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Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | What Are You Looking To Find?

Carpet Cleaning Tulsa | What Are You Looking To Find?

Welcome to the carbon DM podcast. I am your host and Nathan Sabrina’s today. We are going to continue our talk about, um, what you should do to maintain or to clean up immediate spills. We talked last time about reaction versus decision. I want to give you some decision point that you can make carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So let’s call today 1-849-470-NINE three. Get on the road to enjoy clean carpet to get. So we give them a couple of decision points. We gave them our four step decision point process that you don’t have to work on this. Think about it before it happens so that when it happens, you can have a reaction instead of having to take the time to make a decision. Because time is of the essence. I did a job with just this week where a customer had a big splash of paint on the floor that it completely hardened up.

And he asked, was there anything that he could have done? And at that point after the paint is dry, there’s not anything that you could do because once the paint dude, as here’s a good little story, to give you a comparison so that you can know why you can or tend not to get to paint out of Carpet Cleaning Tulsa, when hate is wet, it is water soluble. This does not mean that the paint itself is able to be dissolved with water. It means that he’s currently has not dried out. So the process of curing is not happening. It is in a water solution. You could have it in a solution of oil, which would be oil based paint. If you have a solution of water, which we water-based paints, but once that water does dry out, then the remaining, uh, most of the time it’s latex work acrylic, depending on the type of paint that remaining paint that latex painted, then hardened in to a hard latex.

Once the water is evaporated is now dried out and it’s now paint is now become paint previously with liquid paint. It’s, it’s suspended in water, keeping it from hardening. Once it then dries out, you let the water evaporate out remaining acrylic hardens out, and that hardening process then creates your nice, good, durable paint. You want your paint to be durable. Most paint will give you a 10 year warranty once it’s dry, it doesn’t give you any warranty while it’s still wet. Why does it not give a warranty while it’s still wet? Because it’s still currently in a solution of water, thus it’s water soluble it’s water-based. So the base of it is water, not oil. You can’t have oil based paint. That’s most of your Marine paints, but the water-based paints, they are not washable or cleanable with water. If that was the case, let’s say that you did have a water based paint.

You put it on your wall. Then every time you took a sponge to wipe off something on the paint on the wall, you would wipe the paint right off the wall because the paint is water cleanable. It is not water cleanable. It is water soluble. And I know this, I get, I get this question asked at least a couple of times a month, or people have paved as well. I mean, it is a water. I even had a, uh, a head of maintenance for an apartment complex, say that yes, but I used water based paint Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. So it must be able to be a washed out with water. And I had to give him the same general breakdown that, that the water based paint means this is suspended in water. It is a water solution that when the water dries out the acrylic hardens, and once acrylic hardens it then will get given.

The manufacturer will give it a 10 to 15 year warranty that it will not wash away. And so it’s a, even though it is the base is water Carpet Cleaning Tulsa. It is not water cleanable. Now there is water washable paint that you give your kids, and that paint does not harden out. It will always be washable with water. So it will be on there. And as long as you don’t get it wet, it stays there. But if you get it wet, it runs, we’ve all seen those types of paints, uh, where you have a little kid’s picture and that picture gets wet. And then everything on the picture just smears everywhere. Um, if you used paint it on the other hand, there’s not because they want you to be able to come through at some point and wash the walls. Everyone, at some point in their life is washing walls.

And if you haven’t, then you probably should, or you don’t have kids. If you’ve got kids or pets, there’ll be a level for pets. It’ll be around your knee for kids. It will be at the headboard along the wall, where they are going to touch the wall with their sticky, dirty fingers, or the pets are going to rub against the walls with their, um, dirty coats. And because of this, you end up with a, a smear or a slide across the wall. It’s all Brown and dirty Carpet Cleaning Tulsa cleaned until since 1998, we are complete carpet. So let me give you the next idea of what you should do when you’re looking at something. Here’s my tips for what you can do. If it is currently wet, then suck or rinse it out. You probably can get it cause it’s still in a water solution. So I still can remember, especially specially if it’s got dyes in it, absorb as much as you can stop the dye from penetrating into the carpet and then use some type of a, degreaser try to break up whatever dyes are left and hopefully get them out of the carpet as fast as possible.

The idea here is that the longer dye sits, the more it penetrates. If you have something that has, um, that is, uh, stainable, let’s say fingernail, Polish paint, um, uh, what are some other things, anything that’s topical that can land on your carpet and it’s little, it has dropped that line. Well, then I would just leave it alone, let it harden up. And then scalp, it kind of carve it off the top of the carpet. If you get into clean, say red, figuring out policy nine times out of 10, we’ll have a larger pink spot in the carpet because you’ll spread the fingernail Polish around trying to clean it, breaking down the Polish, releasing the colorant. And then you end up with a big, a bigger spot. If it’s white paint, then you don’t have to worry as much. You just gotta rinse that stuff out. But if it’s colored paint, then sometimes you just need to leave that alone. That hard enough to carve it off the top or patch it later because you’ll end up with a larger colored spot than you will. The others carpet cleaning Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Get on the road to enjoying your clean carpets again.