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Carpet Steam Cleaner | Can You Go To Our Website To Learn More About Us?

Carpet Steam Cleaner | Can You Go To Our Website To Learn More About Us?

We’re going to continue this podcast [inaudible] perfectly. And he just popped out on a deep topic. We want to really cover all sides of it. We talked previously about getting a five gallon stop backward is a regular shot back perfectly until 98. We are complete Carpet Steam Cleaner to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. Find out what we can do for you. Carpet cleaning carpet is in our fiber cleaning, perfect cleaning pulses in our fiber. They’ll give us a call today. I want to recap some of the simple things you can do, because if you get on top of your carpet right away, um, it really is going to speed up the recovery process. Because even if you had paint and a paintbrush, if you rented it out before it dries, you can rent all that paint out. Now, if you let it dry, well, the manufacturer is going to give that paint, attend your warranty because it’s very difficult to get the paint back out of the apartment.

So what we want to try to do here is make sure that we’re on top of stuff right away. And he’s a rented out with hot water are our protip. We give everybody as a four step process, one vacuum suck off food, whatever is there to try to get the contaminant up and out of the Carpet Steam Cleaner. Number two is that you want you to try to rent the hot water out whenever you could written. Number three is whatever is left. You need to use the soap to break down what wasn’t able to be ripped out. And number four is rent again, use repeat number, step number three, and number four, keep repeating them back and forth that you’ve got it all. Please remember. You always want it and just rent because if you’re risking out, you’re not careful. You’ll use a lot of soap. Try to get something clean, but it won’t get all the way clean because there’s still so less than the carpet.

So we’re attracting new dirt fast with proper cleaning post 1998. We are complete Carpet Steam Cleaner to give us a call today at (918) 494-7093. The same back on topic as suction is based upon moving air through a hose and then drawing that air down to be able to get through the foot compared to a straw. If you have a fault coffee straw, you can generate a lot of suction because it’s so small. It’s little, it doesn’t take much power to able to quickly suck up something. Or as an adult, you realize you’ve got more power in this office. The straw, the little coffee shop can handle. You actually are slowed down by the size of the stuff. Now he moved to like a big dope straw. Typically is a lot bigger. You can fit three or four coffees dogs inside that they don’t stop. And it’s a straw.

They’ll use like a milkshake. You try to use a coffee straw in a milk steak. It’s next to impossible because it’s too small of an opening and the liquid is, but if you use a, a big gulp on a milkshake, well, you’re gonna be able to pull that through. Still with some effort Carpet Steam Cleaner, you’ll be able to get through it. Now, if you switch over and make your straw into a, a one foot garden hose, well, then that’s going to be really difficult to use because the quantity of liquid that goes through it will be too big. We’ve all run into this. When we’re dealing with a baby with Steve has happened to them before where they will, when they’re learning, they first start off with something that’s got resistant. All their bottles, nipples, all have resistance to they’re used to trying to be work, to get their food because they have a natural, uh, suction in their own mouth they’re born with.

So they could nurse from their mothers is that they have to draw the milk out. So they have to use the suction for their mouth to get the foods that they want to. But the first time you give them a natural straw and adult straw, they typically will choke because they go to try to use the suction. They’re used to, to get milk out of a bottle and they try to get water out of a cup. And all of a sudden they suck and you hear them. They just start coughing and wheezing and panting because the water just came right in. They use way too much force and they suck in a huge gulp of water and they aren’t ready to drink a huge dump of water. They’re used to just small sips, not a huge adult. Here it is. They’ve over flooded their, their mouth.

That’s what will happen with an adult. If you have a drink from a garden hose, because it’s going to flow out way too much to the barter, quantity of water, it’ll overwhelm you. And so when you’re dealing with suction, you want to think of that principle while you’re trying to figure out if you also put a hundred foot garden hose and told someone to drink Carpet Steam Cleaner a dr. Pepper, well, it just wouldn’t happen because it would take you forever to suck down the whole Darden hose to try to get your 32 ounces of dr. Pepper to come all the way through the garden hose. Uh, cause the garden hose can hold way more than 30 years ago, like the pepper. So you get all the way to the end where you suck on it. And now you got your entire drink in there and you can’t let go the suction because it’ll all fall back down.

And, but you can’t drink and pass out because nobody can put 32 ounces of liquid away that quick. And so you want to make sure that you’re matching the amounts of suction to the right hose. So if you got a small shop back, have a short, small hose, maybe a one inch or an inch and a half hose, maybe an inch and a quarter. You want a small thin hose. That’s very short. Whereas if you have a big giant Carpet Steam Cleaner unit like ours, you could go all the way up to a two inch hose and go out 150 feet because you have the Commpower in the machine to draw down and put suction on that big of a hose. So it’s really impactful that you make the right choice for the right distance of what you’re trying to do and accomplish carpet cleaning tools. This is 1998. We are complete carpet. So give us a call today at (918) 494-7093 and get on the car, get on the road to enjoy your carpet again, carpet diem, these your clean today and, uh, get on the road to getting to, uh, it’s your castle. So enjoy your Capitol. Enjoy your being on the floor. Enjoy getting to lay down and watch TV or hang out with your loved ones. Uh, get on the road through your clean carpet today.