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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Call Us Now To See What We Have Available

Welcome to the carpet DMR. Yes, I am your host, Nathan Sabrina. I give you information on how to keep your Carpet Steam Cleaner looking great and shining like they should. At all times, you want to be able to have your castle be your home. So you want to be able to enjoy it every single day that you come home. You don’t want to come back and say, Hmm, gee, what is that smell? What is going on? What is that? What is happening in my cause? Your carpets are great. They’re also a way to keep things moving throughout your home. It keeps silent. Keep the noise down. They’re a great sound. Deadening barrier. Being a house with no, no carpet. Well, very elegant, lovely looking is also a cathedral and seems extremely noisy, extremely loud. And so you want to have carpet throughout that will help to dock off that net.

Now, my, I personally would like to have a good split of Carpet Steam Cleaner versus a hard surface versus soft surface. I like to have a 60, 40, I’d like to have 60% soft surfaces to maybe 40, 30% soft hard surfaces. So the areas that I tell people, you definitely want to have hard surface on. So let’s, let’s get the must haves out of the white bathroom. Bathrooms should have a tile in it, unless you are elderly. If you are older and having trouble walking is best to have carpet in your bathroom. And the reason is because the bathroom is your number one place for a slip and fall to have a problem. As you’re walking through your tile floors, and there’s a bit of moisture on a tile floor, which turned into ice, and then you end up with a slip and fall. So if you are having trouble with stability, that’s why you see a lot of elderly people have their bathrooms, all carpet, or if not, then take bath mats, take bath mats and put them around.

The problem with the bathroom mats is that they don’t go wall to wall. So they’ve got an edge. And if you’re on a Walker or if you’re shuffling your feet, that edge could catch your cart foot. And then it’s something that can become a trip hazard, cause your foot will catch the edge of it. The strap underneath and you end up falling forward. So at the exception of being older in your bathrooms, you want to have a tile in there, forget all the rest of the flooring surfaces, tile, ceramic tile, grouted in tile is your best because it will be most water resistant. It will hold up. It’ll keep moisture from getting underneath it. It will, uh, be easy to clean up. Um, and it’s very, very durable, uh, soft. It’s a very durable finish for what you’re wanting to try to accomplish in a bathroom.

Also, bathrooms are humid and wet all the time Carpet Steam Cleaner. You put wood floors in the bathroom. They’re going to work overtime. I mean, there’s just a given because of the moisture nature or the wet nature. I mean, you wouldn’t be in a bathroom if some type of water is it going on, you go in there to brush your teeth. So you turn the water on and you creating while you’re going there to take a shower. So you turn the water on to take the shower. You got hot water coming in. And as you take a bath, as it gets steamy, you go in there because you have drank too much water. You have drank a lot of water and now the water must come back out. So you need to go and use the bathroom. And there’s a lot of stuff that goes into the bathroom, but 99% of it, you go in there.

Even if you’re applying makeup, you’re using some type of liquid to apply to makeup, and then you need to take the makeup off. Now you’re using water to rinse. The makeup off will use a little bit of cold cream or face makeup remover, and a, you have that happening every time you go in there. So there’s always moisture going on at all times. So it’s good to have some type of a good vent in there because since you’re always going to have some type of water going on in that room, you want to be able to vent out that water so that it doesn’t stay that moisture in the air. Uh, that’s why you come into a bathroom a day later after you’ve taken a good hot shower. If you’ve not turned the vent on it kind of smells musty. Uh, you also have the tile in the bathroom shower.

It’ll start to get moldy. And so we want to try to help you to avoid all of those things perfectly. And in Tulsa, since 1998, we are complete Carpet Steam Cleaner. I give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. So back onto the track of where you should put what flooring in your kitchen, this should also be some type of tile here. You can go wood, look, tile. You can go pure ceramic tile and do something like that. You want something that’s easy. Again, you have another place that has to do with water. So you’ll start to see a trend here, any area that has to do with water, if you’re in a utility room or your laundry room or your mudroom, you want to have a half bath, any of your, all of your bathrooms. You want to have some type of a tile in there because these are gonna be areas that do get a lot of moisture.

And so you want something that can stand up to the moisture without having to be remediated or fixed. If you have a water damage in a bathroom Carpet Steam Cleaner, all you do is you wipe down the tile. You don’t have to remove the tile. If you have a wood floor somewhere and never water damage, you have to remove it all. You got laminate floors and did you have a water damage? You’re gonna have to move, remove it all again. So you want to find something that’s going to stand up and you don’t, you know, out of sight, out of mind, you know that it will be durable. It’ll last the whole time. It also can be very decorative and pretty. Uh, so jumping over to other areas that can use some type of hard surface is your dining room table. Now there you can use tile or wood.

Cause most of the time you try not to have any major spills in and around a dining room table. Now, can there be an accident here or there, but it’s not meant. Do you know, you may have some, a little bit of food particles or something that might fall. So am I spill a drink on the table and you just wipe it back up. But for the most part, there’s not active running water. There’s no source of water in the room. You can bring water into the room, but there’s not a source of water in the room. And so you can go more with a nice, beautiful wood floor, if you want to try to create that dynamic instead. Um, and then your other living spaces, uh, you may want down a hallway to have, um, wood floors to try to take off or tile to take off the brunt of the, where that happens down a hallway. Cause a lot of people are, that’s a funnel that’s where people will funnel through. You wanna take your funnel areas and make them hard surface because everyone has to go through that area to get to the area like your entry area down a hallway, anywhere that’s going to take you to the rest of the area. Carpet Steam Cleaner Tulsa since 1998, we are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093.