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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | What Are You Looking For Now?

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | What Are You Looking For Now?

Welcome to the garbage DM podcast. I’m your host, Nathan Sabrina’s. Uh, today I want to talk to you about the importance of knowing where you’re going perfectly Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. He told us since 1998, we are complete carpets. And give us a call today, (918) 494-7093. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get to your destination. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know if you are having success or failure. And if you, I don’t know the path or the checklist, or you don’t have a proven path of the way that you’re supposed to get the carpet clean, then you’re not quite sure if what you’re doing is having any effect. Uh, that is one of the, um, nice things about calling in an expert is that they’ve addressed this type of situation many times before and have multiple options of how to take care of it.

I suggest to people, well, they always ask us what chemicals should we use? So we’ll go over what chemicals you should use first. And then I’ll lay out the chemical as you should so burst. And the things that you should not use on carpet is anything that does not say it’s meant for carpet. I know that sounds rather simple, but that is probably the number one reason for spots and carpet that can’t come out, um, is that somebody has gone in there made an issue or made a spot on the Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. They walked into the other room, they grabbed a cleaner, something that they use in other places of the house to clean up, or they just grabbed something out from under the counter that says that it’s a stain remover. And then they come in there and do it. I’ve seen people use scrubbing bubbles.

I’ve seen people use a toilet bowl cleaner. I’ve seen people use straight bleach. I’ve seen people use Clorox wipes. I’ve seen people use all kinds of different items that are not meant for carpet, but they are meant for hard surfaces. Now, the reason a lot of these things are meant for home services because they have bleach based as their way to disinfect or the way to white. And it does white the carpet, and it will disinfect the carpet. The problem is that it’s a nylon fiber and that nylon fiber can leave bleach on it Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. We’ll get, uh, we’ll slowly start to break down over time because bleach does not neutralize itself. It will over time with other things falling on it, be neutralized, but typically does not neutralize itself. I had one case where someone used a, like a, like a 50, 50 bleach solution or straight bleach that, you know, that’s really caustic, but a bleach solution over a, uh, an area.

They got some yellow stains out. And then about six months later, all of the Carpet Cleaning Tulsa became a part and brittle. And when they went to vacuum, it did actually literally vacuum the fibers off the carpet. So the carpet came, uh, the fiber in the carpet became so brutal that it just crumbled once he was put any wear or aggression or push against the fiber agent fell apart. And so you need to be careful. I couldn’t figure it out at first. And then he realized that all of the circles that fell out or just turned it into powder. I came in there, he called me, and the reason I’d seen this, he’d be like I came in to patch it, but all of this just crumbled and fell apart because he had used bleach and left it out there. And over about a year’s time, it continued to eat away at the fiber cut, um, taken away.

It’s a suppleness, the way that it would bend and flow and move and breaking it down. So pretty much anything you’d use any kitchen or bathroom you don’t want to use in your carpet because they’re all meant to remove stains or did this effect using bleach, the bleach will break down the carpet. You’re like, well, I used it and it didn’t turn the carpet white right away. And this is true. Sometimes it’s got a very light bleaching solution that may only be 1% or half a percent of the agenda, but you come back to look at it a week later and all of a sudden, there’s this mystery spot on the carpet. It is turned slightly pinkish, just like the orange or yellowish, depending on the base of it color. Even the carpet with the direction that he will go once it starts to bleach.

So you’ll start to have some people get a little pinkish, a little bit yellowish Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, and it will kind of change over time. You’re like, but I didn’t do that. I didn’t clean that area. Well, you didn’t clean that area, but somebody did. And this is where you get into the mystery spots, where the kid will go in there and spill something on the carpet, run in the kitchen, try to be good about cleaning up after themselves, or try to be devious to not let you know they made a mistake, but either way, they’re attempting to clean up after themselves and in doing so, they use a product that’s not meant for carpet, no brakes on me. So my advice to you in the last minute and a half here is that you should pick one line of chemicals and use that one line. All of the different lines of chemicals are all about equally good.

It’s like trying to pick the best laundry detergent, whether you pick all or your big tide or you pick whisk. I mean, there’s lots of different laundry detergents, end of the day. They’re pretty much going to do the same thing. It’s when you use the same type of blood returns, you know what it’s going to be. If you use tide and you pull a little bottle of tide to pretreat the spots and they use tide in the thing, you’re probably not going to get much different effect. The effect is going to be the same, no matter what spot you’re trying to get out of the carpet. Whereas if you get tide and you use shout and you use a different thing, you may end up like if I tried to put up, get out of spot and I tried it with all, and then I tried it with tide and then tried it with whisk and probably get the same rough results.

Cause they’re all the same product. Whereas if I used whisks line of chemicals and go through Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, so in this case, use rug, doctor or resolve or spot shot or pro shot, there’s quite a few different ones. But if you stay in that line of chemical, that you will try different chemicals for each chemical, they sell instead of the same chemical made by different people. And that sounds probably simple, but sometimes we overlook it. Also, the more you use a specific chemical, the better you get at, you know, the limitations of the chemical, you know what it’s good at because you’ve used it multiple times now, you know, Oh, Hey, in this situation, this chemical works really well. Whereas that situation it’s almost in it ineffective, it has almost no effect on the carpet or on the thing that I’m trying to break down. Carpet cleaning told us since 1998, we are complete carpets will give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.

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