re moving into your home and air is something that you will breathe.

That is there. The error is still there from the previous people. So one of the things that we recommend, it’s a two part thing. One, replace your air filter with a really high end $20 filter for three days. Just turn your AC system change a fan auto to on and leave that fan is running 24 seven and let it filter all the air in the house over about a two to three days span. It should be processed all the air in through the filter and giving you a nice, better at putting an air. And then part B to that. One is open up all the windows and doors and just let all the air inside the house out to bring fresh air in and do a big air. Swap a second, go through. Typically everybody does this anyway, but I want to go through and get a, uh, uh, disinfect all of your flat surfaces.

If they had pets or anywhere that’s go through, you should be doing this anyway, but just go through it, take sanitization wipes, get some, uh, auto band, just go through it. Just wipe down all of your touch points, your doors, your handles, your counters, your cabinets, your, uh, your toilets, everything that you want to do. Cause the other person may have played it, but sometimes they just wipe it down with that with just soap and water and they don’t disinfect it. Uh, the other, uh, we’ll go over some of the other tips in the future. Uh, two quick ones, uh, rinse down your AC unit. You want to make sure that your ACU and is working properly, that can make a huge, costly difference, uh, in your home. And also just touch up those carpets perfectly in Tulsa since 1998, we are Carpet Cleaning Tulsa